How to Withdraw Cash from an ATM?

byYashi DasLast Updated: August 17, 2022
UPI-ATM Launched
UPI-ATM Launched

First-time ATM card users often do not know how to withdraw cash from ATMs or how to use ATMs for any kind of transaction. Money withdrawal from an ATM is a quick and easy process; however, there are certain steps to withdraw cash from an ATM. It ensures that the right information is entered and the person withdraws the money or performs any sort of transaction. These steps also act as an instruction manual for card users that guides them to use the ATM card.

Steps to Withdraw Cash from ATM

There are two prerequisites for cash withdrawal from an ATM- one is to have an active ATM card, and the second is to have a nearby ATM center where you can go to withdraw money. Follow the below steps to withdraw cash from an ATM:

  • Insert your ATM card into the card reader. There is usually a green slot with a blinking light and an arrow pointing where you have to insert the card
  • Insert the card rightly where the chip on the front side of the card is inserted inside and the magnetic stripe is facing downwards. These contain the encrypted details about the card user. The card reader reads these details and sends them to the server
  • In some ATMs, you have to insert the card and once the card details are read and the screen displays your account details, you can take out your card. However, in some ATMs, you have to keep the card inserted until the transaction is done
  • Once the details are out on the display screen, you will be provided with several options as an instruction manual, which you must perform one by one in order to perform a certain transaction

For example, you first get to choose the language in which you want to proceed and then you need to select the type of transaction you need to perform like cash withdrawal, balance check, pin change, etc.

  • Out of these several options displayed on the LCD or CRT screen, select ‘cash withdrawal’. The selection can be done by choosing the options through side buttons or touching the option on the screen if it is a touch screen
  • Once you opt for cash withdrawal from an ATM, you will be asked the type of account you have, whether it is a savings account or a current account. Some ATMs like SBI ask you to enter a number between 0 and 99
  • You will then be asked to enter the amount you want to withdraw. Different banks have different cash withdrawal limits for daily transactions through ATMs or amounts that you can withdraw at one transaction
  • You can enter the amount to be withdrawn from the number keyboard given near the cash dispenser. You can also ‘Clear’ a number if pressed wrongly or ‘Cancel’ the transaction at once. You can also select the numerical if it is a touchscreen ATM and the numbers appear on the screen
  • There are a few free transactions provided by most of the banks and then a minimal charge is levied for money withdrawal. Banks usually allow the free transactions to be done from both home and non-home branches of ATM
  • You will then be asked to enter the 4-digit ATM PIN that you have set for ATM transactions. You can enter the PIN either from the number keyboard or touchscreen keyboard
  • Most of the ATMs also ask the card user if they want the receipt on paper or not. You may choose between ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
  • If the PIN is right, the cash dispenser will dispense the cash amount you wanted to withdraw
  • Some ATMs would want further security if you withdraw a large amount; for example, SBI ATM sends you a One Time Password (OTP) if you withdraw an amount of Rs. 10,000 or more
  • After the withdrawal, you will get a printed receipt of the same or it may be displayed on the screen
  • Once you have collected the cash and the transaction is over, press ‘Cancel’ or ‘Cross’ from the keyboard to get logged out of your bank ATM account. You can see the card reader’s light blinking again for a new card to be inserted and a new transaction to be performed
  • Some of these steps like choosing the type of account, PIN details, the amount you wish to withdraw may differ in sequence depending on the ATMs of different banks

Wrapping it up:

You can now clearly see that there are a few simple steps to withdraw cash from an ATM, which just takes a few minutes. Automated Teller Machines have boosted the accessibility of bank accounts to withdraw/transfer money or to check balances. It is available 24×7 and you can use any bank’s ATM irrespective of whichever bank you hold an account with. It can be accessed from any corner of the country and it has helped to reduce the workload of bank officials as well.

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