Meet our on-ground superheroes: Paytm’s Field Sales Executives

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: August 17, 2022
Meet our on-ground superheroes — Paytm’s Field Sales Executives

Paytm’s Field Sales Executives (FSEs) are our on-ground champions, who play an important role in contributing to the company’s growth and scale. This invincible army of FSEs make the adoption of our products seamless and effective, and have played a significant role in making Paytm a household name. Hats off to these champions for their hard work and dedication!

Apart from running several programmes around training, team bonding and accolades, and career progression and growth opportunities for FSEs, Paytm also appreciates them through dedicated family and fun days, and regular HR outreach and pulse check programmes.

Here’s a look at how our FSEs remain excited and focused towards their goals on the field.

Did you know our career progression programme for FSEs is designed towards fast tracking them on a path towards professional growth and recognition? We have comprehensive career growth ladders chalked out for them with high performing individual contributors progressing directly to team leads or group leader positions.

Field Service Executives

Whether it is learning all about the fine art of negotiation or how to be a lead generation pro, Paytm’s regular classroom training programmes are built to make FSEs successful in their roles. Our FSE colleagues are further armed with virtual training sessions on time management, sales, customer service, how to engage in an effective conversation and relationship building.

Field Service Executives

To keep the josh high, Paytm often organises contests for its FSEs with substantial gifts and R&R initiatives to truly appreciate them. We even send goodies, cakes and flowers to the homes of our star performers to make the celebrations a family affair!

Field Service Executives

We not only love celebrating Paytmers but also their families, which is why our FSE Family Day initiatives are such a hit. We recently invited our high performers (sales is a difficult field we all know) to a star studded Family Day where their contributions were recognised, appreciated and honoured among friends and family.

Field Service Executives

Who says work can’t be fun? Our team bonding activities with a twist are really popular with team FSE because they involve a mental muscle workout. Here are our champs planking their way to success to demonstrate how critical demands can sometimes arise when we are in dire conditions, and how to get out of a stressful situation on the field. Let’s just say, they planked their way out of this one!

Field Service Executives

The HR Aapke Dwar sessions involve our HR teams participating in FSE daily huddles to discuss interventions and conduct quick engagement activities. This is to keep a pulse check on any issue our FSEs might face.

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