How to do Kotak Mahindra Bank FASTag Recharge Online?

byMehak BaglaLast Updated: April 19, 2023
Kotak Mahindra Bank FASTag Recharge

To facilitate a seamless travel experience across the Indian national highway, it is important that you have sufficient balance in your FASTag account at all times. To ensure this, it is also advised that you keep checking your FASTag account balance regularly.

Paytm allows you to applyregister , and activate your FASTag – all in one place. Not only this, you can also recharge your FASTag account, irrespective of your FASTag issuing agency on the Paytm application. This blog explains the procedure to do so and why you should opt for Paytm to do your recharge.

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How can I Recharge my Kotak FASTag through Paytm?

To do your Kotak Mahindra Bank FASTag recharge on Paytm mobile application, you need to follow these steps-

  • Open the Paytm mobile application
  • You can either-
    • Visit the ‘Recharge’ section and click on ‘FASTag’; or
    • Select the ‘FASTag’ option on the homepage; or
    • Search for the ‘FASTag recharge’ option
  • Select ‘Kotak Mahindra Bank’, which is your FASTag issuer bank
  • Enter your vehicle registration number
  • Click on ‘Proceed’ option and enter the amount that you wish to recharge for
  • Select the mode of payment out of Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Paytm wallet and/or UPI

Alternatively, you can also log in to the Paytm website to do your Kotak Mahindra Bank FASTag recharge, enter your vehicle number and proceed with the recharge.

Recharge any FASTag on Paytm

Kotak Mahindra FASTag Recharge Fees or Charges

There are different charges for joining FASTag depending upon the type of vehicle. For light, commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, or tractors, there is a total fee of Rs. 100, out of which Rs. 99 is a refundable deposit and Re. 1 is the FASTag wallet balance. For vehicles like cars and jeeps, there is no fee to be paid. However, you must maintain a FASTag wallet balance of Rs. 250 at all times.

How to Do Kotak FASTag Balance Check?

To do your Kotak FASTag balance check, you can follow either of the various online and offline ways –

  • Log in to your FASTag account – You can visit the official portal of your FASTag issuer and log in to your FASTag account using your credentials. After logging in to your account, you can find the option to check your FASTag account balance. You can also take a look at your FASTAg account statement to check all the deductions from your account.
  • Download the Mobile application – Instead of logging in to the official portal of your FASTag issuer, you can simply download the mobile application which is linked to your prepaid wallet. Visit the Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone, and download the relevant app. Log in to the application using your credentials and check your FASTag balance amount.

Here’s how you can check your FASTag balance using various offline ways-

  • Find the SMS – If the online process seems a little complicated to you, you can simply take a look at your phone inbox. Every time that your money is deducted from your FASTag wallet at a toll plaza, you get notified with your updated balance through an SMS. To check your current balance, all you need to do is find out the latest SMS which has your recent FASTag deduction. The same SMS will also have your last updated FASTag account balance.
  • Look for an Email notification – As and when you receive an SMS for a toll tax deduction from your FASTag account, you also receive a notification on your email. If you fail to find the latest SMS update on your FASTag balance, you can look for the latest email that would contain the last toll tax deduction from your FASTag account along with your last updated FASTag balance.
  • Call Customer Care – To check your FASTag balance, you can give a missed call at the toll-free number- +91-8884333331, which is available 24*7. As soon as you give a missed call from your registered mobile number, you will receive a notification stating your current FASTag balance on your mobile phone.

Why should I Buy Paytm FASTag instead of any other Bank?

Unlike other banks that require you to recharge your FASTag every now and then, Paytm only requires its users to add money to their Paytm wallet in order to process FASTag transactions. Using the Paytm wallet, the toll tax amount will directly be deducted from your Paytm wallet as and when you cross a toll booth.

Moreover, when you buy the Paytm FASTag, it automatically gets linked to your Paytm wallet. You don’t need to take any additional steps to activate/start using your Paytm FASTag.

Using the Paytm wallet for your FASTag-related transactions will make it easier for you as you won’t have to recharge your FASTag again and again. All you need is balance in your Paytm wallet and the toll tax amount would directly be deducted from your wallet as and when you cross a toll plaza.

Having a single Paytm wallet for multiple needs will help you manage your balances and keep a detailed track of all your travel-related expenses.

Why is FASTag Mandatory?

There are multiple reasons which explain why you should buy the FASTag for your four-wheeled vehicle. Some of them have been explained below-

  • Using the FASTag technology, you will not have to lower the speed of your vehicle at the toll plazas. Since you can keep moving at the toll gates, without having to stop, your fuel and your time will be saved
  • Since the traffic does not have to stop or slow down, there is almost no congestion or traffic jam at the toll plazas
  • Traveling from one city/state to another by road comes across a lot of toll plazas. With the use of FASTag, you can enjoy the benefit of electronic payment, and a completely hassle-free driving experience throughout your journey; leaving the FASTag to take care of all your toll payments
  • FASTag also makes it easier for you to keep a track of all your toll expenses. If you use Paytm to make your FASTag payments, you will receive regular in-app notifications and SMSs every time you make a payment through FASTag. Moreover, you can also track your expenses in your Paytm passbook
  • The FASTag facility benefits the environment in the long run, as it reduces the use of paper and fuel
  • Regular travelers can apply to convert their monthly, regular passes into FASTag passes. There is an online application procedure for corporates and fleet owners to do the same
  • While various other digital wallets let you recharge your FASTag on your mobile phone in a matter of minutes; Paytm does not require you to do that either. All you need is some balance in your Paytm wallet and the toll tax amount will automatically be deducted from your wallet as and when you cross a toll plaza
  • Upon linking your FASTag account with the Paytm mobile application, you will be automatically notified of all the transactions and toll deductions. This will help you keep a track of the money that you have spent at toll plazas during your travel
  • A FASTag has a validity of 5 years
  • Registering for a FASTag involves a simple, and quick process
How can I login to Kotak FASTag?
To do your Kotak FASTag login, you simply need to log in to your Paytm app and look for the ‘FASTag’ option. You will be able to easily locate the details of your FASTag account including your current balance, previous transactions, etc.
How can I activate Federal FASTag online?
To activate your Federal FASTag online, you only need to link it to your Paytm wallet and stick it to the windscreen of your vehicle. Your FASTag will automatically be activated. You can learn more about how to activate your FASTag here.
How can I recharge my FASTag?
You can recharge/add money to your FASTag account using the mobile application of your linked prepaid wallet or FASTag issuer bank. You can also recharge your FASTag at the nearest bank branch or at any toll plaza.
Can I recharge my Kotak Mahindra Bank FASTag on Paytm?
Yes, you can recharge your Kotak Mahindra Bank FASTag on Paytm by following a few simple steps. All you need to do is visit the ‘FASTag Recharge’ section on the Paytm mobile application, select Axis Bank as your FASTag issuer, enter the recharge amount and proceed by making the payment.
Is it possible to recharge Kotak FASTag at a toll plaza?
No, it is not possible to recharge your Kotak FASTag at a toll plaza. Your FASTag must be recharged through a prepaid wallet or mobile banking application before you cross a toll plaza. If there is less or no balance in your FASTag account, you will have to pay double the toll tax amount.
Why should I use Paytm FASTag?
FASTag allows the seamless automatic payment of tolls without any manual intervention. Using FASTag offers multiple benefits, such as it saves a lot of time and effort for the user by eliminating long queues at toll plazas. Additionally, travelers can use a single wallet for tolls, fuel expenses, vehicle parking expenses, or shopping, etc. while also making the benefit of various offers and discounts by recharging their FASTag on mobile applications like Paytm. On top of this, the use of FASTag is also beneficial for the environment as it reduces the use of paper and fuel.
Can I use my Paytm account for FASTag?
If you have linked your FASTag to your Paytm account, you can have multiple benefits in comparison to using any other platform for your FASTag account. Firstly, if you use Paytm for your FASTag transactions, you wouldn’t need to specifically check your FASTag balance or recharge your FASTag account. All you need is to have a balance in your Paytm wallet. Unlike other digital wallets, Paytm does not require you to recharge your FASTag account every now and then. All you need is some balance in your Paytm wallet and the toll tax amount will automatically be deducted from your wallet as and when you cross a toll plaza.

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