Passport Application Fees in India

bySharath ReddyLast Updated: March 18, 2024
Passport Application Fees in India

Passport application fee vary from INR 1500 to INR 2000, depending on the kind of passport you want to apply for. It’s easier now than ever to get a passport with the help digitization.   Once you complete the application process, appear in your interview, and get veified, you become eligible for an Indian passport.

Let’s look at how much it’ll cost you to get your passport. 

What are the passport charges in India?

Here is the list of fresh passport making charges along with passport renewal charges.

How to pay the passport application fee in India?

After filling out the online passport application, you have to pay the passport charges. You can pay the fees through the following methods –

  • SBI challan

You can pay passport fees in India easily using the SBI challan. Once you complete the form, fill it out, and generate the bank challan, you must visit your nearest SBI branch for the payment. The payment will take at least 2 working days to proceed, and after the successful payment, you can book your appointment. But remember, the payment can be done after 3 hours of challan generation, and it will be available for up to 85 days. 

  • Credit and debit card

Whether it is passport renewal fee or an issuing fee, you can use the credit and debit cards to pay it. However, the banks levy more than 1.5% service charges for payments made through cards. 

  • Internet banking

You can also pay passport charges in India via Internet banking. You can pay through the SBI (State Bank of India) or other approved banks. 

  • Payment for Tatkal passport charges

If you’re filling out the application under the Tatkaal passport service, then you have to pay the applicable fee for the regular category during online payment. Then, you have to pay the additional Taatkal passport fees in cash through the Passport Seva Kendra or Passport Office. 

  • Offline payment through Passport Seva Kendra

Now, if you are not comfortable paying the passport charges online, then you have the provision to do it offline as well. For that, you need to visit the nearest Passport Seva Kendra.  

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Passport fees for reissuing passports 

36 and 60 pages passport costs due to exhaustion of all the pages of the booklets –

Fees structure for deleting ECR or change in personal particular –

The 36 pages and 60 pages passport cost for replacing it in case of damage, stolen, or lost –

Key points to remember regarding passport fees

  • The passport charges in India can’t be transferred to another application reference number once they have been paid. 
  • You don’t need to carry a printout of the application on the day of appointment. The application reference number from SMS will be accepted as proof from the passport office.
  • After paying the application fees, you are allowed to reschedule your passport appointment a maximum of two times within one year from the date of the first appointment. 
  • In case of multiple payments for a single application, the extra payment is refundable. This is also applicable for passport renewal fee.
  • You must take a printout of the application receipt after the online payment. It will help you keep proof of payment in case you don’t receive the SMS or other confirmation. 
  • When you’re paying through the SBI challan, you don’t have to pay any service charge or additional fees. You can even pay through an SBI challan if you are not an SBI account holder. 
  • There is a one-time fee of Rs.50 is applicable for the SMS updates for the application status. To get the SMS alerts, you need to choose ‘SMS Services’ before submitting the application. 

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Now, a point to remember here is that the Tatkal passport renewal fees, or all the other charges, are decided by the Government of India and are subject to changes following prior notification. So, if you find someone outside the Passport office asking for more than the required charges, make sure you do not fall for such scams.

1. Are the passport renewal charges refundable?
No, the passport charges are non-refundable in India.
2. How much do I have to pay for a Police Clearance certificate in India?
You have to pay Rs.500 for this certificate.
3. Which banks support challan for payment rather than SBI?
No bank except SBI supports challan payment. SBI challan is accessible to all citizens of India, including the non-SBI account holder.
4. How can I book an appointment after the online payment?
After a successful payment, you can book an appointment by clicking the ‘Schedule Appointment’ link.

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