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Complete Guide for Making DTH Recharge Online
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Documents Required for FASTag Application
An In-Depth Comparison Between Types of Debit Cards
How to Activate FASTag?
How to Activate a Debit Card- Few Easy Steps to Follow
Top Factors that Impact Credit Score Positively
How to Scan a QR Code & Pay at Shops?
How to Send Money Using Paytm?
Faster & Better Way to Pay Landline Bills
4 Ways to Apply for a Cheque Book Easily
How Missing A Single Payment Affects CIBIL Score?
All You Need to know about Cheques
Increase your Credit Score- 9 Best Practices to Follow
Can I Get a Loan With a Credit Score of 550
What is PAN Card Fee- Know Everything About It
Know if you are Eligible for a PAN Card- An Ultimate Guide to Follow
How to Apply for a PAN Card Easily- A Step by Step Guide
How To Pay Postpaid Bill Online
Ways to Pay Broadband Bill Online
Credit Card Bill Payment using another Credit Card
Top Reasons for Low CIBIL Score & How to Improve it
How To Check CIBIL Score Rating?
What is CIBIL Score for Credit Cards and How to Improve it?
What is the Impact of Late Payment on CIBIL Score?
What is a Credit Report and Why is it Important
What is a Good Credit Score
How to Apply for FASTag?
Top Credit Information Companies (CICs)- Know How They Work
What is the Importance of a Good Credit Score
Top 10 Ways to Increase Broadband Speed
What is an e-Aadhaar Password- Know Everything about it
The Complete Guide on How to Stick FASTag
How to Check Gas Bills Online?
Complete Procedure to Regularize or Change Name in LPG Connections
mAadhaar mobile application- How to use it responsibly
What is KYC- Why is it Important
How to Reduce Monthly Gas Bills?
How to Check FASTag Balance?
Paytm Postpaid Mini- Small Ticket Loans to Manage Monthly Expenses
Check Insurance Premium Amount Online Instantly
What is Fibre Broadband
How to Register & Update Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card- A Step by Step Guide
Know How to Apply for an Aadhaar Card without Documents
What is a Wireless Broadband?
What is ATM – Full Form, Definition & Uses
Does Health Insurance Premium Increase Every Year?
Can Employers Reimburse Health Insurance Premiums
What Happens If You Stop Paying Life Insurance Premiums
Know the Complete Difference Between PAN, TAN, TIN
What is a Cancelled Cheque and How to Write it in the Right Way?
Do you know the Documents Required for Address Update in Aadhaar Card? Know the answer here!
What is an ATM card and How to Use it?
Aadhaar Card Features- How they Make Aadhaar Unique and Important
What is Wallet ID in FASTag?
How to Purchase FASTag: A Detailed Guide
How to Pay Using FASTag at Toll Plaza- Is FASTag Mandatory?
How to Write a Cheque- a Step by Step Guide to Follow
e-RUPI- A New Futuristic Payment System for a Digital India
What is a Salary Account? Know its Features and Benefits
Aadhaar Name Change- A step by step Guide to Update Name in an Aadhaar Card
How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan In India?
5 Awesome Things to Know About Debit Cards
Selling your Vehicle? Here’s How You Can Cancel Your FASTag
UPPCL Online Bill Payment- Step by Step Details
7 Things to Know About PAN Card
What Is a Digital Wallet & How Does It Work
Aadhaar PVC card or Smart Aadhaar card- What’s the Difference?
What Is Digital Gold and How Does It Work?
Reasons to Invest in Digital Gold & The Risks Involved
What is the Easiest Way to Verify an Aadhaar Mobile Number?
How to Buy, Sell or Invest in Digital Gold
What Is IFSC Code?
Everything You Need to Know About E-Wallet
Which Is the Best Digital Wallet in India?
What are Insurance Premiums and How do They Work?
Does Home Insurance Premium Increase After Claim?
What is Paytm Wallet and How to Use it?
Forgot ATM PIN – How to Reset it
What is CVV in an ATM Card
What is an ATM Card PIN number and How to get it
4 Ways to Link an Aadhaar Card and a Voter ID Card?
What is a Cheque Book & How to Apply for it?
Traditional Bank Passbook vs Digital Bank passbook- What’s the difference?
Check Aadhaar Address Update Status within minutes
Top Two Ways to get a Bank Passbook Statement easily
What is a Virtual Debit Card and Why Should You Have One?
How to Receive Money using Paytm?
How to Link your Bank Account with Paytm?
Invest in a Recurring Deposit Account to earn competitive interest rates
Top 7 Things to Know Before Opening a Child Savings Account
Aadhaar Enabled Payment System- Everything You Should Know About It
How to Open a Savings Account Online
How to Create a UPI ID on Paytm?
How to Pay Home Bills
How to Add Money to Paytm Wallet?
How to Check UPI ID on Paytm?
MICR- Here’s what makes it different from IFSC code!
CIF number- Why is it Important?
How much does it Cost to Buy a FASTag?
How to Link FASTag with Bank Account?
How to Add Money in FASTag?
How to do Axis Bank FASTag Recharge On Paytm?
How to do EQUITAS Small Finance Bank FASTag Recharge Online?
ICICI Bank FASTag Recharge Online on Paytm: How to Do it?
Recharge Your IDFC Bank FASTag On Paytm in a Few Simple Steps Now!
Do Your HDFC Bank FASTag Recharge on Paytm in a Few Simple Steps!
How to do Paul Merchants FASTag Recharge Online?
How to do Kotak Mahindra Bank FASTag Recharge Online?
How to Check Aadhaar Card Status Easily?
How Can I do my Federal Bank FASTag Recharge on Paytm?
Recharge your IndusInd Bank FASTag on Paytm: Step by Step Guide
Aadhaar Card Download- How to do it Responsibly?
How to Lodge a Complaint Against Aadhaar- A Step by Step Guide
How to Book an Aadhaar Card Online Appointment in a few minutes?
How to Apply for a PAN Card through an Aadhaar Card?
How to Apply for Aadhaar Card Online- Easy Steps to Follow
Do you Know How to Prevent the Misuse of an Aadhaar Card?
How to do Aadhaar Complaint Status Check in a few easy steps?
UIDAI services online- How to use them Effectively?
What is an Aadhaar Card- Know Eligibility Criteria, Documents and more
Top 5 Ways to Check PAN Card Status
How to Track PAN Card Delivery Status in Few Minutes?
How to do PAN Verification in Few Easy Steps?
How to Link Aadhaar Card and PAN Card in Few Easy Steps?
What is a TAN Card and How to Apply for it?
Aadhaar Card Update- Know How to do it Online and Offline
Aadhaar Verification Online- A step by step guide to follow
How to Download the Aadhaar Update Form in Few Easy Steps?
Aadhaar Address Update- How to do it in Minutes?
It’s easy to check Aadhaar Bank Linking Status! Here’s How!
What is a Masked Aadhaar card? Here’s How to Download it!
Check Top 10 Salary Account Benefits you Can’t Afford to Miss
BSNL Broadband Plans & Offers: Everything You Need to Know
How to Block an ATM card?
How to Unblock an ATM card?
PPF Account Benefits
Hathway Broadband Plans & Offers
How to Convert a Salary Account to Savings Account?
Top 5 Tips to Choose Best Family Health Insurance Plans in India
How to Pick the Best Health Insurance Plan for Parents?
What is PPF- Important Things to Know About it!
How to open a PPF account online- Few easy steps to follow
An in-depth Guide to Withdraw Money from PPF Account
NPS vs PPF- What should you choose next?
Top 7 Benefits of Health Insurance Plan
NEFT Transfer Time: When to Transfer Money through NEFT?
All New Alliance Broadband Plans & Offers
All New Jio Broadband Plans & Offers
Guide to New Tata Sky Broadband Plans, Prices & Offers
Complete Guide to YOU Broadband Plans & Offers
What is Insurance: Definition, Benefits, and Types
What is Life Insurance – Features, Types, and Benefits
What is Term Insurance?
What is Travel Insurance – Types & Benefits
NEFT Amount Transfer Limit
How to Transfer Money through NEFT: Steps to Follow
PPF Account- Know about its Rules, Policies, Withdrawal Limits and More!
NEFT Charges: How Much Extra do you Need to Pay on NEFT Transactions?
Are You Eligible to Open a PPF Account? Learn About it Here!
Why is it Important to Have a Health Insurance Policy?
All You Need to Know About Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy
How Much is the NEFT Settlement Time?
ELSS vs PPF- Which is the Best Option for Investment?
How Can I Make a Partial Withdrawal from the PPF Balance Easily?
How to Choose the Best Covid-19 Health Insurance Policy?
What are the Benefits of Term Insurance?
All You Need to Know About Term Insurance Premium Calculator
EPF vs PPF- Which one is the best savings option?
How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Policy?
PPF vs Mutual fund- What is the Right Choice?
What are the Benefits of a Life Insurance Policy?
How to Apply for an NSDL PAN Card- Easy Steps to Follow
How to Download an NSDL PAN Card Easily?
What are the Factors that Determine the Term Insurance Premium Rate?
Guide to the PAN Card Details- Documents, Eligibility, Types, Structures and More!
How to Make Dish TV Recharge Online
How to Do Airtel Digital TV Recharge Online
Bike Insurance – Types & Benefits
Car Insurance – Everything You Must Know
Step by Step Guide to Apply for a PAN Card Online
How to do PAN Card Correction Online- A Step by Step Guide to Follow
Why Should You Consider Buying a 1 Crore Term Insurance Plan?
VPF vs PPF- Understanding the Difference!
How to Check NEFT Status: The Detailed Guide
How to Check NEFT Transaction Status With Reference Number?
Guide to Different Recharges on Paytm
MNP- A Complete Guide to Mobile Number Portability
What is Home Insurance – Features & Advantages
What is Vehicle Insurance?
What is Third Party Bike Insurance?
What is Covid-19 Health Insurance Policy?
What is NCB in Bike Insurance?
What is RTO?
How to Check PAN Card Details Online?
Guide to Airtel Online Recharge and Plans
Top Broadband Service Providers in India
Everything You Need To Know About Indane Gas
What is IDV in Car Insurance? How does it work?
Different Types of Personal Loans in India
Net Banking- What are its Advantages, Disadvantages, Features and More
NEFT Cut-off Time: When can you Perform NEFT Transactions?
NEFT vs RTGS: What’s the Difference?
Step by Step Guide to Activating Net Banking in Few Easy Steps
List of Bank holidays 2021 – Statewise In India
A Detailed Guide to How Does Fixed Deposit Work for You!
All You Need to Know About Term Insurance With Return of Premium
How to Check PAN Card Status by Name: The Complete Process
How to Check PAN Card Status by Name or DOB?
What are the Various Types of Fixed Deposits?
Know all the Benefits of a Fixed Deposit Account!
This is How You Can Change Your Name on a PAN Card Easily!
FASTag Scanner: What is it and How it Works?
How to Renew a Health Insurance Policy?
How to do Union Bank of India FASTag Recharge Online?
How to Do South Indian Bank FASTag Recharge Online?
How Group Life Insurance Benefits Both Employers and Employees?
Everything You Need to Know About New Bharat Gas Connection
Everything You Need to Know About New HP Gas Connection
Why Should You Have a Child Insurance Plan?
FD vs Mutual Funds- Check This Guide Before Investing!
How to Download Certificate for Aadhaar Enrolment- Step by Step Process
List of Share Market Holidays 2021
FASTag Statement: What is it and How to Download it?
How Can You Get a PAN Card in 48 hours?
OPD Cover in Health Insurance: Benefits and Coverage
How to Pay School Fees Online
A Comparative Difference Between Debt Funds and Fixed Deposits
How to Choose the Best Term Insurance Plan?
What is the Difference Between Term Insurance Plan and Life Insurance Plan?
All You Need to Know About FASTag Tracking & FASTag Validity!
Liquid Funds vs Fixed Deposits: A Comparative Guide
Why Should Senior Citizens Have Life Insurance Policies?
FASTag Payment: When and How to Make?
A Complete Guide About the Difference Between Net Banking and Mobile Banking
PPF account: Eligibility Criteria, Age Limit and Documents Required
Top 5 Differences Between Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits
6 Compelling Reasons to Buy Life Insurance Policy Online
What is the Waiting Period in a Health Insurance Policy?
Top 8 Tips to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy in India
How to Do Online Net Banking Registration?
The Ultimate Difference Between CIBIL Score and CIBIL Report
How to Block & Unblock your Credit Card: The Complete Guide
How to Download e-PAN Card Online- a Step by Step Guide
All You Need To Know About DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
What is Toll Plaza Booth – Everything You Need To Know
What is Toll-Tax?
Bank Rate vs Repo Rate
RRR – What is Reverse Repo Rate?

How can I apply for a credit card?
To apply for a credit card online, you must visit the ‘Credit Card’ section on the bank’s website, check your eligibility and apply. You will be asked to upload a few personal and professional documents for the purpose of verification. Additionally, you can also apply for a credit card offline by visiting the bank’s branch. You will have to fill an application form there and submit all the required documents.
Can insurance companies increase home insurance premiums after the claims?
Yes, the insurance companies can increase the home insurance premiums after the claims. However, they don’t always increase after a claim has been made but they can when they estimate the risk to be higher.
What are the NEFT settlement timings?
All NEFT transactions are settled in batches of half an hour throughout the day.
Can NCB be transferred in a bike insurance policy or two-wheeler policy?
Yes, a bike insurance policy or two-wheeler policy can be transferred to the new owner whenever the bike/motorcycle, scooter, or other two-wheelers are sold/purchased.