How to Scan a QR Code & Pay at Shops?

You must have seen QR code screens at various retail shops for payments. So, the customers can use the Paytm app to scan a QR code and pay. It allows you to make cashless payments at grocery shops, petrol pumps, pharmacies, etc. With a focus on the digitalization of the economy, most merchants now keep printed QR codes. It is usually near the payment counters so that customers can scan and pay the required amount. The amount is deposited directly into the bank account of the merchant. You can pay through directly through the Paytm wallet as well as make a direct bank transfer with UPI. Also, you can make payments through cards.

Guidelines to Scan a QR Code and Pay using Paytm

Follow these steps to make payment at stores using a QR code-

  • Launch the Paytm application on your phone and you will get the option to ‘Pay/Scan’ on the homepage


  • As soon as you click on the ‘Pay/Scan’ option, a scanner opens up where you can scan the QR code and pay. Alternatively, you can enter the phone number of the merchant


  • Note that to scan the merchant’s QR code, you will need good internet connectivity. As soon as you scan the code, it will display the name, number & UPI address of the merchant. Here, you need to type in the ‘Amount’ that you want to send
  • You have the option to make the payment from your wallet, credit/debit card, or UPI. For UPI payments, you must create UPI ID with the mobile number registered with the bank and have a Paytm account with the same. Select any of these modes and proceed towards the payment


  • Once the money is sent, the successful transaction notification will be displayed on the screen, which can be shown to the merchant for confirmation
  • Paytm Code scanner allows the users to scan the QR code of any UPI application, and not just Paytm. So, even if the merchant is using any other UPI app, you can still make the payment through your Paytm application easily

Paytm QR codes allow payments through digital cash, where you have the records of every single transaction and you can keep a track of all your expenses. Moreover, in times of the pandemic, cashless payments help in avoiding touch and sharing of cash notes.

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