Paytm Blog Sitemap


  1. Merchants across India share their Paytm journey, Continue to Use our Pioneering Devices – QR, Soundbox and Card Machine 
  2. Our latest Campaign reassures Users & Merchants that our QR and Soundbox will Continue to work Today, Tomorrow, Always
  3. Paytm QR, Soundbox, Card machine will continue to work as always even beyond March 15, confirms RBI 
  4. Strengthening Partnerships: BIBA, Hotspot Retail, Arvind Limited, and more reinforce their confidence in Paytm’s innovative payment devices
  5. Merchants show Trust, Ensure No Inconvenience With Our Products & Services
  6. Paytm App is Working and will Work beyond Feb 29; Our Offline Payment Offerings like Paytm QR, Soundbox, Card Machine will Continue to Empower India’s Merchants
  7. PPBL receives RBI directions; Paytm to expand its existing relationships with leading third-party banks to distribute payments and financial services products
  8. Paytm Recap 2023: 912 Cr merchant transactions made via Paytm in Q2FY24, Delhi makes the most payments between 12-6 AM
  9. This Dec 17, Chennai Metro commuters can book e-tickets for ₹5 only with Paytm
  10. Paytm deploys over 10,000 Soundboxes, Card Machines & QRs for Gram Panchayat across India
  11. Paytm partners with Pirna Urban Cooperative Credit Society in Goa; deploys over 100 Soundbox & QRs in the first phase
  12. Unlock the Joy of Gifting with Gift Cards on Paytm
  13. Paytm deploys Pocket Soundbox devices at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium for World Cup matches
  14. Paytm partners with Delhi Metro to launch QR code-based ticketing; digitizes metro commute for millions of users
  15. Paytm Payment Gateway becomes first to enable merchants with AlternateID based Guest Checkout solutions for cardholders’ safety
  16. On G20 eve, Paytm launches Card Soundbox – India’s First Soundbox that will Accept all Domestic & International Card Payments
  17. How to Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt: A Step-by-Step Guide
  18. Paytm UPI Lite leads with over 9 mn users and nearly 50 mn transactions so far; records total GMV of ₹280 Cr
  19. Paytm partners with Chennai Metro to launch QR-based ticketing; digitizes metro commute for lakhs of passengers
  20. Our Merchants share Why they Love our all-new Pocket Soundbox and Music Soundbox
  21. Paytm launches two new innovative devices — Paytm Pocket Soundbox and Paytm Music Soundbox; leads technology for India’s small shops
  22. Paytm Payments Bank enables FASTag payments for parking at Bengaluru’s Forum Falcon City Mall
  23. Our latest campaign India Kahe Paytm Karo showcases impact of our pioneered QR Codes, mobile payments in the lives of Indians
  24. Paytm signs an exclusive MoU with Goa Government to deploy QR codes, Soundbox & Card Machines for electricity, water & municipal tax payments
  25. Paytm Payments Bank enables FASTag payments for parking at AIIMS, Delhi
  26. Paytm enables FASTag-based parking at one of the top malls in Chennai — Phoenix Marketcity
  27. Our Users Call Paytm Pioneered QR Code Payments ‘One of India’s Biggest Achievement’; Here’s Why
  28. Paytm Payments Bank Enables FASTag Payments for parking at popular spots in Noida
  29. India’s small merchants are the proud ambassadors of Paytm’s pioneership in mobile payments
  30. Launching Paytm UPI SDK – an industry-leading innovation for businesses to drive ease for its customers with 4X faster UPI payments
  31. Paytm Partners with SBI Card, NPCI to Launch Next-Gen Co-branded RuPay Credit Cards, Joins Forces to Drive Credit Inclusion
  32. Transformative Power of Paytm QR and Soundbox: How Our Innovative Technology is Helping Small Vendors Transition to Mobile Payments
  33. Kedarnath Shrine Opens with Paytm at its Doors for Digital Donations
  34. Paytm Payments Bank digitises Pune Airport Parking with FASTag Payments; Enables Convenience for Passengers
  35. We Strengthen Our Leadership in Offline Payments With the All New 4G-Enabled Made In India Soundbox To Empower Our Merchant Partners
  36. Paytm Wallet will be universally acceptable on all UPI QRs and online merchants as NPCI announces KYC wallet interoperability
  37. Paytm UPI LITE now active on these 10 banks for lightning-fast payments
  38. Paytm UPI LITE crosses 2 million users with over half a million daily transactions
  39. Empowering Small Merchants by Taking Mobile Payments to the Last Mile With Paytm Pioneered QR Codes – From Big Cities to Remote Highways
  40. Announcing our collaboration with MeitY for ‘G20-Stay Safe Online’ Campaign, to drive greater awareness among citizens on Cyber Safety
  41. Here’s How We Built a Scalable Revenue Generating UPI Model With Focus on Merchant Payments
  42. Paytm launches G20-theme QR Code celebrating India’s presidency
  43. How to Check Transaction History on Paytm?
  44. e-RUPI- A New Futuristic Payment System for a Digital India


  1. Pay with UPI and Enjoy a Visit to the Eiffel Tower in France
  2. How to Set up a UPI PIN Using an Aadhaar Card?
  3. UPI Witnesses Significant Global Demand, States Co-Founder of Digital India Foundation, at G20 Summit
  4. UPI-ATM Launched: The Future of Cardless Cash Withdrawals
  5. RBI’s Latest Move: Unlocking Pre-sanctioned Credit Lines via UPI
  6. India’s UPI Shatters Records! Transactions Soar Past 10 Billion in August
  7. The Evolution of Digital Commerce: Exploring the Impact of UPI Wars
  8. Priceless Reaction: German Minister Uses UPI to Buy Fresh Roadside Vegetables
  9. When Do BHIM UPI Transactions Get Declined?
  10. Roles and Responsibilities of NPCI, PSP, and TPAP in UPI
  11. Japan May Soon Accept India’s UPI Payment System
  12. NPCI Launches UPI 2.0: Here Are Top New Features
  13. RBI Unveils Enhanced UPI Capabilities: AI-Powered Chat, NFC Integration, and Beyond
  14. India and Philippines Explore Cooperation on UPI: Everything You Need to Know
  15. UPI and BHIM: Which One is Better?
  16. Paytm UPI brings Next Gen features – UPI Lite on iOS, RuPay credit card on UPI, Split bill and more
  17. Scan any UPI QR Code, Pay with your RuPay Credit Card!
  18. Paytm UPI Lite crosses 4.3 Million Users With 10 Million Transactions So Far — Enables Lightning-fast UPI Payments That Never Fail
  19. Paytm QR and Paytm UPI Are Free: Understanding The Latest NPCI Circular On Wallet Interoperability With UPI
  20. How to Create a UPI Account?
  21. How to Set up a UPI Lite Account on Paytm?
  22. What is the Difference Between UPI Lite and UPI? 
  23. Paytm Payments Bank goes live with UPI LITE — activate and link Paytm Bank Savings accounts to UPI LITE
  24. Activate Paytm UPI LITE for lightning-fast payments that never fail and get Rs 100 cashback
  25. India’s Pioneer in Digital Payments Paytm Launched UPI LITE for Seamless UPI Transactions
  26. Make UPI Payments of up to ₹200 Without PIN — Paytm Makes Single Click Payments Possible with UPI LITE
  27. Paytm Brings Lightning-fast UPI Payments that Never Fail — Exclusively Enables Payments of up to ₹200 in One-tap
  28. Paytm Payments Bank Becomes the First Payments Bank to Launch UPI LITE – Empowers Instant UPI Payments of Smaller Values
  29. Paytm Payments Bank collaborates with NPCI to introduce RuPay Credit Card on UPI, enables users to link RuPay credit cards to UPI for merchant payments 
  30. Paytm Leads the Mobile Payments Revolution — PM Modi Tweets About Paytm QR Being a Common Sight Across India
  31. Paytm Recap 2022: Interesting Facts About How India did Paytm se UPI
  32. Virtual Payment Address (VPA) – Know How to Create, Uses & Benefits
  33. Paytm UPI Money Transfer – Step by Step Guideline
  34. How To Transfer Money Using UPI on Paytm?
  35. How to Check UPI Transaction Status?
  36. Paytm – One of the Best UPI Payment Apps in India
  37. Make or Receive Payments using UPI on Paytm
  38. What is VPA in UPI – Understand the VPA Meaning, Full Form & Benefits
  39. Is KYC Required For UPI Money Transfer On Paytm? Here’s The Answer!
  40. UPI is your New Mobile Banking- Here’s Why!
  41. How To Pay Credit Card Bills Using UPI?
  42. Is It Safe To Use UPI Payment Apps for Money Transactions?
  43. How to Send Money Through Paytm UPI?
  44. Tips to Use UPI Safely and Transact with Ease
  45. What Is Paytm UPI Reference Number and How Can You Track It?
  46. UPI Frauds: How to Secure Your Account?
  47. What to Do If UPI Transactions Are Getting Failed?
  48. How to Register a UPI Complaint?
  49. How to Add Money in Paytm Wallet Using UPI?
  50. UPI Transaction: Features, Benefits, Maximum Limit
  51. What is UPI PIN & How to Create and Reset a UPI PIN?
  52. What is UPI Payment and How it Works?
  53. What is UPI ID and How to Create UPI ID?
  54. What is UPI – All You Need to Know About Unified Payment Interface

Tech Innovator

  1. Paytm drives payments technology for Hindustan Petroleum; builds in-app solutions to empower fleet owners with digital fuel purchase
  2. #TechInnovatorPaytm: Pin your favourite contact to make repeat transactions easier on the Paytm app


  1. This Independence Day, it’s pouring deals on the Paytm app 

Tuition Fee

  1. How can Tuition Fee Payment on Paytm Help in Tax Savings?
  2. Benefits of Tuition Fee Payment on Paytm


  1. Paytm signs MoU with Government of Andhra Pradesh at Global Investors Summit 2023, to drive initiatives in Financial Inclusion, Public Health, Cyber Security

Mobile Wallets

  1. What is Paytm Maximum KYC?
  2. What is Paytm Minimum KYC?
  3. What is Paytm Wallet & Transit Card & How Does it Work?
  4. How to Add Money to the Paytm Wallet Using a Credit Card?
  5. Everything You Need to Know About Paytm Wallet KYC!
  6. Top 13 Advantages of Paytm Wallet over other Digital Instruments
  7. How to Transfer Money from Paytm Application?
  8. Digital Wallets- Features, Advantages, Popularity and More
  9. How to Pay for UBER Rides Through Paytm Wallet?
  10. Different Types of Digital Wallets – A Comprehensive Guide!
  11. Which Is the Best Digital Wallet in India?
  12. Everything You Need to Know About E-Wallet
  13. What Is a Digital Wallet & How Does It Work

QR Code

  1. What is a QR Code- Know Everything About it!


  1. Indian Government Grants Relief, Waives Tax Demands Up to Rs 1 Lakh
  2. Expansion on UPI: List of Countries Now Accepting UPI
  3. Paytm to invest ₹100 Cr in GIFT City; to offer AI-driven cross border remittance, set up a development centre for innovation
  4. Paytm signs MoU with Ayodhya Nagar Nigam to enable mobile payments in the city
  5. Paytm becomes associate sponsor for 54th International Film Festival of India in Goa
  6. Paytm partners with Manipal Academy of BFSI to introduce Paytm Fintech Young Leaders program; offers young graduates assured job
  7. Paytm is the official sponsor of 37th National Games in Goa
  8. Empowering Borrowers: RBI Introduces Innovative Rules for Home Loans
  9. 5 Financial Updates From the Government of India You Must Know
  10. UPI Expansion: India Collaborates with Africa for Financial Inclusion
  11. NPCI Launches ‘UPI Chalega’ Campaign: Empowering Secure and Seamless UPI Adoption
  12. RBI’s Bold Move: Upping UPI Lite Transaction Limits to Boost Digital Payments
  13. Stricter Penalties for Delayed Fine Payment: Delhi’s Response to Ignored Traffic Fines
  14. Borrower-Centric Approach: RBI’s New Guidelines Promote Fair and Informed Loans
  15. RBI Keeps Repo Rate Unchanged at 6.5%: Consistency in Monetary Policy Continues
  16. Saudi Arabia Announces E-Visa Expansion for Indian Travelers
  17. Introducing UPI Plugin: A Game-Changer in Secure Online Transactions
  18. NHAI Unveils ‘Rajmargyatra’ App to Ensure Smooth Travels on National Highways
  19. India’s GST Collections Reach Rs 1.65 Lakh Crore in July, 3rd Highest Since 2017
  20. India’s UPI Set to Revolutionize Payments for Indian Tourists in France
  21. EPFO Declares 8.15% Interest Rate for EPF Accounts in FY 2022-23
  22. Our journey as India’s fintech pioneer to be a case study at Harvard Business School once again
  23. Indians Paid 193 Cr as Fastag Payment in A Day
  24. PAN Aadhaar Linking Date has been Extended
  25. Income Tax Budget Impact: Income Tax Slab Remains Unchanged
  26. RBI Expands Tokenization Facility to Ensure Security of Card Data
  27. RBI’s New Auto Debit Rules Goes into Effect Today: Know What is there to Offer


  1. Vehicle Fitness Certificate: Apply Online and Download
  2. How to Get a VIP Number for Your Car/Bike in India?
  3. How to Get a PUC or Pollution Under Control Certificate for a Car?
  4. A Comprehensive Guide to Parivahan Sewa Services
  5. Learning Licence in Maharashtra: Steps to Apply for LL Online
  6. TS Transport: Telangana Vehicle Registration Process
  7. Cancellation of Hypothecation
  8. Navigating UP Road Tax: A Roadmap to Rates, Calculations, and Easy Payment Solutions
  9. Road Tax in Karnataka: A Detailed Look at Calculation, Rates, and Payment Options
  10. Chassis Number: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Details in India
  11. Understanding RTO Form 30: Purpose and Completion Guide
  12. Comprehensive Guide to RTO Offices in Bihar: Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Timings
  13. RTO Offices in Haryana: Complete List, Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Timings
  14. Comprehensive Guide to RTO Office in Ghaziabad: Address, Phone Number, and Timings
  15. List of RTO Offices in Tamil Nadu: Address, Phone, and Timings
  16. Understanding the Purpose and Procedure to Fill Form 28 in RTO
  17. RTO Offices in Dehradun, Address, Phone & Timings
  18. No Objection Certificate: A Comprehensive Guide to NOC
  19. A Comprehensive Guide to Rajkot RTO Offices, Address, Phone Number, and Timings
  20. Detailed Guide on List of RTO Offices in UP – Address, Phone & Timings
  21. RTO Office in Gandhinagar: Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Timings
  22. RTO Offices in Jaipur: Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Timings
  23. Comprehensive Directory of RTO Office in Kanpur
  24. A Comprehensive List of RTO Offices in Nagpur: Addresses, Timings, and Phone Numbers
  25. A Guide to Vehicle Number Plates: Components, Types, and Regulations
  26. RTO Office in Kalyan: Address, Phone & Timings
  27. List of RTO Offices in Delhi, Address, Phone & Timings
  28. List of RTO Offices in Mumbai: Address, Phone & Timings
  29. List of RTO Offices in Lucknow, Address, Phone & Timings
  30. Navigating Vehicle Registrations in Jabalpur: Details of RTO Office
  31. A Comprehensive Guide to RTO Office in Surat – Address, Phone Number, and Timings
  32. A Comprehensive Guide to RTO Offices in Vadodara – Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Timings
  33. What is RTO?


  1. Mastering Mortgage Loans: Complete Guide to Benefits, Interest Rates, Eligibility, and More
  2. RERA ACT – Real Estate Regulatory Authority, RERA Rules
  3. Promissory Notes – Definition, Types, Elements, and Points to Remember
  4. Simple Interest Formula: How to Calculate, Usage, and Examples
  5. Understanding Microfinance: A Comprehensive Guide to Microfinance Loans in India
  6. DSA Loan Agent Registration Process in 9 Simple Steps
  7. What is the Maximum and Minimum Tenure for Personal Loan?
  8. What is Collateral Loan, and How Does it Work
  9. What is Part-Payment, Pre-Payment, and Pre-Closure of Loan?
  10. Overdraft Loan vs Instant Loan: What’s Better for you?
  11. Business Loan or Personal Loan Which One Should You Choose?
  12. Simplify your Loan Repayment with Paytm’s EMI Options

Merchant Loan

  1. UPI Autopay for Merchants: Automatic Loan Repayments on Time
  2. The Most Important Documents Required to Get a Loan
  3. Are You Eligible for Merchant Loan? Let’s Find Out
  4. When to Take Merchant Loan and its Benefits for Your Business

Education Loan

  1. Vidya Lakshmi Education Loan Portal: Schemes and Application Procedure
  2. All You Need to Know about Education Loan

Repo Rate

  1. Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR): Definition, Types and Impact on Banks
  2. Repo Rate vs Reverse Repo Rate
  3. What is Repo Rate? What is the Current Repo Rate 2023?
  4. What is Reverse Repo Rate?

Home Loan

  1. TNREGINET – Online Tamil Nadu Encumbrance Certificate
  2. What are the Documents Required for Home Loan in 2024?
  3. Should You Prepay Your Home Loan?
  4. Possession Certificate: Everything You Need to Know About It
  5. Fixed vs Floating Home Loan Interest Rate – Which is Better?
  6. Home Loan Process in 2023: A Detailed Home Loan Procedure Guide

Personal Loan

  1. Top 10 Personal Loan Repayment Strategies That You Must Know
  2. What Credit Score Do You Need for A Personal Loan?
  3. What are the Factors That Affect Personal Loan Tenure?
  4. Gold Loan vs Personal Loan: Which Loan Option Is Better?
  5. Personal Loan Balance Transfer: A Step-by-Step Guide
  6. Easy Steps to Apply For a Personal Loan As a Pensioner in India
  7. 7 Important Steps to Verify Your Lender Before Taking a Personal Loan
  8. 5 Types of Personal Loans in India You Can Avail
  9. How to Get a Personal Loan Without Documents?

Loan against Property

  1. Loan Against Property: Interest Rates, Eligibility and How to Apply

Car Loan

  1. Down Payment to Buy a Car: Everything You Need to Know

Postpaid Loan

  1. What is Postpaid Loan? Learn Everything About it!


  1. Paytmers stand united: Teams in execution mode; Recruiters share what makes Paytm a great place to work
  2. Paytmers come together for a beach clean-up in Mumbai
  3. Fostering Companionship and a Greener Tomorrow — Community Initiatives by Paytmers
  4. #2023 In Awards: Celebrating Excellence with Paytm’s Remarkable Triumphs
  5. #2023 in Learning: Empowering Leadership With Our Culture of Innovation & Upskilling
  6. Redefining the Experience of Gifting with Our ‘Box of Joy’ Initiative
  7. Launching Paytm Xtras for exclusive discounts – Committed to Paytmers well-being & Happiness
  8. #LifeAtPaytm: Laughter, Bonding & Teamwork – A look at Our Supply Chain and Logistic Team Offsite to Neemrana
  9. Bringing Love, Laughter, Lights and Togetherness – Wishing You All a Happy Diwali
  10. #LifeAtPaytm: Introducing the Paytm AI Design Challenge for Paytmers to unleash their creativity
  11. Fostering Leadership Excellence, Great Work Culture with Paytm Manager’s Edge Programme 
  12. Prioritising Health, Well-being with Paytm Swasthya Wellness Webinar 
  13. Empowering Women with our Financial Literacy Programme — Paytmers step up to Create Awareness and Drive Inclusion
  14. #LifeAtPaytm: Introducing Nimble Neurons Contest for Paytmers to Lead in Innovation with Generative Artificial Intelligence
  15. Introducing our Step Up Programme to Promote Internal Talent
  16. #LifeAtPaytm: A ‘Fun Friday’ Filled with Bonding, Engagement & Excitement for our Lending Team
  17. #LifeAtPaytm: Teamwork Takes Centre Stage at Leadership Offsite – Set to Conquer New Milestones 
  18. Empowering Paytmers with Paytm Swasthya Financial Wellness, Making their Retirement Stress-free
  19. Paytm’s APM 2023 Programme – Preparing Product Leaders of Tomorrow
  20. Paytm wins big at the Global Fintech Festival 2023 — Fintech for Good, Fintech Leader of the Year and Best Payment Aggregator
  21. How our Employee-Friendly Policies are Making Us the Best Place to Work
  22. #LifeatPaytm: A Friday filled with fun for our EDC team in Bengaluru
  23. Paytmers unite to triumph a marathon — Glimpses from the fun Sunday run
  24. #LifeatPaytm: A glimpse at how we make Fridays Fun 
  25. Introducing Paytm Swasthya Programme to Foster Wellness & Financial Wellbeing
  26. Celebrating Freedom, Togetherness, Love & Positivity at Paytm this Independence Day 
  27. #LifeatPaytm: Rafting, bonfire, & DJ night – A look at our IT Team’s offsite to Rishikesh
  28. #LifeatPaytm: We plan, discuss and have fun together! Here’s how
  29. Embracing Equality – Making Paytm Best Place to Work 
  30. #LifeatPaytm: Here’s how Fun and Work come together for Paytmers
  31. Our New Leave Policies: Supporting our Employees with Work-Life Balance
  32. #LifeatPaytm: Awards, activities, and gala! Here’s a glimpse of Paytm’s Enterprise Team offsite
  33. Enhancing our Child Daycare Policy – Covering Expenses of Daycare Centres for Female Employees, Same Gender Couples
  34. Paytm’s APM Programme — Hear from Paytmers on how the training gave them unparalleled exposure to product management
  35. Rewarding our Field Sales Executives — Our Paytm Warriors on the Ground
  36. Paytm Bags The Economic Times Best Organisation For Women Award 2023
  37. Building Leaders, Skilled Communicators with our Management Orientation Program
  38. Happy Women’s Day – To the Ones who Inspire us Everyday
  39. The Making of Paytm as the Best Place to Work — Hiring the Best Talent in the Country
  40. How Paytm is helping Team Leaders to Master the ‘Art of Selling’ with new Training Program
  41. Paytm Payments Bank awarded Shrestha Puraskar by Government of India for one of the lowest technical decline rates in UPI
  42. Paytm’s APM Programme – Mentoring Product Managers to become Future Leaders
  43. Health is Wealth – How We Empower Paytmers to Prioritize their Well-Being
  44. #2022 in Awards: The Big Accolades Paytm Brought Home
  45. #2022 in Learning: Creating a Culture of Innovation by Upskilling and Enabling our Paytmers
  46. How Paytm is Helping its Employees Build a Retirement Corpus
  47. Paytm Wins Excellence in Payments Award, Among the Most Valuable Companies in India
  48. Paytm Wins Big at IAMAI D2C and ASSOCHAM Awards — Bags Best BNPL Innovation, and Tech Innovation for Business Titles
  49. Sharing Light, Laughter, Love, and Positivity – Wishing You All a Happy Diwali
  50. #CampusToCorporate: Learning never stops at Paytm
  51. Enabling Diversity & Inclusion – a Key Priority for Success
  52. Moving to a Hybrid Model and Redesigning the Future of Work
  53. Paytm Wins Big at Global Fintech Awards — Bags The Titles of Best UPI Payments App and Most Innovative Use of Technology – Soundbox
  54. Know all About our Acqui-hiring Process that has Brought us many Long-term Employees
  55. Building a Culture of Recognition
  56. Paytm wins ‘Most trusted Brand of the Year’
  57. #CampusToCorporate: A guide to starting your career at Paytm
  58. Paytm is the ‘Employer of the Future’
  59. #LifeatPaytm: Lights, Camera, Popcorn! Here’s a Look at team-building Activities at Paytm
  60. Inside Paytm’s Work Ethos: How We Innovate and Empower Employees
  61. Paytm’s New APM Programme – Building the Next Generation of Product Leaders
  62. Meet our on-ground superheroes: Paytm’s Field Sales Executives
  63. The Ultimate Guide to Paytm’s Rewards and Recognition Programme
  64. Here’s how Paytm is Empowering its Employees Towards Financial Wellness
  65. #LifeatPaytm: Summiting New Peaks at Paytm’s Leadership Offsite Conquer
  66. Upskilling at Paytm: Where Learning Never Stops
  67. Paytm has been awarded as India’s Greatest Workplace 2022
  68. #LifeatPaytm: What went down at the Paytm Super Sixer League Cricket Tournament
  69. Here are all the benefits that Paytmers enjoy
  70. Here’s a peek into Paytm’s new office — a place where innovation meets excellence
  71. Here’s how we hire the best talent at Paytm


  1. EPFO Increases Employees’ Provident Fund Interest Rate to 8.25% for 2023-24
  2. How to Register an EPFiGMS Grievance Online?
  3. Form 10C: How to Fill & Download Form 10C Online
  4. Types of PF Declaration Forms: Choosing the Right Option for Your Provident Fund
  5. 5 Common Reasons Why Your Online EPF Claim is Being Rejected?
  6. Understanding the Difference: EPF vs VPF – Which Retirement Savings Scheme is Right for You?
  7. A Comprehensive Guide to EPF Contribution: Everything You Need to Know
  8. EPFO e-Sewa: How to Upload KYC in EPF Online?
  9. PF Claim Form: Online Procedure & Other Details
  10. UAN Registration Online & UAN Activation Process
  11. How to Link PAN with EPF Account Online and Offline by Simple Steps?
  12. EPF Loan – Procedure to Apply for PF Loan
  13. VPF – Voluntary Provident Fund Benefits & Interest Rate
  14. PF Number – PF Account Number & EPF Customer Care Number
  15. EPF vs EPS – Know How it Works & Difference
  16. What is Gratuity – Meaning, Gratuity Calculation, Eligibility & Gratuity Formula
  17. Step by Step Guide to Update KYC Details on EPFO Portal
  18. Check EPF Grievance Status in Simple Steps – Here’s How!
  19. Employees’ Provident Fund: Benefits & Process
  20. How to Login to EPFO Member Portal – The Steps
  21. EPF Interest Rate: Check Current Interest on PF and Interest Rate Trends
  22. What is EPF Form 19 and How You can Fill Form 19?
  23. EPF Contribution Rate 2020-2021
  24. What is EPF Form 15G – When and How to Fill?
  25. How to Claim EPF Online?
  26. How To Make EPF Payment Online: The Complete Step By Step Guide
  27. Methods to Check EPF Balance both Online and Offline
  28. Want to Withdraw EPF? Here’s The Complete EPF Withdrawal Process
  29. How To Check EPF Claim Status Using Online & Offline Methods?
  30. What is EPF Passbook and How to Download it?
  31. All You Need to Know About EPF – Employees’ Provident Fund


  1. A 2-Minute Guide to Understanding Interim Budget 2024
  2. Donations Eligible Under Section 80G and 80GGA
  3. What Are Forms 24Q, 26Q,  27Q, 27EQ, and 27D?
  4. Tax Benefits on Tuition Fees: Explainer Guide
  5. Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) – Benefits & Rates
  6. Value Added Tax: VAT Tax Rates, VAT Calculation & Registration
  7. What is Indirect Taxes? Let’s Understand Its Meaning and Types
  8. What is Tax? – Types of Tax, Benefits, and Penalty in Tax
  9. Customs Duty in India: Let’s Understand it in Detail
  10. What is Form 26AS? The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need
  11. GST Return: What is it, Its Types, and How to File it?
  12. How To Declare Mutual Fund Investments in ITR and Disclose Capital Gains
  13. Earning More Than Rs. 12 Lakh in a Year? Here’s How Much Tax You Need to Pay
  14. Tax on Winning Game Shows and Lotteries
  15. Capital Gains Vs. Investment Income: How They Differ
  16. Simplifying Taxes for Small Businesses: Exploring Section 44AD
  17. GST Login – How to Log into GST Portal ( in India
  18. 14 Effective Tax Saving Options Other than Section 80C
  19. 10 Things to Prepare Before Filing the Tax Returns
  20. Conveyance Allowance: Definition, Limit, Exemption, and Calculation
  21. GST on Gold: Effects of Gold GST Rate in India 2023
  22. Difference Between Direct Tax and Indirect Tax
  23. Professional Tax – Check Tax Slab Rates, Applicability & Exemption
  24. Understanding Capital Gains Account Scheme (CGAS): Taxation and Types
  25. How to Save Capital Gains Tax on Sale of Property?
  26. Understanding Long-Term Capital Gains Tax and How to Calculate It
  27. What is Tax Evasion? Learn About Its Common Methods and Penalties
  28. What is Form 26QB? – TDS on the Sale of Property
  29. What is Form 16B? – TDS Certificate for Sale of Property
  30. Capital Gain Bonds under Section 54EC of Income Tax Act
  31. What is Education Cess? Education Cess Rates & Calculation
  32. Over 8.75 Lakh HUFs Claimed Rs. 3,803 Crore Tax Deductions in 2022-23
  33. Leave Travel Allowance (LTA): Eligibility, Tax Exemption, Claim Rules, & More
  34. How to Claim Tax Deduction on Donations Under Section 80G?
  35. Understanding GST Composition Scheme: Its Features, Eligibility & Tax Rates
  36. Understanding Section 194H: TDS on Commission and Brokerage Explained
  37. A Little Guide on How to Cut Your Tax Liabilities
  38. GST Registration: A Step-by-Step Guide
  39. Union Budget For Financial Year 2023-2024
  40. Key Highlights & Takeaways of Union Budget
  41. Union Budget For Financial Year 2022-2023

Ration Card

  1. Bihar Ration Card: How to Check Application Status, Download and Apply Online?
  2. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) – Complete Details For You
  3. Applying for a Ration Card in Jharkhand
  4. Applying for a NFS Delhi Ration Card
  5. How to Apply for Food Security Card Telangana
  6. Maharashtra Ration Card List, Check Status, Download and Apply Online
  7. Tamil Nadu Ration Card List, Check Status, Download and Apply Online
  8. One Nation One Ration Card: All You Need to Know

Income Tax

  1. Missed the Income Tax Proof Submission Deadline? What Now?
  2. Rectify Mistakes Under Section 154 of Income Tax Act
  3. Income Tax Guide for Freelancers
  4. Rent Receipts for Income Tax: Everything You Need to Know
  5. Income Tax Act 1961: Income Tax Laws, Sections & Explanation
  6. Income Tax Customer Care – 24×7 Toll-Free Number
  7. Income Tax Portal, India – Features and Benefits
  8. Income Tax Guide for Freelancers
  9. How to Calculate Taxable Income on Salary?
  10. Form 16A (TDS Certificate): Things You Need to Know
  11. 7th Pay Matrix: New Updates and Benefits for Central Government Employees
  12. How to Effectively Declare Housing Loan Interest in Your ITR
  13. ITR U – What is ITR-U & How to file Updated Return under section 139(8A)
  14. Deductions You Can No Longer Claim: Exploring the New Tax Regime”
  15. What’s HRA Exemption? Let’s Understand This Component
  16. Can You Pay Your Income Tax Online with Challan 280?
  17. CTC, Gross Salary & Net Salary- Meaning & Difference Between These Salary Components
  18. What is Section 195 of the Income Tax Act, TDS on NRI
  19. HRA Calculation: How to Calculate House Rent Allowance Online
  20. What is Advance Tax: How to Calculate, Due Date
  21. What are the Income Tax Deductions under Section 80C to 80U?
  22. Income Tax for Senior Citizens (Pensioners): A Detailed Guide
  23. 10 Easy Ways to Save Income Tax On Salary
  24. ITR E-verification Time Limit Reduced to 30 days: File Yours Now
  25. Over 6 Crore ITRs Filed by July 30; Beware the Costly Consequences of Missing the Deadline
  26. Old vs New Tax Regime: Which One to Go For?
  27. What Are the Key Deductions Allowed Under the New Tax Regime?
  28. Should You File ITR Even If You Have No Income Tax Liability?
  29. What is Gross Salary? Let’s Understand Its Components & Calculations
  30. Top 10 Benefits of Filing ITR in India for Taxpayers
  31. Choosing Your Tax Regime? 10 Important Points You Must Consider
  32. E-Verification of ITR: How to Verify Your Tax Return Electronically?
  33. 7 Common Mistakes that Taxpayers Make While Filing Their ITR Forms
  34. What Happens if You Don’t File Your ITR on Time?
  35. How to File ITR After Due Date
  36. 6 Things to Do for Getting Maximum Refund on Your ITR
  37. How to E-Verify Your Return Using Your Net Banking
  38. Understanding Form 16: A Comprehensive Guide
  39. How to Make TDS Payment Online?
  40. How to Check Income Tax Refund Status Online?
  41. Everything You Need to Know About Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India
  42. Types of ITR Forms and Which One You Need to File
  43. Types of GST in India: CGST, SGST and IGST
  44. What is Section 80D? Eligibility, Deduction & Calculation
  45. Section 139(4) of the Income Tax Act: Everything You Need to Know
  46. Income Tax Refund: Check Status & Procedure
  47. Section 10 of Income Tax Act: What You Need To Know
  48. TDS on Salary: How to Calculate Deductions & Exemptions
  49. Income Tax Benefits on Home Loans: A Detailed Guide
  50. The Only Guide You Need to Understand TDS
  51. New Income Tax Slab Rates for FY 2023-24
  52. How to Claim TDS Refund Online?
  53. What is Section 80C of Income Tax?
  54. Know the Eligibility Criteria for Tax Deduction Under Section 80DD
  55. Income Tax e-Filing – Complete Procedure for ITR

Driving Licence

  1. Driving Licence and Learning Licence Fees
  2. Bharat Series Number Plate in India
  3. All About VAHAN 4.0: A Comprehensive Guide
  4. A Detailed Overview of Motor Vehicles Act 1988
  5. Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) Driving Licence in India: Types, Importance and More
  6. High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP): Its Benefits and How to Apply for One?
  7. Driving Licence Test Questions – Practice DL Test Questions
  8. Learner License Test Questions and Answers Questionnaire 2023
  9. Driving Licence Status – Steps to Check DL Application Status
  10. Duplicate Driving Licence: Step-By-Step Guide To Apply For a Duplicate DL
  11. How to Get International Driving License in India?
  12. How to Apply for a Driving License Online and Offline?
  13. All You Need To Know About A Learner’s License
  14. Driving License – Check Eligibility, Documents & How to Apply for it

Investor Relations

  1. Key Takeaways from our Earnings Call for Q3FY24 
  2. Paytm Q3 FY24: Revenue surges 38% YoY to ₹2,850 Cr, reports EBITDA before ESOP of ₹219 Cr, PAT improves by ₹170 Cr YoY to (₹222 Cr)
  3. Paytm’s co-branded credit card business thrives, adding nearly 6 Lakh new cards in a year
  4. Driving business growth: How our constant innovations supercharge merchant engagement and expand market opportunities
  5. In the ever growing Indian mobile payments landscape, here’s how Paytm is leading
  6. How our pioneering Paytm QR has become merchants’ first choice for all mobile payments
  7. Payment subscription business nearly doubles as 92 lakh merchants adopt Paytm pioneered devices
  8. Paytm Q2FY24: Revenue surges to ₹2,519 Cr, EBITDA before ESOP nearly doubles to ₹153 Cr
  9. The Sound of Empowerment: Our Soundbox and QR Code are Simplifying Transactions for All
  10. Here’s How we are Prioritising Safety & Security, Gaining Users’ Confidence through Safe & Secure Transactions
  11. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities to better financial services for our users 
  12. RuPay Credit Card on UPI can transform payment industry in next few years; here’s why
  13. ‘From Kerala to Kargil, Guwahati to Chowpatty, Paytm is Everywhere’: Here’s How Shareholders Showed Confidence in our Products & Business  
  14. Champions for small merchants in the country and driving the next revolution with Artificial Intelligence – Key Takeaways from our 23rd AGM
  15. Here’s how our latest innovation — the  Made-in-India Paytm Card Soundbox will empower merchants
  16. Paytm August’23 Operating Metrics: Strengthens in-store Payments with 87 Lakh Devices Deployment, MTU surges to 9.4 Cr
  17. India can become a net exporter of payment technology, software and hardware, and Paytm can lead the way
  18. Changing the game for merchants, our iconic QR code and Soundbox have redefined in-store payments
  19. Our pioneering Paytm QR and Paytm UPI is Digital India’s Success Story — German Minister Volker Wissing Hails its Simplicity & Speed
  20. Paytm Annual Report FY23: Our CEO’s Letter to the shareholders and other key highlights
  21. Leading Technology for India’s Small Shops with our Innovative Payment Products
  22. Paytm active credit cards at 7.5 Lakh: Here’s what is driving growth for our co-branded credit cards
  23. Paytm July’23 Operating Metrics: Deploys 82 lakh Devices, Merchant Payments Volume Surges 39%
  24. Payment Services: How We Are Driving Leadership in payment monetization with improving profitability
  25. Key Takeaways from our Earnings Call for Q1FY24 
  26. Paytm Q1FY24: Revenue up by 39% YoY to ₹2,342 Cr, EBITDA before ESOP grows to ₹84 Cr
  27. Our Users give Paytm-pioneered Soundbox, QR Code Credit for ‘Cashless Lives’ in India; Here’s Why
  28. India’s leading tech innovator – Here are the key drivers taking our business to the next phase of growth 
  29. An overview of how our merchant payments leadership is driving strong business growth
  30. Paytm June’23 Operating Metrics: Merchant payments volume surges 37% YoY to ₹4.05 Lakh Cr, deploys 79 Lakh devices in Q1FY24
  31. Paytm partners with Shriram Finance Limited, strengthens its loan distribution business to drive credit inclusion
  32. How Our Strong Commitment to India Made Us a Leader in Merchant Payments
  33. May’23 Operating Metrics: Paytm Disburses 85 Lakh Loans, Total Device Deployment Crosses 75 Lakh
  34. Payments and Financial Services as Core Revenue and Growth Drivers, Emphasis on Quality Revenues and Risk Management — Key Takeaways From Our Q4 FY 2023 Earnings Call
  35. Letter to Shareholders From Our Founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma
  36. Starting the year on a strong note, here are our key business KPIs for April 2023
  37. Paytm FY23 Results: Revenue Jumps to ₹7,990 Crore, Up By 61% YoY
  38. How Our Innovative Payment Solutions Strengthen Our Merchant Network and Empower Small Businesses
  39. Our Superior Product and Technology Are Driving Robust MTU Additions – We Are Leading India’s Mobile Payments Growth as Tech Innovators
  40. Q4FY23 Operating Metrics: Closing the year on a strong note, with continued growth in lending and payments business
  41. How Our QR Strength Powers Merchants – Our Pioneership that is Deeply Rooted in India
  42. Update on PA License: Paytm Payments Services Receives Extension From RBI for Resubmission of Application & Remains Hopeful of Getting Necessary Approvals
  43. Paytm Launches its Upgraded Payments Platform Powered by 100% Indigenous Technology – A Shining Example of ‘Make in India’
  44. Launching Cancel Protect for Train Tickets – Empowering Users with 100% Refund on Cancellation, Avail Instant Refund With No Questions Asked Policy
  45. Key Takeaways From Our March 2023 Investor Presentation
  46. 4.5 Lakh Active Cards and Growing: Here’s How We Are Driving Growth in Co-branded Credit Cards
  47. February’23 Operating Metrics: Paytm Disburses 7.9 mn Loans, Total Device Deployment Crosses 6.4 mn
  48. From UPI Innovations to Digital Credit Potential: Growth Drivers in Our Business
  49. How we revolutionised QR and took UPI to every nook & corner of India
  50. Our Discipline in Cost Management Sustains and Grows Profitability
  51. Paytm is Truly the Pioneer of QR Payments – How We Are Enabling India’s Small Vendors
  52. A new Paytm Soundbox deployed every 6 seconds shows co’s pioneership in digital payments
  53. January’23 Operating Metrics: Over 6.1 million devices deployed, disburses loans worth ₹3,928 Cr
  54. Achieved EBITDA Milestone without Losing Sight on Growth Opportunities, Compliances — Key Takeaways from our Earnings Call
  55. How we achieved operational profitability – Bird’s eye view of our revenues and costs
  56. Paytm Q3FY23 Results: Operating profitability, three quarters ahead of guidance; Vijay Shekhar Sharma writes to shareholders
  57. Small Credit is Best Served and Collected Digitally: A Peek into Our Loan Distribution Business
  58. Consumer Engagement on Paytm Super App is at its Highest — How Platform Expansion Drives Monetization across Businesses
  59. A Deep Dive into How We Generate Revenue – From Payments to Credit
  60. Paytm Payments Bank Limited Receives Final Approval from RBI to Operate Bharat Bill Payment System Services 
  61. Know About These 5 Key Drivers Propelling Sustained Growth Across Our Businesses
  62. Payment Processing and Subscription Revenues: Know About the Two Key Margin Drivers Behind Paytm’s Strong Growth
  63. Device Deployment Hits 1 Million for Two Straight Quarters: How Paytm Soundbox is Fuelling Growth
  64. Key takeaways from Paytm meeting with group of analysts: Insights into the company’s growth roadmap by our top leadership
  65. Paytm Users Can Now Transfer Money to Mobile Numbers Registered with Third Party UPI Apps
  66. Paytm, HDFC ERGO Launch ‘Payment Protect’, a one-of-a-kind bite-size Insurance Policy, to Protect Mobile Transactions up to Rs 10,000
  67. Our Board Unanimously Approves Buyback of Equity Shares from Open Market
  68. Paytm Disburses 6.8 mn Loans, Total Device Deployment Crosses 5.5 mn in Nov
  69. The Paytm Merchant Pyramid — What We Offer Merchants From Across the Spectrum
  70. Paytm Launches ABHA Health Locker to Safely Store and Access all Health Documents on the go — First of its Kind for a Payments Platform
  71. From Payments to Lending — Deeper Insights into Our Key Growth and Profitability Drivers in Our Updated Investor Presentation
  72. Update on PA License: Paytm Payments Services to Resubmit Application to RBI & Remains Hopeful of Getting Necessary Approvals
  73. Paytm Onboards Tea Stall Vendor in ‘Last Village of India’ in Uttarakhand: How we are Establishing our Mobile Payments Pioneership with Strong Reach
  74. Paytm Disburses 3.4 Million Loans, Total Merchant Subscription Devices Crosses 5.1 Million in Oct; Read our Founder’s Message to Shareholders
  75. Strong Revenue Growth with Increased Monetization and Operating Leverage — Key Takeaways from our Earnings Call
  76. Paytm Q2FY23 Results: Sustained Revenue Growth with Sharp Improvement in EBITDA Before ESOP Costs
  77. PM Modi lauds Paytm at Uttarakhand’s Mana village, commends reach of digital payments in far-off places
  78. Paytm Partners with Jana Small Finance Bank for Deployment of Card Devices, Aims to Further Drive Digitisation Among Merchants
  79. Our leadership in devices business accelerates with 10 lakh deployments per quarter
  80. Paytm’s Loan Disbursals stand at an Annualised Run Rate of Rs 34,000 Cr in Q2 FY23, Total Device Deployment Crosses 4.8 mn
  81. Strengthening our Offline Payments Pioneership with 5 Billion Soundbox Transactions Processed in FY22
  82. ‘When people think of Paytm today, it is the pioneer of digital payments’
  83. How we came up with the groundbreaking Soundbox – in the words of Vijay Shekhar Sharma
  84. We have tokenized over 52 million cards across VISA, Mastercard & RuPay, remained on track to meet RBI’s September 30 deadline
  85. A multi-payment architecture – The Driving Force Behind our Strong Business Model and Growth
  86. Continued Growth in Payments and Credit Business: Loan Disbursals at an Annualised Run Rate of Rs 29,000 Cr in August, Total Device Deployment Crosses 4.5 mn
  87. Our statement on ED Investigation: Merchants under scrutiny are not Paytm entities, seized funds do not belong to the company
  88. Introducing Paytm Intelligence (Pi), an End-to-End Fraud Risk Management Platform to Secure your Digital Business
  89. Har Ghar Tirangaa, Har Haath Paytm: Read our Shareholders’ Confidence in our Business Model
  90. Paytm AGM 2022: Our MD & CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma Receives Overwhelming Support from Shareholders
  91. Paytm broadens offline payments distribution, partners with Samsung stores to deploy smart PoS devices and offers Paytm Postpaid
  92. Paytm Partners with Piramal Finance to Offer Loans to Merchants and Small Businesses of India
  93. Our Operating Metrics for July 2022: Loan Disbursals at Annualized Run Rate of Over Rs 25,000 Cr; Total Device Deployments Cross 4 Million
  94. Q1FY23 Results: Paytm’s Revenue Jumps to Rs 1,680 crore; EBITDA (Before ESOP Cost) Losses Reduce to Rs 275 Cr, Improves by Rs 93 Cr Q-o-Q
  95. Our Business Model Explained – Driving Revenue Growth Through High Engagement Payments Business and Cross-Selling Financial Services
  96. Paytm Annual Report FY’22 — Read Our CEO’s Message and Key Highlights
  97. Focused Execution – Our lending business achieves strong growth in Q1FY23, Super App sees record jump in MTU
  98. Paytm Operating Metrics for May 2022: Lending Business at an Annualised Run Rate of Over ₹23,000 crores of Disbursements


  1. Transforming Ayodhya with our pioneering Paytm QR, Soundbox devices during Shri Ram Temple inauguration
  2. Our all-in-one QR Code takes the Fast Lane – Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri highlights efficiency
  3. Making metro travel seamless with our iconic Paytm App – buy QR tickets with just a scan
  4. From Himalayan mountain ranges to coastal regions of Chennai – Our Iconic QR is Everywhere
  5. Global Applause for our Revolutionary QR – Australian Deputy PM chooses Paytm for UPI Payments
  6. From Giftcards to Travel – How our Pioneering Solutions are Making for Effortless Festive Celebrations
  7. Our Paytm-pioneered QR Codes are turning dreams of Digital India into reality


  1. #2023 In Innovation: As a Leading Tech Innovator We are Shaping the Future of Finance
  2. Do more with our iconic Paytm App – All-in-one platform for a convenient life
  3. Surprise your Kid & Celebrate this Children’s Day with the Paytm App – Here’s How


  1. Paytm records 50X surge in search for travel to Lakshadweep — announces a flat 10% discount on flights
  2. Paytm issues over 1 million QR tickets for Chennai Metro; CMRL offers 20% discount on QR tickets booked via Paytm
  3. Paytm launches special sale on flight tickets to visa-free destinations – Thailand, Malaysia, Bali and Sri Lanka
  4. Paytm Travel Recap 2023: Delhi most preferred domestic destination, 70% increase in solo travellers
  5. Paytm brings exclusive discounts on flight tickets for users attending Dubai Shopping Festival
  6. Paytm launches Travel Carnival sale for flights, trains and buses ahead of New Year Holidays
  7. Paytm partners with global travel technology company Amadeus to redefine travel experience with Artificial Intelligence
  8. Paytm Travel Carnival Sale starts; offers up to 15% off on flight tickets and more
  9. Paytm launches Travel Carnival Sale, Offers discounts on flight, train & bus tickets ahead of Navratri 
  10. Paytm announces free cancellation on train bookings at lowest cost; offers instant 100% refund on Tatkal tickets as well
  11. Paytm launches Travel Carnival Sale from September 22-24, offers 15% off on flight tickets  
  12. Paytm partners with Tripura Road Transport Corporation, deploys Paytm Soundbox, Paytm card machines across bus, railway, air ticket counters of TRTC
  13. Paytm partners with Tripura Road Transport Corporation, enables online bus ticket booking
  14. Paytm launches Free Cancellation for international flight tickets; enables instant 100% refund on cancellation with no questions asked policy
  15. Paytm announces Freedom Travel Carnival till August 10, offers exciting discounts on flight bookings
  16. Paytm launches exciting offer for World Environment Day, get 25% off on booking electric bus tickets
  17. Our Summer Travel Carnival from June 2-6; Get Exciting Offers on Flights across IndiGo, SpiceJet, AirAsia, Vistara, Air India, Akasa Air
  18. Get Exciting Discounts on Flights, Buses and Trains With Paytm Travel Carnival Until May 5
  19. This Summer, Get ₹350 Instant Discount on Group Bus Ticket Booking and Best Price Guaranteed on Across 2,500+ Operators with Paytm

Safe Payments

  1. Building Digital Resilience- Paytm’s Collaboration With Law Enforcement And Educational Institutions For Cyber-Resilient Future
  2. Empowering the Next Generation: Paytm’s Cyber Security Awareness Program for Students


  1. Passport Application Fees in India
  2. Passport Renewal Process 2024: How to Renew Your Passport in India
  3. How to Track Your Passport Via Speed Post?
  4. Passport Seva Kendra Portal Login Process
  5. What is mPassport Seva and How to Apply for Passport Through mPassport Seva App?
  6. Passport for Government Employees
  7. Passport Reference Number – When and How to Get Reference File Number
  8. Passport Address Change – Know How to Change Address in Passport
  9. How to Reschedule Passport Appointment: Steps by Step Guide
  10. Passport Enquiry: Raise A Passport Enquiry & Passport Customer Care Numbers
  11. PCC Passport Playbook: How to Get a Police Clearance Certificate for Your Passport
  12. Indian Passport to Get New Look? Things You Need to Know
  13. A Complete List of Documents Required for Passport Application in India
  14. Diplomatic Passport in India – How to Apply, Eligibility Criteria
  15. Non ECR Passport: Know How to Check the Status & Documents Required
  16. Exploring the Indian Passport: Application, Types, Fees, Processing Time, and More
  17. Simple Ways to Check Your Passport Application Status
  18. Cruising Through the Tatkal Passport Express: A Guide
  19. How is Police Verification for Passport in India?


  1. ATM Card AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge): Things You Need to Know
  2. What to Do When Your ATM Card Is Lost or Stolen?
  3. ATM Withdrawal Limit and Transaction Charges
  4. How to Proceed to Apply for ATM Card Online?
  5. How To Transfer Money From ATM: The Complete Guide
  6. What are the Types of ATM cards?
  7. How to Withdraw Cash from an ATM?
  8. How to Change the ATM Card PIN?
  9. How to Generate New ATM Card PIN?
  10. How to Unblock an ATM card: A Step-by-Step Guide
  11. How to Block an ATM card?
  12. What is an ATM Card PIN and How to get it?
  13. What is CVV in an ATM Card
  14. Forgot ATM PIN – How to Reset it
  15. What is ATM – Definition & Uses

Voter ID

  1. What is a Voter ID Card? Let’s Get Into the Basics
  2. Voter ID Verification Process and Documents
  3. Check Your Voter ID Status Online or Offline
  4. NVSP Portal Simplified: A Step-by-Step Voter ID Portal Guide
  5. Voting in India: Importance, Process, Eligibility, and More
  6. Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)
  7. Election Commission of India – Election Laws & Polling
  8. How to Check Your Name in Voter List by SMS and Helpline
  9. What’s EPIC Number in Your Voter ID Card? Let’s Find Out
  10. List of Documents Required for Voter ID Card

Stock Market

  1. IRRA Platform by NSE: All you need to know
  2. How do International Events Affect Indian Stock Markets?
  3. Trade Smarter with the Prowess of Algorithms
  4. Surveillance Measures: What are They and How to Handle Stocks in ASM & GSM Lists?
  5. Muhurat Trading 2023: The Special Diwali Session
  6. KRA Agency: Transforming the Indian trading industry with effortless KYC
  7. Stay Ahead with Live Market Notification Widget!
  8. Transact Faster, Safer, and Easier on Paytm Money
  9. Invest Smarter with Swift and Secure payments – UPI-ify your investments
  10. What is Dormancy? How do I reactivate my account?
  11. Say goodbye to confusion! Check your investments and returns with new ease
  12. Be your own financial expert: Navigate finances like a PRO!
  13. My Conversations with a Pro Trader: A Journey to Success through Limit Orders
  14. The Reality Check: Why You Can’t Use Credit Cards for Stocks Investing
  15. What is a Demat Account? Why you should have one?
  16. Unleash Volume Profile: The Key to Trading Success
  17. Safeguarding Your Investments: Beware of Unregistered Investment Advisors!
  18. Vivriti – Empowering Through Financial Progress
  19. Taming the ‘Double-edged sword’ of Future Segment Trading
  20. Good News for IPO Investors
  21. Powerful SIP Calculator: Calculate your Potential Returns!
  22. Tired of complex financial terminologies? We are here to decode them for you!
  23. Get the Edge with After Market Orders!
  24. Ready to Trade? Verify your Bank Account First
  25. Invest Wisely by Tracking the ‘Whale of the Share Market’
  26. Tired of handling different SIPs for Stocks and Mutual funds? Try our new All-in-one SIP
  27. Reliance-Jio Financial Services Demerger: What does it mean for RIL shareholders?
  28. Account Dormancy: Why is your account dormant and how can you reactivate it
  29. Stock Market Jargon That Every Investor Must Know
  30. Demystifying SEBI: Safeguarding India’s Stock Market Integrity
  31. Unleash Your Earning Potential with Paytm Money’s Affiliate Partner Program
  32. Ready to Hedge? Explore Options!
  33. Open Demat & Trading Account via Paytm Money – A Beginner’s Guide
  34. Cracking the Exit Code: Investor’s Dilemma Decoded
  35. Weekly Stock SIP: Top Choice for Busy Professionals
  36. Golden Secrets of Options Trading
  37. Margin Pledge: Your ROI Booster!
  38. Covered Call Strategy for Option Trading Beginners
  39. Nifty Midcap Select Index: Traders’ New Favorite
  40. How to Claim Your Unclaimed Dividends and Shares
  41. Revision of Weekly Expiry Day of Bank Nifty Options
  42. Looking for small but regular savings? Just setup Equity SIP with a few clicks!
  43. Trade Orders Made Easy on Paytm Money
  44. Feeling Stuck in a Trading Block? Break out of the mould with these 10 Chart Patterns
  45. Decoding Chart Patterns! Secret Code of Chart Patterns: The Key to Your Trading Success
  46. How To Read An Option Chain And Place Orders?
  47. 7 Key Indicators You Should Understand Before Your First Option Trade
  48. Introducing Option Simplified | Advanced Trading Strategies
  49. How Cover Orders Can Help You Contain Losses During Turbulent Times
  50. Shield Your Orders: Cover Your Risks and Aim For Targets With Bracket Orders
  51. How Equity SIPs Can Help You Achieve Big Financial Goals
  52. Portfolio Diversification – Meaning, Benefits and Examples
  53. Why Do Stocks Have a Higher Return Than Government Bonds?
  54. Bond Market vs Stock Market: What’s the Difference?


  1. Paytm Travel Celebrates Excellence, Wins Big at the ET Travel & Tourism Awards 2023
  2. Paytm wins big at Third Annual ESG Summit and Awards 2023 – honoured in three categories 
  3. Paytm wins the Best Digital Transformation Award in Travel
  4. Paytm honoured as the champion of ONDC — Here is how we have been clocking highest orders on India’s ONDC network

Bill Payments

  1. How To Login And Register On E-WAY Bill Portal?
  2. What is the Difference Between Prepaid And Postpaid?

Electricity Bills

  1. KSEB Bill Payment Online: Steps to Make Electricity Bill Payment Online Conveniently
  2. All About TSSPDCL
  3. How to Pay MSEDCL Bill Online & Offline – Complete information
  4. PSPCL Online and Offline Payment Bill Payment Procedures
  5. How to make MSPDCL Prepaid Recharge Online?
  6. Everything About BESCOM Bill Payment
  7. How to Calculate Geyser Power Consumption?
  8. Air Coolers vs Air Conditioners- Which One to Choose and Why?
  9. What is the Difference Between a 3 Stars AC and 5 Stars AC?
  10. What is AC Power Consumption and How to Calculate it?
  11. How to Select the Best AC With Low Power Consumption?
  12. MPCZ Electricity Bill Payment Online – Complete Guide
  13. Everything About APEPDCL Online Electricity Bill Payment
  14. How to Pay NBPDCL Bills Online
  15. How to Make TNEB Electricity Bill Online on Paytm?
  16. How To Pay Electricity Bill Through Paytm Wallet?
  17. How to Make UPPCL Online Bill Payment on Paytm?
  18. How to Change Mobile Number in the Electricity Bill?
  19. How to Change Name in Electricity Bill?
  20. How To Find Electricity Bill Consumer Number
  21. How To Check My Electricity Bill History?
  22. How to Check Electricity Bill Amount Online
  23. 5 Ways to Reduce Electricity Bill at Home
  24. How to Calculate Electricity Bill- The Complete Guide
  25. How to Pay Electricity Bill Online?

Gas Booking

  1. Commercial LPG Cylinders: Check Prices and How to Apply
  2. A Comprehensive Guide to Transferring Gas Connection from One Agency to Another in India
  3. How to Change Mobile Number in Gas Booking?
  4. How to Cancel Indane Gas Booking: Step-By-Step Guide
  5. How to do HP Gas Booking Easily?
  6. What Is The LPG Gas Cylinder Price In Indian States- The Complete List
  7. How To Book a Gas Cylinder Online?
  8. Indane Gas Cylinder Booking Details – Step by Step Procedure
  9. Everything You Need to Know About New HP Gas Connection
  10. Bharat Gas Connection: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting One
  11. Buying a New Indane Gas Cylinder? Here’s Your Guide  


  1. Asianet Recharge and Plans: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Package
  2. How to Register a Broadband Complaint?
  3. Top Tikona Broadband Plans & Offers
  4. List of Best Broadband Connections in Mumbai
  5. List of Best Broadband Connections in Hyderabad
  6. List of Best Broadband Connections in Lucknow
  7. Airtel Broadband vs Jio Fiber Broadband Plans: Know the Complete Difference between them!
  8. List of Best Broadband Connections in Indore
  9. List of Best Broadband Connections in Delhi
  10. Broadband vs Wi-Fi: What’s the Difference
  11. I-On Broadband Bill Payment Online – Complete Guide
  12. Asianet Broadband Bill Payment Online – Complete Guide
  13. Tata Tele Broadband Bill Payment Online – Guide
  14. Online Alliance Broadband Bill Payment- Step by Step Details
  15. Online Act Broadband Bill Payment- Step by Step Details
  16. Online Airtel Broadband Bill Payment- Step by Step Details
  17. Best Broadband Service Providers in India
  18. Jio Fiber Broadband Plans & Offers
  19. Guide to Alliance Broadband Plans and Offers
  20. What is Fibre Broadband
  21. What is Wireless Broadband?
  22. Top 10 Ways to Increase Broadband Speed
  23. Check Broadband Bill Amount Online Instantly
  24. How to Check Broadband Speed?
  25. What is Broadband? Definition & Types
  26. Ways to Pay Broadband Bill Online

UPI Autopay

  1. Automate Your SIP Payments with UPI Autopay
  2. UPI Autopay: Digital Payments Made Simple & Effortless for Customers 
  3. How to Set Up Autopay on Paytm for Insurance Payments?
  4. How to Use Paytm UPI AutoPay for Online Recharges and Bill Payments
  5. Paytm Automates Bill Payment for OTT Platform- All You Need to Know
  6. Here is All You Need to Know About UPI AutoPay
  7. How to Enable UPI Autopay Feature for JioSaavn?
  8. How to Enable UPI Autopay Feature for Gaana?


  1. Key Differences Between A Khata and B Khata Property Tax
  2. Property Tax Payment Online: The Complete Guide
  3. Property Tax Deduction in Income Tax
  4. How to Change Name in Property Tax?
  5. Everything That You Need To Know About Property Tax
  6. How to Calculate Property Tax?

Rental Bills

  1. Your Complete Guide to Rental Agreements in India
  2. Why Should Credit Cards be My Preferable Mode of Payment for Rent?
  3. Paytm Rent Payments: The All-in-One Solution for House Rent, Shop Rent, Society Maintenance & Broker Fees
  4. How to Get the Rent Receipt from Paytm Application?
  5. Pay Rent with Credit Card Online


  1. List of RTO Offices in Odisha, Address, Phone & Timings
  2. How to Pay Traffic Challan Online?
  3. How to Check and Pay Bangalore Traffic Fines?
  4. How to Check and Pay Traffic Challan Online in Kolkata?
  5. How to Check and Pay Kerala Traffic Fines?
  6. How to Check and Pay West Bengal Traffic Fines?
  7. How to Check and Pay Karnataka Traffic Fines?
  8. How to Check and Pay Traffic Challan Online in Telangana?
  9. How to Check and Pay Mumbai Traffic Fines?
  10. How to Check and Pay Traffic Fines Online in Tamil Nadu?
  11. How to Check and Pay Pune Traffic Fines?
  12. How to check E-Challan Status Online
  13. E-Challan Payment – How to Pay Challan Online?

Gas Bills

  1. Mahanagar Gas Bill Payment – All You Need to Know
  2. How to Reduce Monthly Gas Bills?
  3. Complete Procedure to Regularize or Change Name in LPG Connections
  4. How to Check Gas Bills Online?
  5. How to Pay Your Gas Bill Online?

Water Bills

  1. BWSSB Bill Payment: How To Make Online Bill Payment
  2. KWA Water Bill: Complete Guide on How to Make Online Payment
  3. What is the Consumer Number in Water Bills?
  4. How to Pay Water Bill Online?
  5. How to Check Water Bill Online?

Mobile Bills

  1. How To Pay Postpaid Bill Online?
  2. How to Switch From Prepaid to Postpaid?
  3. Can I Convert from Postpaid to Prepaid?
  4. Why Postpaid is Costlier Than Prepaid?
  5. What if I Don’t Pay Postpaid Bill?
  6. Is Postpaid Faster Than Prepaid Connections?

Landline Bills

  1. Faster & Better Way to Pay Landline Bills
  2. How to Reduce Landline Bills?
  3. Complete Guide for Checking the Landline Bill Online

Credit Card Bills

  1. How to Pay a Credit Card Bill Online?
  2. How to Pay Credit Card Bills using a Debit Card?

Aadhaar Card

  1. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
  2. Aadhaar Card Enrollment Centers in Hyderabad
  3. Common Problems with Aadhaar & Their Solutions
  4. How to Link Aadhaar Card to LIC Policy: A Step-by-Step Guide
  5. How To Link Aadhaar Card With Income Tax Returns
  6. Indian Government Issues Warning About Rising Aadhaar Scams
  7. Aadhaar Card Enrolment Form: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Fill it 
  8. How to Link Aadhaar to an IRCTC Account to Book e-Tickets?
  9. I Didn’t Receive My Aadhaar Card? What Should I Do?
  10. Finding an Aadhaar Card Centre in Mumbai
  11. Aadhaar Card Centres in Pune Near You
  12. Lost Your Aadhaar Card? Here’s How to Get a Duplicate Aadhaar Card
  13. How to Raise Request for Aadhaar Address Validation Letter: A Comprehensive Guide
  14. Aadhaar Card Enrollment Centres in Ahmedabad
  15. Step by Step Guide to Downloading Aadhaar Card Using Mobile Number
  16. Aadhaar Card Enrollment Centres in Bangalore
  17. Aadhaar Enrollment Centre in Delhi
  18. Simplifying Digital Payments: Linking Aadhaar to NPCI
  19. What is Aadhaar eSign? How Does Aadhaar Based eSign Work?
  20. How to Link Aadhaar with Mobile Number?
  21. What are the Valid Documents Required For Aadhar Card?
  22. How to Link Aadhaar with Ration Card?
  23. How to Link Aadhaar Card with EPF Account Online or Offline?
  24. How to Link Aadhaar with PM Kisan Samman Nidhi?
  25. How to Link your Aadhaar Card to Bank Account?
  26. How to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometric?
  27. How to Check PAN Aadhaar Linking Status in a Few Easy Steps?
  28. How to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID in 5 Easy Steps?
  29. How to Change a Photo on the Aadhaar Card?
  30. What are the Important Documents Required for Baal Aadhaar Card?
  31. Check Aadhaar Authentication History Online in 6 Simple Steps
  32. What is a Baal Aadhaar Card & How to Apply for it?
  33. How to Download Aadhaar Enrolment Certificate?
  34. What is an Aadhaar Card- Know Eligibility Criteria, Documents and more
  35. Aadhaar Verification Online – A Step by Step Guide to Follow
  36. How to Download the Aadhaar Update Form in a Few Simple Steps?
  37. What is a Masked Aadhaar Card & How to Download Masked Aadhar?
  38. How to Check Aadhaar Linking Status with Bank Online & Offline?
  39. How to Update Address in Aadhaar Card?
  40. Aadhaar Card Update – How to do it Online and Offline?
  41. How to Link Aadhaar Card with PAN Card?
  42. UIDAI Services Online- How to Use them Effectively?
  43. How to Check Aadhaar Complaint Status?
  44. How to Prevent the Misuse of an Aadhaar Card?
  45. How to Apply for Aadhaar Card Online?
  46. How to Apply for a PAN Card Through an Aadhaar Card?
  47. How to Schedule an Aadhaar Card Appointment in Minutes?
  48. How to Lodge a Complaint Against Aadhaar- A Step by Step Guide
  49. Guide to Download Aadhaar Card Online in 2024
  50. How to Check Aadhaar Card Status Easily?
  51. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) – Everything You Should Know About It
  52. How to Check Aadhaar Address Update Status?
  53. How to Link an Aadhaar Card and a Voter ID Card?
  54. What is the Easiest Way to Verify an Aadhaar Mobile Number?
  55. All About PVC Aadhaar Card: Features, Benefits, Application Process, and Fees
  56. How to Update Name in an Aadhaar Card?
  57. What are the Documents Required to Change Address in Aadhaar Card?
  58. Aadhaar Card Features: What Makes Aadhaar Unique and Important?
  59. How to Apply for an Aadhaar Card without Documents?
  60. How to Register & Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card- A Step-by-Step Guide
  61. What is KYC – Why is it Important?
  62. What is mAadhaar Mobile Application and How to Use it Responsibly?
  63. What is an e-Aadhaar Password – Know Everything about it

Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Paytm Foundation distributes laptops in government schools in Lucknow
  2. Paytm Foundation presents 30 computers to district administration of Kulgam, Jammu and Kashmir
  3. Paytm Foundation Partners with Tamil Nadu Govt; Becomes One of Partners for Chennai’s Tech Hub iTNT
  4. Paytm Foundation Distributes Laptops in Govt Schools for Girls in Jammu to Empower Students with Digital Tools
  5. Paytm Foundation, UNEP hold first Air Quality Action Forum Annual Conference to coordinate efforts to combat air pollution in India
  6. Paytm Foundation Donates Laptops to Ek se Shrestha Program for Education of Rural Children of Hamirpur
  7. Paytm Foundation Wins the Prestigious Mahatma Award for COVID-19 Humanitarian Effort

Electricity Bill

  1. DHBVN Dakshin Haryana Electricity Bill Online and Offline Payment
  2. All about KSEB – Kerala State Electricity Board
  3. BSES Yamuna Electricity Bill Online and Offline Payment

Mutual Funds

  1. Understanding ELSS Lock-ins: SIP vs Lumpsum
  2. Two-Factor Authentication: A shield for your mutual fund investments
  3. 80% Indians are not ready for retirement! Are you?
  4. Why can’t you invest in Mutual Funds using Credit & Debit Cards?
  5. The Art Of Balancing Portfolios, Made Easy
  6. What are Multi-asset Funds?
  7. Battle of Payment Titans: Nach vs E-Nach vs UPI Autopay
  8. Simplifying Investments: Access the Right Information
  9. Automate your SIP payment with UPI Autopay
  10. What is a Long Term Investment and What Are Its Benefits
  11. Understanding Short-Term Funds- Learn About Their Liquidity and Stability
  12. The Role of a Fund Manager in Mutual Funds
  13. What are Ultra-Short-Term Funds?
  14. Mutual Fund Redemption – How to Redeem your Mutual Fund Units?
  15. When Should You Sell Your Mutual Funds?
  16. How To Invest in Mutual Funds?
  17. Balanced Funds Vs Balanced Advantage Funds – A Detailed Comparison
  18. ELSS vs ULIP – A Comparative Analysis of Tax-Saving Schemes
  19. What are Sectoral Funds? Should You Invest in them?
  20. What are Liquid Funds? Should You Invest?
  21. Taxation of Mutual Funds
  22. What are Thematic Funds?
  23. Thematic vs Sectoral Funds – Know the Difference
  24. What are Balanced Funds? Meaning and Benefits
  25. What are Hybrid Funds: Know the Meaning, Features & Types of Hybrid Funds
  26. What Are Blue Chip Companies? Should You Invest In Their Stocks?
  27. What are Debt Funds – Everything You Need To know
  28. What are Balanced Advantage Funds?
  29. What is ULIP – Mutual Fund or Insurance Policy?
  30. 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Equity Funds
  31. What are Mid Cap Funds – Know About The Returns and The Risks
  32. What are Small Cap Funds – All You Need To Know
  33. What Are Large Cap Funds – Features & Benefits
  34. What is an Emergency Fund- Why Do You Need One?
  35. Why Invest in Debt Funds – Here Are 8 Reasons
  36. What are Multi cap Funds – A Complete Guideline
  37. What are Flexi Cap Funds? Are they the same as Multi Cap Funds?
  38. Factors You Must Consider Before Investing In Mutual Funds
  39. A Glossary of Terms About Mutual Funds You Must Know
  40. What Are Mid-cap Stocks? Why Should You Invest?
  41. What Are Small Cap Stocks – Features, Risks, And Who Should Invest?
  42. Mutual Funds Vs SIP – Are You Asking The Right Question?
  43. Equity Funds – Meaning & its Types
  44. Why Invest in Mutual Funds – Know its Benefits
  45. What Are Mutual Funds- A Beginner’s Guide For Investment


  1. SIP vs STP: Which is the Better Investment Option?
  2. Different Type of SIP (Systematic Investment Plans) – Which one to Pick?
  3. Why Should You Invest In SIP – Know The Benefits
  4. What is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?


  1. Factors to Consider Before Investing in ELSS
  2. All You Need to Know about ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme)


  1. Unlocking Opportunities: A Comprehensive Guide to EBC Certificate in India
  2. Navigating the Process: A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining a Migration Certificate
  3. Encumbrance Certificate – Everything You Need to Know About EC
  4. Bonafide Certificate – Know Uses & Application Process

Recurring Deposit

  1. Best Recurring Deposit Interest Rates in India
  2. How to Calculate the Interest Rate of Recurring Deposit?
  3. What is Recurring Deposit Account? How to open an RD account?

Pan Card

  1. How to Fill Out Form 49A for Your PAN Card?
  2. How to Surrender PAN Card – Online and Offline Process
  3. How to Apply for Your Tax Identification Number?
  4. How To Change PAN Card Name After Marriage: Procedure & Documents Required
  5. How to Get Instant e-PAN in 10 Minutes?
  6. Lost PAN Card – How to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card?
  7. How to Check PAN Card Status by Mobile Number?
  8. How to Download e-PAN Card Online- a Step by Step Guide
  9. How to Check PAN Card Details Online?
  10. How to Get a PAN Card in 48 hours?
  11. How to Change the Name on the PAN Card?
  12. How to Check PAN Card Status by Name or Date of Birth (DOB)?
  13. How to Check PAN Card Status by Name?
  14. How to Download an NSDL PAN Card Easily?
  15. How to do PAN Card Correction Online?
  16. How to Apply for a PAN Card Online?
  17. How to Apply for an NSDL PAN Card- Easy Steps to Follow
  18. Guide to the PAN Card Details- Documents, Eligibility, Types, Structures and More!
  19. What is a TAN Card and How to Apply for it?
  20. How to Track PAN Card Delivery Status in Few Minutes?
  21. How to Check PAN Card Status in 2023?
  22. How to do PAN Verification in Few Easy Steps?
  23. What is PAN Card: Types, Eligible, Documents Required & Apply for a PAN Card
  24. What is the Difference Between PAN, TAN, TIN?
  25. How to Apply for a PAN Card Easily – A Step by Step Guide
  26. Know if you are Eligible for a PAN Card- An Ultimate Guide to Follow
  27. PAN Card Fee in 2024: Everything You Must Know
  28. Guide to All the Essential Documents Required for PAN Card

Money Transfer

  1. How to Transfer Money from a Forex Card to a Bank Account?
  2. The Best Option to Transfer Money through Net Banking – NEFT, RTGS or UPI?
  3. Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) – Interbank Fund Transfer & MMID
  4. Transfer Money from Paytm Wallet to Bank Account
  5. How To Transfer Money Without UPI?
  6. How to Apply for a DBT Scholarship?
  7. Difference between IMPS and NEFT Fund Transfer
  8. How to Transfer Money Online: A Complete Guide
  9. Online Vs Offline Money Transfer Methods – Differences in Detail
  10. How to Transfer Money Online Using a Debit Card?
  11. Detailed Comparative Difference Between NEFT, RTGS and IMPS
  12. How to Transfer Money from One Bank Account to Another Bank Account?
  13. Money Transfer: All You Need to Know

UPI Money Transfer

  1. How to Recover Money Transferred to a Wrong UPI Address?
  2. Scan Any App’s UPI QR From Paytm To Make Payments
  3. UPI Registration: How to Set Up Your UPI Account?
  4. How to Use UPI to Transfer Funds?


  1. What is IMPS Reference Number?
  2. How to Check IMPS Fund Transfer Status?
  3. What Is The Daily Transaction Limit of IMPS?
  4. What is IMPS: How to Transfer Funds using IMPS?

Bank to Bank Transfer

  1. How To Transfer Money Within Your Own Accounts In Paytm – A Guide
  2. Difference Between Bank Rate vs Repo Rate?


  1. How to do RTGS Transaction?
  2. RTGS: What is RTGS?


  1. The Complete List of NEFT Holidays
  2. NEFT Cut-off Time: When can you Perform NEFT Transactions?
  3. NEFT vs RTGS: What’s the Difference?
  4. How Much is the NEFT Settlement Time?
  5. How to Check NEFT Transaction Status With Reference Number?
  6. How to Check NEFT Status: The Detailed Guide
  7. NEFT Amount Transfer Limit
  8. NEFT Charges: How Much Extra do you Need to Pay on NEFT Transactions?
  9. How to Transfer Money through NEFT: Steps to Follow
  10. Updated NEFT Transfer and Settlement Timing (2024)
  11. What is NEFT and How Does it Work?


  1. Difference Between Life Insurance and Health Insurance
  2. What is the Difference Between Life Insurance and General Insurance?
  3. What is an Insurance Premium Calculator and How to Use It?
  4. All You Need to Know About Cancer Insurance India
  5. How to Choose the Best Term Insurance Plan?
  6. 6 Compelling Reasons to Buy Life Insurance Policy Online
  7. What is the Difference Between Term Insurance Plan and Life Insurance Plan?
  8. What is NCB in Bike Insurance? Can it Get Canceled?
  9. What is Third Party Bike Insurance? How to Buy the Policy from Paytm?
  10. What is Vehicle Insurance – Coverage Type and Exclusions
  11. How Group Life Insurance Benefits Both Employers and Employees?
  12. Why Should You Have a Child Insurance Plan?
  13. Bike Insurance – Types & Benefits
  14. What is Travel Insurance – Types & Benefits
  15. What is Insurance: Definition, Benefits, and Types
  16. What are Insurance Premiums and How do They Work?
  17. Check Insurance Premium Amount Online Instantly
  18. Make Your Insurance Premium Payment Online

Health Insurance

  1. ESIC Portal and ESIC Login – A Complete Guide
  2. What are the Benefits of Having Ayushman Bharat Health Account (Health ID)?
  3. What is Ayushman Bharat Health Account (Health ID)? Know its Benefits
  4. Complete Information Around Your ABHA Number (Health ID)
  5. How To Create Your ABHA Number on Paytm?
  6. What is Health Insurance with Maternity Cover?
  7. How to Buy the Right Health Insurance Plan for Yourself?
  8. What is a No-Claim Bonus in Health Insurance?
  9. Important Benefits of Having a Health Insurance Card
  10. What is Co-Pay in Health Insurance and How Beneficial is it?
  11. What is the Importance of Lifetime Renewability in Health Insurance?
  12. All you Need to Know About Critical Illness Insurance?
  13. What are the Perks of Buying a Health Insurance Policy in the 20s?
  14. Top 8 Tips to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy in India
  15. What is the Waiting Period in a Health Insurance Policy?
  16. What is Covid-19 Health Insurance Policy?
  17. What is Health Insurance and Why You Must Have It?
  18. How to Renew a Health Insurance Policy?
  19. Why is it Important to Have a Health Insurance Policy?
  20. All You Need to Know About Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy
  21. How to Choose the Best Covid-19 Health Insurance Policy?
  22. Top 7 Benefits of Health Insurance Plan
  23. Top 5 Tips to Choose Best Family Health Insurance Plans in India
  24. How to Pick the Best Health Insurance Plan for Parents?
  25. How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan In India?
  26. Can Employers Reimburse Health Insurance Premiums
  27. Does Health Insurance Premium Increase Every Year?

Life insurance

  1. Group Term Life Insurance: Everything You Need to Know
  2. Everything you Need to Know About Life Insurance Premium Calculator?
  3. How does a Term Insurance Plan Help to Secure the Financial Future of Your Loved Ones?
  4. What is Endowment Life Insurance Policy: All you Need to Know About It
  5. What is Life Insurance Premium and How is it Determined?
  6. Why Should Senior Citizens Have Life Insurance Policies?
  7. All You Need to Know About Term Insurance With Return of Premium
  8. Why Should You Consider Buying a 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan?
  9. All You Need to Know About Term Insurance Premium Calculator
  10. How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Policy?
  11. What are the Benefits of a Life Insurance Policy?
  12. What are the Factors that Determine the Term Insurance Premium Rate?
  13. What is Term Insurance – Benefits, Premium Waivers, and Joint Term Insurance
  14. What is Life Insurance – Features, Types, and Benefits
  15. What are the Benefits of Term Insurance?
  16. What Happens If You Stop Paying Life Insurance Premiums

Car Insurance

  1. What is IDV in Car Insurance? How does it work?
  2. Car Insurance – Everything You Must Know

Home Insurance

  1. What is Home Insurance – Features & Advantages

Saving Schemes

  1. NPS and Atal Pension Yojana: Which Retirement Scheme is Right for You?
  2. City Dwelling Made Easier: PM Modi Reveals Upcoming Homeownership Initiative
  3. National Savings Certificate (NSC): A Simple Guide for Beginners
  4. NPS Withdrawal Rules – Partial or Premature Withdrawal Rules
  5. Post Office Saving Schemes: Its Benefits & How To Start
  6. Guide to Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana
  7. How to Open an NPS Account?
  8. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Interest Rate
  9. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana & Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana: Differences
  10. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Calculator
  11. All you Need to Know About Atal Pension Yojana
  12. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Scheme (SSY)- Interest Rate & Benefits
  13. All You Need to Know About Kisan Vikas Patra Scheme
  14. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) – Eligibility, Interest Rate & Benefits

Government Schemes

  1. MUDRA Loan Interest Rate : A Compact Guide
  2. प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजना कैसे आवेदन करें
  3. अटल पेंशन योजना: जिसे आपको जानना आवश्यक है
  4. सुकन्या समृद्धि योजना ब्याज दर
  5. सुकन्या समृद्धि योजना योजना: योग्यता, ब्याज दर और टैक्स
  6. प्रधानमंत्री सुरक्षा बीमा योजना और प्रधानमंत्री जीवन ज्योति बीमा योजना
  7. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana – Explained
  8. प्रधानमंत्री गरीब कल्याण योजना के लिए मार्गदर्शिका
  9. प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजना: पीएम आवास योजना की सभी जानकारी
  10. PMJJBY Full-Form, Eligibility, Benefits, and How to Apply
  11. Kisan Credit Card: Learn Everything You Need to Apply For It
  12. Government Business Loans: Start Your Small Business
  13. Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana (PMMY) in India: All You Need to Know
  14. PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana: Empowering Farmers Across India
  15. Understanding MGNREGA: A Comprehensive Guide
  16. Get 7.5% Interest Rate With Mahila Samman Bachat Patra
  17. A Guide to Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY Scheme)
  18. Things You Needs to Know About the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY)
  19. National Scholarship Portal (NSP): A Complete Guide
  20. How to Apply for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)?
  21. How to Check Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Application’s Status Online?
  22. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Scheme: Documents Required, Eligibility & More

What's New at Paytm

  1. Tickle your Funny Bone! Share Funniest Comment & Win Exciting Cashback
  2. Enjoy making Music? Create your version of Paytm Soundbox tune, win Rs 50,000
  3. We have tokenized 28 million cards; empowering Indian consumers with secure transactions
  4. Paytm Soundbox- Stories that are REAL!
  5. Say Hello to the New Paytm Homepage

Savings Account

  1. Best Savings Account Interest Rates for 2024 in India
  2. How to Calculate Interest Earned on a Savings Account: A Comprehensive Overview
  3. All You Need to Know About Zero Balance Accounts
  4. Which is the Best Bank for a Savings Account?
  5. What is the Difference Between a Salary Account & Savings Account?
  6. All You Need To Know About DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
  7. What is a Child Savings Account?
  8. How to Open a Paytm Payments Bank Savings Account Online?
  9. What is a Salary Account? Know its Features and Benefits
  10. What is Savings Account- The Complete Guide!
  11. The Complete List of Savings Account Benefits
  12. Top 10 Savings Account Features You Should Be Aware of
  13. What are the Documents Required for Savings Account?
  14. Types of Savings Account and their Differences
  15. 6 Differences Between Savings Account and Current Account
  16. What Documents Do I Need to Open a Savings Account?


  1. Everything You Need to Know About the NPCI FASTag 
  2. Know About the Updated FASTag Rules Formulated by NHAI
  3. NHAI FASTag – Features, Fees, Documents, Buy and More
  4. How can Users Manage FASTag on Paytm App?
  5. How to Do SBI FASTag Recharge On Paytm?
  6. How to do Airtel Payments Bank FASTag Recharge On Paytm?
  7. What is DIY FASTag? How does it Work?
  8. FASTag Reserved Balance- Meaning, Features and Benefits
  9. GPS Based Toll Collection
  10. How to do Canara Bank FASTag Recharge Online?
  11. How to do Punjab National Bank FASTag Recharge Online?
  12. Looking to Recharge IHMCL FASTag recharge Online? Follow these Steps on Paytm
  13. Need to Recharge your IDBI Bank FASTag Recharge? Check these Steps!
  14. How to do Bank of Baroda FASTag Recharge Online?
  15. FASTag Payment: When and How to Make?
  16. All You Need to Know About FASTag Tracking & FASTag Validity!
  17. FASTag Statement: What is it and How to Download it?
  18. FASTag Scanner: What is it and How it Works?
  19. How to do Union Bank of India FASTag Recharge Online?
  20. How to Do South Indian Bank FASTag Recharge Online?
  21. Recharge your IndusInd Bank FASTag on Paytm: Step by Step Guide
  22. How can I Do my Federal Bank FASTag Recharge on Paytm?
  23. How to do Kotak Mahindra Bank FASTag Recharge Online?
  24. How to do Paul Merchants FASTag Recharge Online?
  25. Do Your HDFC Bank FASTag Recharge on Paytm in a Few Simple Steps!
  26. Recharge Your IDFC Bank FASTag On Paytm in a Few Simple Steps Now!
  27. ICICI Bank FASTag Recharge Online on Paytm: How to Do it?
  28. How to do EQUITAS Small Finance Bank FASTag Recharge Online?
  29. How to do Axis Bank FASTag Recharge On Paytm?
  30. How to Add Money in FASTag?
  31. How to Purchase FASTag: A Detailed Guide
  32. How to Link FASTag with Bank Account?
  33. How much does it Cost to Buy a FASTag?
  34. How to Pay Using FASTag at Toll Plaza- Is FASTag Mandatory?
  35. How to Check FASTag Balance?
  36. The Complete Guide on How to Stick FASTag
  37. How to Apply for FASTag?
  38. How to Activate FASTag?
  39. Documents Required for FASTag Application
  40. How to Login to a FASTag Account?
  41. Registration of FASTag for your Vehicle: Step by Step Guide
  42. Benefits of Using FASTag: Why Should you have a FASTag on your Four-Wheeler?
  43. What is FASTag and How Does it Work?


  1. What are the Key Trends in India’s Gold Price History?
  2. Planning to Buy Gold in Dubai? Pros and Cons You Need to Know
  3. Should I Pay off Debt or Invest Extra Cash?
  4. How to Create a Financial Portfolio: A Comprehensive Guide
  5. Navigating Healthcare Costs in Retirement: A Comprehensive Guide
  6. Investing for the Future: A Comparison of Long-Term and Short-Term Strategies
  7. Saving vs Investing: Which is Better for Generating Wealth?
  8. Stocks or Derivatives: Making the Best Investment Choice for You
  9. How Much Gold You Can Carry from Dubai to India
  10. Investing in Sovereign Gold Bonds Online: A Step-by-Step Guide
  11. Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Buy Sovereign Gold Bond
  12. Investing Tips for Beginners: How to Start Your Investment Journey in Your 30s
  13. What are the Key Tips for Successful Retirement Planning?
  14. 6 Qualities That’ll Give You Financial Freedom
  15. Are You an Intelligent Investor or an Average Investor?
  16. How Much Money You Can Afford to Spend on a New House?
  17. 11 Tips to Help You Plan for Early Retirement
  18. Should You Rent or Buy a House? Find the Best Option for You
  19. How Much Money is Enough for Retirement in India?
  20. Investing Made Simple: Know the Right Percentage of Your Salary for Investments
  21. The Only Guide You Need For Trading via Gold MCX


  1. Indian Post Office & its IFSC Code
  2. What is IFSC Code?

Fraud Safety

  1. Paytm Security Tips: Protect Yourself from Fake Automated Voice Calls
  2. Paytm Security Tips: Protect Yourself From Credit Card Bill Payments Fraud
  3. Paytm Security Tips: Protect Yourself From Gift Voucher Fraud
  4. Paytm Security Tips: Protect Yourself From Fraudsters, They May Pose As Someone You Know
  5. Protect Yourself from Paytm Account Takeover Fraud: Stay One Step Ahead of Fraudsters
  6. 5 Ways Users Can Protect Themselves From Online Fraud

Credit Card

  1. What is the Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards
  2. 9 Tips On How to Use Your Credit Card Wisely & Efficiently
  3. Metal Credit Cards vs Plastic Credit Cards: What’s the Difference
  4. Running Low on Cash? Convert Rent Into EMI Using Credit Card
  5. Paytm X HDFC Bank Credit Card – All you Need to Know
  6. How does Credit Card EMI Works?
  7. What is Credit Card Settlement and How does it Work?
  8. Want to Cancel Credit Card? Here’s All You Need to Know!
  9. Top Methods to Check Cash Limit in a Credit Card
  10. How To Get A Credit Card Without Income?
  11. How to Make Credit Card Bill Payment- Online and Offline Methods
  12. How to Make Credit Card Cash Withdrawal?
  13. What is a Credit Card CVV Number?
  14. What is a Credit Card PIN- How to Generate One?
  15. Credit Card Bill Payment Through Cheque
  16. How to Come Out of a Credit Card Debt Trap?
  17. What is the Interest-Free Grace Period?
  18. What Is the Minimum Amount Due In a Credit Card?
  19. Credit Card Charges That You Should Know About
  20. What is Credit Card Statement, Outstanding Amount & Due Date?
  21. What are the Consequences of Credit Card Defaulter?
  22. How to Check Credit Card Application Status?
  23. What is a Prepaid Credit Card: Understanding in Detail
  24. What is a Virtual Credit Card: All You Need to Know
  25. How to Increase Credit Card Limit?
  26. How to Transfer Money from Credit Card to Bank Account?
  27. How to Take a Loan Against a Credit Card?
  28. Credit Card and Personal Loan: What’s the Difference?
  29. Difference Between Credit Card And Debit Card
  30. Getting Your First Credit Card? Here’s What You Should Know
  31. What are the Reasons for Credit Card Rejection?
  32. Credit Card Eligibility Conditions
  33. How to Deactivate Your Credit Card: The Complete Guide
  34. How to Activate Credit Card: Step by Step Guide
  35. Is your Credit Card Lost? Apply for Lost Credit Card & Take These Steps!
  36. Credit Card- Advantages and Disadvantages: All You Need to Know
  37. Here’s Why You Should Avoid Late Credit Card Payment
  38. How to Change Credit Card Mobile Number, Address & Email ID: Step by Step Guide
  39. How to Block & Unblock your Credit Card: The Complete Guide
  40. Credit Card International Transaction Charges: Foreign Transaction Fee
  41. Pros And Cons Of Having Multiple Credit Cards
  42. How do Credit Cards Work?
  43. When Is My Bill Due? Check Your Credit Card Billing Cycle To Find Out!
  44. How to Check Credit Card Balance?
  45. Credit Card Scam: All you Need to Know
  46. Which Credit Card is Right for You: How to Choose the Best Credit Card?
  47. What are the Various Types of Credit Card?
  48. Credit Card Benefits and Features: Understanding in Detail
  49. Documents Required for Credit Card Application
  50. How to Apply for a Credit Card- The Complete Process
  51. What are Credit Cards: Features, Advantages, Eligibility Conditions

Fixed Deposit

  1. Cumulative vs Non-Cumulative Fixed Deposits: The Explainer Guide
  2. Benefits of Loan Against Fixed Deposit- A Comprehensive Guide
  3. When & How to Pay Income Tax on Fixed Deposit’s Interest Income?
  4. Taking A Loan Against Fixed Deposit? Your Complete Guide is Here
  5. Investing in Fixed Deposit Scheme? Find Out the Right Ones For You
  6. Fixed Deposit or Debt Mutual Fund: Choose the Right Investment Option
  7. Short Term FD Vs Long Term FD- Which is the Better Option of Investment?
  8. Why Senior Citizens Should Consider Investing in Fixed Deposits?
  9. Fixed Deposit (FD) Vs Public Provident Fund (PPF): Which is Better?
  10. Choose Paytm Payments Bank for the Best Fixed Deposit Account Options
  11. How to Open a Fixed Deposit Account Online?
  12. What is the Paytm Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit Interest Rate?
  13. Understanding the Premature Withdrawal Rules for Paytm Payments Bank FDs
  14. Liquid Funds vs Fixed Deposits: A Comparative Guide
  15. What’s the Difference Between Recurring Deposit and Fixed Deposit?
  16. A Comparative Difference Between Debt Funds and Fixed Deposits
  17. FD vs Mutual Funds – Check This Guide Before Investing!
  18. Know all the Benefits of a Fixed Deposit Account!
  19. What are the Various Types of Fixed Deposits?
  20. How Does Your Fixed Deposit Work?
  21. What are the Documents Required for Fixed Deposits?
  22. Understanding Fixed Deposits (FD) – Features, Benefits, Eligibility Criteria

Debit Card

  1. How Does Debit Card EMI Work? How To Apply?
  2. What’s A Visa Debit Card & Its Benefits
  3. What is CVV in a Debit Card?
  4. How to Generate a Debit Card Pin in a Few Easy Steps?
  5. ATM Cards vs Debit Cards- What’s the Difference?
  6. What is a Virtual Debit Card and Why Should You Have One?
  7. 5 Awesome Things to Know About Debit Cards
  8. How to Use ATM cards?
  9. How to Activate a Debit Card – Few Easy Steps to Follow
  10. What are the Different Types of Debit Cards?


  1. Difference Between Demand Draft and Cheque: A Complete Guide
  2. What is MICR Code?
  3. How to Write a Cheque – A Step by Step Guide to Follow
  4. What is a Cancelled Cheque and How to Write it in the Right Way?
  5. All You Need to know about Cheques
  6. How to Apply for a New Cheque Book Easily?
  7. Facts Everyone Should Know About Types of Cheque

Credit Score

  1. Soft vs Hard Credit Checks: What’s the Difference?
  2. What is Creditworthiness and Why Does It Matter?
  3. Need a Personal Loan With a Low Credit Score?
  4. The Essential Guide to Building Credit History from Scratch
  5. How does Credit Score Help in Availing Loan?
  6. How to Read your Credit Report?
  7. How Can New-to-credit Users Start Their Credit Journey to Get a Credit Score?
  8. Can Credit Inquiries Affect Your Credit Score?
  9. How to Raise a Dispute with the Bureau for Corrections
  10. What is Tradeline & How to Check Credit Report?
  11. How to Check Credit Score for Free?
  12. Discover your Ideal Credit Score for a Home Loan!
  13. 6 Top Factors that Affect Credit Score Negatively
  14. What is the Difference Between CIBIL Score and CIBIL Report?
  15. What is the Importance of a Good Credit Score?
  16. How Top Credit Information Companies (CICs) Work ?
  17. Can I Get a Loan With a Credit Score of 550?
  18. 9 Best Practices to Improve Your Credit Score
  19. What is a Good Credit Score?
  20. What is a Credit Report and Why is it Important?
  21. What is the Impact of Late Payment on CIBIL Score?
  22. What is CIBIL Score for Credit Cards and How to Improve it?
  23. How To Check CIBIL Score Rating?
  24. How Missing A Single Payment Affects CIBIL Score?
  25. Top Reasons for Low CIBIL Score & How to Improve it
  26. Top Factors that Impact Credit Score Positively
  27. Top 12 Reasons For Loan Rejection With Good CIBIL Score
  28. Top 4 Points to Check in your Credit Report
  29. How to Check CIBIL Score Using PAN Card?
  30. What is CIBIL Score and Its Importance?
  31. What is Credit Score & Why it is Important?


  1. MNP- A Complete Guide to Mobile Number Portability


  1. Buy Delhi Metro Tokens Using UPI- Here’s How!
  2. How to Recharge Mumbai Metro Card Online?
  3. How to Recharge Delhi Metro Card Online?
  4. How to Make Metro Cards Recharge Online?
  5. How To Use Paytm For Metro Ticket Booking?
  6. Ways to Do Bangalore Metro Recharge Online
  7. How Can You Get Delhi Metro Tickets Through Paytm?
  8. Easy Steps To Recharge Metro Card Online 2023


  1. How to Do Videocon D2H Recharge Online
  2. Complete Guide to Make Sun Direct Recharge Online
  3. How to Make Tata Play Recharge Online?
  4. How to Do Airtel Digital TV Recharge Online
  5. How to Make Dish TV Recharge Online
  6. Complete Guide for Making DTH Recharge Online

Mobile Recharge

  1. Best Online Mobile Recharge Site in India
  2. Online Mobile Recharge-Simple way to do it!
  3. Learn Easy Ways to Make Vi Recharge Online
  4. How to Make Jio Recharge Online | Guide to Jio Recharge
  5. BSNL Recharge Online – Step By Step Guide
  6. How to do Airtel Online Recharge?
  7. How to Port Mobile Number?
  8. Paytm offers Easiest Way to Recharge Mobile Online
  9. Top benefits of Online Mobile Recharge

Toll Tag

  1. What is Toll-Tax?
  2. What is Toll Plaza Booth – Everything You Need To Know

Data Card

  1. How To Pay The Data Card Bill Online


  1. ONDC Plans to Venture Into Financial Services With Credit & Insurance Offerings
  2. Understanding the Key Differences Between ONDC and UPI
  3. 10 Reasons Why ONDC Will Disrupt Indian E-commerce
  4. Is ONDC Available in Your City? Find Out
  5. Save Big Using ONDC For Food and Grocery Orders
  6. ONDC Explained: What Is ONDC and How to Place an Order?

Net Banking

  1. 6 Tips to Protect Your Information While Using Online Banking
  2. What is a Mobile Banking Application? Know Everything About it!
  3. How to Use Net Banking – Top 10 Practices to Follow
  4. How to Do Online Net Banking Registration?
  5. A Complete Guide About the Difference Between Net Banking and Mobile Banking
  6. Net Banking – What are its Advantages, Disadvantages, Features and More
  7. How to Activate Net Banking easily?


  1. What is Flexipay & How Does It Work?


  1. How to Transfer a PPF Account?
  2. How to Get a Loan Against PPF Account?
  3. How to Make PPF Online Payment?
  4. PPF Calculator – Why & How to Use it?
  5. How to Check PPF Balance Online and Offline?
  6. How to Choose the Best PPF Scheme?
  7. NSC vs PPF- A Comparative Guide
  8. What is Form H for a PPF Account?
  9. PPF Withdrawal Rules – How to Withdraw Money from PPF Account
  10. PPF account: Eligibility Criteria, Age Limit and Documents Required
  11. VPF vs PPF- Understanding the Difference!
  12. PPF vs Mutual fund- What is the Right Choice?
  13. EPF vs PPF – Which is the Best Savings Option?
  14. How a PPF Account Can Benefit Your Financial Goals
  15. How to Open a PPF Account Online?
  16. What is a PPF Account? Know Everything About It!  
  17. What is a PPF Account: Know PPF Full Form, Interest Rate, Eligibility Criteria & other PPF Account Details
  18. What is the Eligibility Criteria to Open a PPF Account?
  19. NPS vs PPF- Where to Invest Next?
  20. How to Make a Partial Withdrawal from a PPF Account?
  21. ELSS vs PPF – Which is the Best Option for Investment?

Paytm Help

  1. ONDC on Paytm: A Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide
  2. How to Use Paytm for Local Citybus Ticket Booking?
  3. How to Refer on Paytm?
  4. How to Add a Credit/Debit Card to Paytm?
  5. Paytm Security Shield- Here’s Why it is Important & How to Enable it!
  6. Here’s how merchants can verify payment receipts with Paytm SoundBox and Paytm For Business App
  7. What is Paytm All in One QR Code Scanner?
  8. What is Paytm’s Refer & Earn Scheme
  9. How to Add Money to Paytm Wallet Without a Debit Card?
  10. How To Check Paytm Wallet Transaction History?
  11. How Much Money Can Be Added to the Paytm Wallet?
  12. How to Activate Paytm Wallet?
  13. How to Send Money From a Paytm Wallet to a Mobile Number?
  14. 6 Steps to Add Money to Paytm Wallet Through Net Banking!
  15. How to Check Paytm Wallet Balance in One Step?
  16. How to do KYC Verification on Paytm?
  17. How to Check Cashback & Offers on Paytm?
  18. How to Create/Change UPI PIN on Paytm?
  19. How to Check Bank Account Balance on Paytm?
  20. How to do Paytm FASTag Recharge?
  21. How to do Mobile Recharge on Paytm?
  22. Guide to Different Recharges on Paytm
  23. How to Check UPI ID on Paytm?
  24. How to Add Money to Paytm Wallet?
  25. How to Pay Utility Bills on Paytm?
  26. How to Create UPI ID on Paytm?
  27. How to Link Bank Account with Paytm?
  28. How to Receive Money using Paytm?
  29. What is Paytm Wallet and How to Use it?
  30. How to Send Money Using Paytm?
  31. How to Scan a QR Code & Pay at Shops?
  32. How to Use Paytm Cashback Points?
  33. How to Make Credit Card Bill Payment on Paytm?

Devotion and Donation

  1. Paytm Devotion: Donate Digitally to Famous Indian Temples & Save Income Tax

Paytm Money

  1. Everything You Need To Know About Bonds
  2. Paytm Money launches bond investing on its platform — continues to drive innovation by simplifying investing


  1. Achieving Seamless Data Migration: Petabytes of Legacy S3 Data and Billions of Objects Migration to a New Region
  2. How Paytm Redis Clusters is Managing High Workloads with Growing Customer Base
  3. Blocking App Access for Rooted or Jailbroken Devices to Safeguard Users
  4. How Paytm is Optimizing Trillion CDN Hits Annually to Provide Better Customer Experience
  5. How Paytm Handles Millions of Digital Transactions Safely Everyday
  6. Building an Open-source Monitoring System with Prometheus
  7. Our Frontend crew gives a sneak peek into how it’s like working at Paytm
  8. We got a wingman for you: Paytm Assistant
  9. Journey to build the Vaccine Slot Finder Tool on Paytm
  10. Detect Fake SMSs within Seconds!
  11. Do you know what a Share Chart is?
  12. Building Cloud-Native Solutions with AWS CodeDeploy
  13. AWS EBS Auto-scaling
  14. The Big World of Paytm Mini Apps
  15. Paytm Analytics Widget
  16. Instrumenting app flows for performance
  17. CI Platform: Benchmarking The Code Quality at Paytm
  18. Paytm Optimizer: A Cloud Cost Optimization Tool
  19. Paytm Widgets for Android
  20. Soundbox 2.0 – Storage Optimization, HTTP Range Download and Beyond
  21. Compute as a Service Solution for Big Data Workflows

Digital Currency

  1. What is Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?
  2. Difference Between Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and UPI

Merchant Story

  1. Dairy 2.0 – The Merchant Story

Sustainability at Paytm

  1. Paytm Foundation, United Nations Environment Program Join Hands to Establish Air Quality Action Forum


  1. How to Pay Tuition Fee on Paytm?
  2. KVS Fees: Step by Step Process to Pay Fee Online
  3. How To Pay College Fees Online Through Paytm?
  4. Guide to Pay Sharda University Fees Online
  5. Guide to Pay Shaheed Bhagat Singh College’s Fee Online
  6. Complete Guide to Pay Narayana’s Fees Online
  7. How to Pay Mahadevi Birla World Academy Fees Online
  8. How to Pay School Fees Online

Consumer Story

  1. Dairy 2.0 – A Consumer Story with Paytm Leading the Digital Disruption

Holiday List

  1. Indian Post Office Holidays: An Updated List (2023)
  2. List of NSE Holidays 2024
  3. List of BSE Holidays 2024
  4. List of Gazetted and Public Holidays in 2024
  5. Share Market Holidays List in 2023
  6. Bank Holidays in India for 2024: A Comprehensive List

Financial Tools

    Income Tax Calculator

    1. Income Tax for Senior Citizens
    2. New Income Tax Slab Regime for FY 2021-22 & AY 2022-23
    3. Income Tax Calculator for Financial Year 2021-2022
    4. Income Tax Slab Rate for FY 2021-2022 & AY 2022-23

    Digital Gold

    1. Benefits of Investing in Digital Gold
    2. Go For Gold Investments – Get a Podium Finish For Your Investments!
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    4. Revolutionise Your gold – Weighing Digital Gold vs Physical Gold
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    6. How to Buy, Sell or Invest in Digital Gold
    7. Reasons to Invest in Digital Gold & The Risks Involved
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    Bank Passbook

    1. What is a CIF Number?
    2. CIF number – Why is it Important?
    3. 2 Ways to Get a Bank Passbook Statement Easily
    4. Traditional Bank Passbook vs Digital Bank passbook- What’s the difference?