Commercial LPG Cylinders: Check Prices and How to Apply

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: March 28, 2024
Commercial Gas Cylinder Price

In India, commercial LPG cylinders are a lifeline for businesses, big and small. From neighborhood eateries to large manufacturing units, these cylinders power a significant portion of the country’s operations. But understanding how to deal with them effectively can often seem like a complex puzzle.

In this blog, we will walk you through the steps to apply for a commercial LPG connection in India. 

What is the Commercial LPG Gas Cylinder Price?

In a notable move aimed at assisting commercial users, oil marketing companies have significantly reduced commercial gas cylinder prices. This adjustment has been made while keeping the prices of domestic cooking gas cylinders unchanged.

Effective recently, this price reduction has offered a favourable cost structure for commercial consumers. For instance, in Delhi, the new commercial LPG gas cylinder price now stands at ₹1618.64. Similarly, across other major cities, the revised prices for a commercial gas cylinder price 19 kg today are as follows:

This significant adjustment represents the first reduction in commercial gas cylinder price 19 kg today since the previous revision occurred.

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Regional Variation in Commercial Gas Cylinder Prices

It’s crucial to emphasize that the cost of commercial gas cylinders can vary from region to region due to differing tax structures in various states. As a result, the reduction in price will affect commercial users across the country differently, depending on the specific tax policies in each state.

The pricing of commercial gas cylinders is closely tied to the changes in global crude oil prices, which directly influence how prices are set in the domestic market. This highlights how fluctuations in international oil prices can have a significant impact on the pricing strategies employed by India’s oil marketing companies.

The recent decrease in the price of commercial LPG gas cylinders reflects the proactive and adaptable approach of oil marketing companies in responding to the ever-changing dynamics of the energy market. This reduction aims to ease the burden on commercial users while recognizing the interconnected nature of global energy markets.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Commercial LPG Cylinders

To be eligible to apply for a commercial LPG cylinder, the following conditions must be met:

  • Citizenship: The applicant should be a bona fide citizen of India.
  • Industrial Ownership: The applicant should be the owner or proprietor of industries or factories requiring LPG gas.

Meeting these eligibility criteria ensures that the application process for a commercial LPG cylinder can be pursued.

Mandatory Documents to Apply for Commercial LPG Cylinders

It is essential to provide valid proof of identity when applying for a commercial LPG cylinder. You can use any of the following documents:

Having one of these identification documents ready will ensure a smooth and hassle-free application process for your commercial LPG cylinder.

Application Process for Commercial LPG Cylinders

  • Use the “Distributor locator” link to find the nearest gas agency.
  • Go to the nearest LPG gas distributor in your local area.
  • Obtain the necessary application form from the distributor.
  • Fill in the application form with accurate details and submit it with the required documents to the distributor.
  • Secure your LPG connection by making the relevant security deposit payment.
  • Upon deposit payment, you’ll receive a Subscription Voucher (SV) which should be kept safely for future use.
  • The LPG gas distributor will provide you with a gas consumer card booklet containing essential information about your LPG connection.
  • The distributor’s staff will record details about your LPG gas supplies and any additional services. Keep the Gas Consumer Card booklet accessible for reference whenever you receive your Bharat gas supplies.


In conclusion, the recent reduction in commercial LPG cylinder prices signifies variations, and industries can make informed decisions to benefit from these changes. Applying for a commercial LPG cylinder has been simplified, ensuring a seamless process for businesses. This customer-centric approach reflects the commitment of oil marketing companies to enhance industry operations.


How do commercial LPG cylinder prices vary across states?

The commercial LPG gas cylinder price can differ from state to state due to varying tax structures. This means that the impact of price changes will vary depending on the tax regulations of each state.

Can I switch from domestic to commercial LPG usage?

Yes, switching from domestic to commercial LPG usage is possible, but you must follow the necessary procedures and meet the eligibility criteria for commercial usage. This may involve submitting specific documents and fulfilling requirements set by relevant authorities.

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