How to Download the Aadhaar Update Form in a Few Simple Steps?

byPriyanka JuyalLast Updated: April 24, 2023
How to Download the Aadhaar Update Form

UIDAI has added a feature to its official website that allows users to download the Aadhaar update form in order to update or correct their Aadhaar online.

An Aadhaar update form, also known as the Aadhaar enrolment correction update form, can be downloaded directly from the UIDAI website. In this blog, we will provide you with steps to download the Aadhaar update form online.

The following table contains all of the information you need to download an Aadhaar update form:

Type of FormAadhaar Card PDF format
Name of the FormAadhaar Correction Form PDF
TypePDF (Download PDF Here)

How to Download an Aadhaar Update Form Online?

UIDAI has given an Aadhaar cardholder the ability to update his/her Aadhaar card as needed on its official website. The steps to download the Aadhaar update form are as follows:

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI
  • Click on ‘My Aadhaar’ and locate ‘Downloads’
  • Click on ‘Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Form’
  • Upon clicking, an Aadhaar enrolment/update form will open
  • Download it and fill it with all the essential information required to update in Aadhaar card

Which Gazetted Officer is Authorised to Issue an Aadhaar Card Certificate?

Following can issue an Aadhaar card certificate:

  • Tehsildar
  • Head of Gram Panchayat
  • Group A and Group B – Gazetted Officer
  • MLC / MP / MLA / Municipal Councilor

How to Fill Aadhar Card Correction Form?

  • Visit an Aadhaar Enrollment Center or Aadhar Update Center nearby to collect the necessary forms and fill them out correctly.
  • Visit the closest Aadhar Enrollment Center after downloading and filling out the form.
  • Do not forget to bring the form and the required supporting documents, as these will be used to validate any changes or modifications you are requesting.
  • Submit the forms and any supporting documents to the operator at the enrollment centre.
  • The operator will review the form and check the data that you have entered.
  • Check the UIDAI self-service portal for the status of your request after submitting the form.

Things to be Noted:

  • Aadhaar enrolment and mandatory biometric update is free of cost
  • There are no fees to download the form
  • If an applicant wishes to correct or update his or her Aadhaar, he or she must provide the Aadhaar number, full name, and the necessary fields to be filled for correction/update
  • In the case of a minor, the signatures of both parents/guardians are required on the Aadhaar form
  • In the case of an incapacitated person, the signature should be performed by the incapacitated person’s legal guardians

Aadhar Card Correction/Update Form (Format)

 Aadhaar update form

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Can I enrol for an Aadhaar card without documents?

Yes, you can take the help of an introducer to enrol for an Aadhaar card without documents.

What are the Supported Documents for Address Correction in Aadhar Card?

Supported documents required for Aadhaar card address change form are Postal account statement or passbook, statement from the applicant’s bank, Passbook of the bank where the applicant has an account, Passport, Ration Card, Voter Identification Card, the applicant’s government-issued driver’s licence Photo identification card, PSU issued Service photo ID card, Water bill no older than 3 months, etc.

Is it possible to check my Aadhaar card status online?

Yes, you can check your Aadhaar card status online by visiting the official website of UIDAI.

Is it mandatory to provide the biometric information of a 3-year-old kid?

Biometric data of a child below the age of 5 years is not required. However, parents/guardians’ Aadhaar data will be required for verification.
The last date to link PAN with the Aadhaar card is 31st March 2023.

Can I download my Aadhaar online?

Visit the UIDAI website to download Aadhaar online.

What are the documents I need to submit for an Aadhaar card?

Find the entire list of supporting documents on the official website of UIDAI under the section, ‘Downloads’.

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