Upgrade Your Paytm Wallet Now!

Upgrading your Paytm wallet is a simple process. All you have to do is to submit a KYC (Know Your Customer) request within your Paytm account and your wallet will be upgraded in a few days time.

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Here’s what you need know:

1. How can I upgrade my Paytm Wallet?

You can simply press the “upgrade” button in your profile section of your Paytm Wallet. Once we’ve received your request, so our representative will call you and fix up an appointment at your convenience to complete the process.

2. What is the process of upgrading the wallet?

As per RBI guidelines, we’ve to verify that the Paytm Wallet belongs to you! That’s why to upgrade your Paytm Wallet, you need to get your KYC done. For this, we need your identity proof and address proof. Once you’ve applied for the wallet upgrade, our representative will call you to fix up an appointment where he can verify and collect the documents to complete the process.

3. What are the charges of upgrading my wallet?

The great part, this is absolutely free of cost to all our Paytm Wallet users.

4. How much time will it take to upgrade my Paytm Wallet after applying for upgrade?

Your account will be upgraded within 2 working days once we receive your completed documents.

5. Is there any place where I can go and get my KYC done?

So sorry, but currently the only way by which you can get your KYC done is through the visit of our representative to verify your original documents.

6. I have got the call from the Paytm representative. Which documents do I need to provide to the person?

Our representative will give you a blank KYC form. You need to fill this form, attach a passport size photograph and provide self-attested copies of the following:

Proof of Identity (any one): Proof of Address (any one):
1.    Passport 1.    Passport/ Driving Licence/ Voter ID card/ Aadhaar Card
2.    Driving License 2.    Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill (last 3 months)
3.    Voter Card 3.    Ration Card
4.    PAN card 4.    Bank Statement (last 6 months)
5.    Aadhar Card 5.    Letter from public authority stating the address
6.    NREGA Card 6.    Registered Rent Agreement


You’ve more questions? Here we go:

1. How can I know whether my Paytm Wallet has been upgraded or not?

Once your Paytm Wallet is upgraded, you’ll receive a welcome SMS from Paytm confirming you that it’s done

2. The mobile number I have mentioned in the form is different from the mobile number in my Paytm Wallet.

Can my wallet be upgraded now?

The mobile number in your form has to be your registered mobile number of your Paytm Wallet account. In case     both numbers do not match, team Paytm will call you to explain the steps you need to take to upgrade your wallet.

3. Who’s eligible for a Paytm Wallet?

Indian Citizens who are using the Paytm wallet for personal use are eligible for an upgrade. If you’re a merchant or     want to use our Paytm Wallet for commercial use, you can contact us at care@paytm.com or you can visit


4. What are the other benefits of an upgraded Paytm Wallet?

Exclusive offers, faster Paytm Cash in your Paytm Wallet and so much more!

Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma – the success story behind the man!

FirstPost shines a light on Vijay Shekhar Sharma‘s incredible journey! Not privileged at the start, he often had to fight tooth and nail to overcome any obstacles to turn out to be the founder of Paytm, India’s largest mobile mCommerce platform.

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Paytm Wallet

Upgrading your Paytm Wallet is the gateway to a host of special features and offers provided by Paytm as well as our partner network. This upgrade ensures that the cash-backs you earn by shopping/ recharging at Paytm.com won’t ever get stuck/delayed because of wallet limits. Say goodbye to notifications like “Wallet transaction limit exceeded”! You deserve a hassle free mobile shopping experience. Thanks to your Paytm Wallet!

If you don’t have an upgraded Paytm Wallet account yet, then you can only do transactions worth Rs. 10,000/- in a month.  Hence it limits the spending capability of your frequent online shopping through your Paytm Wallet.

Your Benefits

1) You get access to a range of fantastic offers from Paytm with attractive Paytm Cash!

Here is the scenario that you could have experienced – Planning to watch a movie? How about getting some exclusive Paytm Cash offers on booking movie tickets through your upgraded Paytm Wallet?

2) Faster processing of your Paytm Cash! How cool is that. Get your Paytm Cash super fast as your upgraded wallet limit is extended to receive the amount.

Imagine –  Our 50% Paytm Cash offer on a high end smart phone on the Paytm App catches your attention. The moment you pay for it, the Paytm Cash will be credited back into your Paytm wallet in the same month.

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Bing! Paytm has now 50 million wallets, doing over 60 million transactions every month

We’ve reached 50 million Paytm Wallets on our platform and are proud that 50 million Indianshave trusted us with their money, and 1/3rd of them transact on Paytm on any given month. It shows that the world is moving increasingly towards mobile and people want access to it from wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Our Paytm Wallet – a secure digital wallet – lets you hassle-free manage your money online; recharge, pay bills, shop on Paytm, send money to friends & pay for various brands & services like Uber, MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow and many more. The wallet allows you inter-wallet money transfers and wallet-to-bank transfers, wherein you can transfer the money stored in the online wallet to a bank account.

Our mission is to be and remain India’s most trusted mobile commerce platform; we have never taken even a single consumer for granted. Our consumers are at the center of our universe and this landmark is a reaffirmation of their faith on us. We believe that half a billion Indians will be a part of the Paytm story, and we will help in on-boarding them into India’s mainstream economy, using mobile payment & commerce services. By the end of this year we even want to take this milestone further and take the number to 100 million wallet users.

Inc24 and Live Mint covered the full news for you!


Bringing you Trust, Convenience & Transparency

A company carries a vision and the brand reflects that by it’s values. Every interaction you have with a brand must leave behind the impression of its core values, for us these values are – Convenience, Transparency & Trust! Even though we’re constantly growing and have by now a broad range of services (such as mobile wallet, mobile & DTH recharges, money transfer and online shopping), your trust is the only thing we worry about and that is an important part of our culture.

With our “new brand” TV ad we’re introducing our new brand language – Two clear blue stripes of navvy and cyan blue each, at the bottom and the content in white space above. These colours that are already part of our logo are representative of our commitment to trust, convenience and transparency above everything else.

We put the ‘Trust, Convenience & Transparency’ in colour by focusing simply on blue and white. 

Our blue colours stand at the heart of our brand design – it’s for us the strongest colour that reflects what we stand for  —  strength, safety and reliability. With Trust at the very core of our business the navy blue colour holds that value firmly and reminds us to ensure that we never do anything to lose the trust we have build and continue to strengthen it.

The lighter cyan blue strip above is our simplicity of interface and reflective of our commitment to make our products and services convenient for you, simple to use everywhere you go.

The content and communication in a pure white base implies transparency in our communication and our business, never do we ever try to mislead users by giving false information and we don’t hide our mistakes, we always say sorry and honestly make up for it.  The white colour stands for truth and transparency; we’ll always ensure we stand true to it. Paytm is a safe and reliable way to recharge and shop compared to other forms of moving money around. 

With trust, convenience and transparency at your service, enjoy & #PaytmKaro!

Here comes our new Paytm Ad!

Your affection has taken us to where we’re today: India’s largest mobile commerce player and the second most popular app in the country, with over 20 million app downloads.

In this amazing growth story, we’re most proud of the fact that we are there for you at the exact moment when you need us the most. In celebration, we have developed a brand new Paytm TV ad. This film illustrates how Paytm can be the simpler, more convenient solution to a significant number of slice of life, everyday situations. We’ve tried to weave together a narrative of the broad range of services (such as mobile wallet, mobile & DTH recharges, money transfer and online shopping) that we provide.

Surprising your sister during rakhi with a transfer in her Paytm wallet, recharging your DTH when suddenly the TV show stops, bringing a smile on your mom’s face by recharging her mobile from another location  , transferring money to your taxi driver’s Paytm wallet when he doesn’t have change, or bargaining while online shopping with us for the price of your choice — these are the moments we share with you in this ad.

So watch out for our ad during IPL 8 on your TV screens! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. 

Do let us know what you think of our ad. You can a  #PaytmKaro and tweet your feedback to us on @Paytm!

Our new Paytm Wallet features are here: transfer money online or deposit cash

The Paytm Wallet makes your life easier! Now, you can load your Paytm Wallet by depositing cash in all Axis and Yes bank branches and by online transferring your money through your bank account at many banks across India. Read the news on NextBigWhat

How it works offline:

All you’ve to do is to fill in the“Pay-in-Slip” (available at all branches) with your mobile phone number that is registered with Paytm as reference number, then submit the deposit slip at the cash counter, and money will be credited into your Paytm Wallet. Important – always mention clearly PAYTM EASYPAY and your registered mobile number on the slip! 

How it works online: 

The process is simply done through a normal NEFT/RTGS transaction. Access your net banking account, select ‘Bank transfer’ and use your Paytm Wallet as payee. For this, you need to submit a virtual account number (PAYTM + User Mobile Number) and IFSC code with amount and your Paytm wallet account would be credited instantly

Your transfer details:

Virtual account number: PAYTM + 10 digits of your registered mobile number / e.g., PAYTM9910075197


Important for you to know

Offline cash deposit:

Your Paytm wallet must be registered with the same mobile number you provided in the cash deposit slip,

If you have a Paytm Wallet Basic account then you can store Rs. 10,000/- max & if you have a Paytm Wallet Prime account then you can store max Rs. 1,00,000/-,

Paytm would not charge any additional fee from the user,

You can deposit minimum amount of Rs.2000 and maximum amount of Rs.10,000 at bank’s cash counter to load money in your wallet,

Once the bank executive confirms that the transaction was successful, the amount will be credited in your Paytm Wallet in the next 1 hour.

Online transfer:

Paytm would not charge any additional fee from the user.

You can transfer minimum amount of Rs.100 and maximum amount of Rs.10,000 through NEFT to load money in your wallet,

Amount will be credited in your Paytm Wallet in the next 1 hour. If it doesn’t then please be assured that your money is safe with us. It may happen due to some network issue. Your money will be credited in your Paytm Wallet in next 24 hours!

Enjoy exclusive offers when you upgrade your Paytm Wallet

Paytm wallet is the gateway to exclusive offers designed for you and is packed with a bunch of path breaking features! Using Paytm wallet is not only quick but completely secure as well.

If you feel the need to be able to shop more and get more offers then ‘’Upgrade Your Paytm Wallet” today!

Upgrading your Paytm wallet is a hassle free process. All you have to do is to submit a KYC (Know Your Customer) request and your wallet will be upgraded in a few days time.

Step by Step Guide for Paytm Wallet Upgrade;

  1. Go to your Paytm Wallet, click on profile,
  2. Click on “Upgrade Your Account”, enter your pickup address and specify a time slot which suits you, click on SUBMIT,
  3. You will receive a call back from Paytm customer care team to schedule a KYC visit,
  4. Our executive will visit your address for collection of document copies & verifying your originals,
  5. The submitted documents will be reviewed by Paytm
  6. Boom! Wallet upgraded!


Kindly note: KYC process in India is issued by RBI and every company / bank has to follow the same process as guidelines. This process take upto 30 days for completion.

Benefits of an upgraded Paytm Wallet;

  1. a) Add up to Rs. 1,00,000 to your wallet every month,
  2. b) Faster processes for Paytm Cash

Get access to exclusive offers designed especially for Paytm upgraded wallet!


Share your #MyCricketTotka – Make India Win tomorrow

Share your #MyCricketTotka – Make India Win tomorrow

Earn Rs. 700 Paytm cash by sharing #MyCricketTotka which you will use for ensuring India’s victory in tomorrow’s match.

It’s a nail biting game tomorrow – India Vs Australia, and if you are an Indian cricket fan, then probably you will relate to the “Cricket totkas” we Indians do during every cricket match, few of them are listed below.

“I won’t go to the washroom, until India finishes its innings; I won’t take a shower today otherwise India will not play well; Today I’m fasting because India is playing; Will keep my fingers and legs crossed during the whole match”

Kanika Bains, Social Media Manager at Paytm herself sits with her fingers crossed when India is playing. Vikas Negi from our design team refrains from watching the match itself :P, Rahul Nagar from our Process Audit team eats his lunch for more than two hours :D, Smita from our Internal communications team cooks “Halwa” on the day of the match, we can go on and on!

So, for making sure India wins the tomorrow’s match share some of your funniest cricket totkas and win big.


  1. The contest will start from 11 a.m. and will end at 6 p.m. today (25thMarch);
  2. There will be 7 lucky winners;
  3. Top 5 funniest and craziest Totkas will win;
  4. Winners will be given Rs. 700 Paytm cash each in their Paytm Wallets
  5. Winners will be declared on 26th March

Paytm now on Android Wear!

After marking its presence on every major platform available in the market, Paytm is now on Android Wear.

You ask why? We use the power of wearable devices at it’s best . Your device is ready for what you want before you are.

In the era where cashless payments is the future, Paytm Android Wear App brings you your Paytm Wallet balance at one touch.

  • Travelling through Uber – check your wallet balance instantly to see how much your cab ride costed you.
  • The “favorites” tab – predefine your regular transactions such as recharges and bill payments for super quick transactions3.
  • Running low on phone balance – recharge your number with one right swipe.
  • Placed an order on Paytm – now get notified instantly on your watch when there are any order updates.

How do you get it? Android Wear connects your phone to your wrist. Wear works with phones running Android 4.3 or higher. Just download the latest Paytm App from the Google Playstore and if you have a watch, you will start seeing the Paytm App in your Android watch. Just choose your widget and explore what all you can do.

Embracing Paytm as a way of life just got a whole new meaning. Carry your favorite app on the go, all the time as Paytm powers Android Wear!

We know you want Paytm at every step. Now wear what you want.