5 Reasons Digital Gold is THE Wedding Gift You Can Give

byMehak BaglaLast Updated: August 17, 2022
Reasons why digital gold is THE Wedding Gift

Save the dates! For this wedding season, you are about to receive invitations even from those who postponed their wedding dates earlier due to the lockdown. But, with more weddings to attend, comes more choices of wedding gifts to give. Thoughts like, “What should I give the newly married couple that’s equally useful and falls in my budget too?”

Well, you need not worry any more. We Indians have the perfect gift for every wedding, Gold.

Many weddings, 1 Gift

No matter how many grams of the yellow metal you give, it is always welcomed by people. So, whether it is a friend, a cousin, a sibling, an unfriendly boss, or your friendly neighbor’s wedding, your gift of gold will forever be cherished.

Do you know the Indian wedding season is called “the gold rush” in the investing world? The obsession that Indians have with gold is world famous. According to a wedding planner, an Indian family spends 25% of their overall wedding budget on just gold! The demand is so high that India imports billions of dollars of gold to meet the demand during the wedding season.

Digital gold is no rocket science

All those statistics are fine, but what if you know nothing about buying gold? There are so many options to choose from; from jewelry to gold coins to gold ET and now, Sovereign Gold Bonds. Gold fashion, design, and purity are parts of a whole new universe, and if you are an amateur gold buyer, you’d definitely get confused with so many options.

Well, looking at this age, it can be rightly said that digital gold can save you from all wedding gift woes! Anyone can buy it and there won’t be any difference in purity or design.

Gold is cost effective when its digital

Digital gold is like buying a stock. There are many platforms like Paytm Gold, where you can simply log in, check the current gold price and buy gold in your budget.

Convenience is priceless

Nothing can beat the convenience of buying online. If you are a group of friends, you can pool the money and buy a larger amount of gold and gift it to your friend digitally. And all this can happen while you are in the cab headed to the wedding venue!

Safe to keep and safe to use

The biggest problem with physical gold is you need a locker to store the precious treasure, keeping apart the locker charges that you will have to bear; but, with digital gold, the online platform will buy pure gold on your behalf and keep it safe in its locker at no extra charge to you.

And this is not even the best part!

If the receiver of your gift ever has to sell physical gold, they may not get the right price. But with digital gold, it is as convenient to sell as it is to buy. They can redeem their gift of digital gold in cash or in physical gold. If they opt for cash, they will get real-time market prices.

What more do you need? The bride and groom would bless you all their lives for such an amazing, long-lasting gift.

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