Paytm Se Stadium!

Are you all keeping up with the excitement?
A marketing effort of such ginormous proportions is probably yet to be seen and we’re pulling it off!
We kickstarted the initiative in the 3rd week of September encouraging users to shop, shop, and then shop some more with us. Here was the incentive: You might be the lucky one getting your Paytm package delivered to you on the cricketing field by an Indian Cricketer! Imagine that!

The cricket fever continues and so does #PaytmSeStadium!
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Two matches have happened and two lucky winners have been declared!
Himanshu Gupta was given his precious Paytm package by R. Ashwin at Dharamshala Stadium and the second lucky gun was Bankanidhi Sahoo, who got his package delivered at the hands of Ajinkya Rahane in Cuttack at Barabati Stadium!

Are you going to be the third? Shop with us and you might be the one! Check this out for T&Cs:


Customer Proposes & Customer Disposes!

You heard of – ‘Man proposes & God disposes’? We heard of that too until we came across this – wherein Mr. Murphy didn’t allow us any space – anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Before delving into that further, we would like to reinstate that we follow the marketplace model wherein the best of the merchants are connected with customers, from all walks of life.

While customers shop for products they want or like, merchants make that possible. And Paytm facilitates all this – at the best prices possible – offering the best schemes & discounts across the industry.

In spite of the strong processes & internal controls and checks, aberrations sometimes happen. And when they happen, we spring into immediate action & provide fast resolutions. A similar thing happened a while back when a customer ordered an electronics item online. As luck would have it, he didn’t receive the right product. In the heat of the moment, he, in fact, took an action against the logistics partner.

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Paytm introduces educational fee payments

Having introduced many new features for you, we’re bursting with excitement to get talking about our latest one – educational fee payments! Pay educational fees now online with us.

You can now pay any kind of fees and register with the educational institutes via Paytm. Whenever you’re head on to, you’ll see the tab for education at the top bar. Click on it and you land directly at the fee payments section. You only need the enrolment ID of the student to instantly pay the fees in a single click.

You can also register for new courses for popular coaching classes, test preparation and exam series. Simply select ‘New Registration’, then pick the institute, location and course to proceed.

Oh and if you’re missing an institute, let us know and we’ll add it. Tell us your feedback about this new payments option on Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to hear from you!

Get excited: Paytm’s must-have shoes for our favorite season are here!

While you been still sipping ice teas and chilling in AC rooms, we’ve been hot on the trail of the best shoe styles for the upcoming winter season. As we did hit the last weekend in August, our summer mode is getting over & we look at the new looks coming up by brands on our Paytm marketplace. And let’s be real, winter shoes are the best thing about the festive season coming up.

Many winter beauties are already live, like Woodland, ID and Red Tape. Scroll down and enjoy browsing through the boots collection that we’ve got an eye on this winter! Shoe closets be warned and make space to add a few new pieces.  Continue reading

For those who break our trust

Paytm owes its existence to you – those of you who support us and believe in us. We work hard to build a trusted and secure platform for our customers and merchants to interact with each other with complete peace of mind. Some elements however, try to exploit this trust by indulging in unfair practices.

Who are these people? They usually pose as regular consumers but misuse the Paytm platform for greedy, unethical and often illegal activities. Their malpractices create a burden for innocent consumers and cause roadblocks for us to serve our genuine customers & merchants.  (Read more stories about such customers)

What do these people do? In a nutshell, they abuse their privileges as Paytm’s customers & merchants. Some examples are listed below.

  • Unauthorised use of financial credentials: Getting access to someone else’s debit card/credit card/net banking information is a criminal activity punishable under law. These cases almost always get reported to the Police. 
  • Financial crimes: Using our platform for transfers that may be construed to be linked to money laundering or criminal activities. These cases attract severe legal action.
  • Stealing account credentials (Phishing): Hacking the accounts of other users as a prank or as a criminal is a fraudulent activity punishable under law so is unauthorised use of Paytm logo and / or impersonating a Paytm employee to gather user credentials.
  • Providing Wrong Details: We trust our users to provide authentic information while interacting with us – while creating Paytm account, KYC process or while placing orders. Doing so helps us to serve you better.
  • Bulk Purchases: Paytm marketplace is a platform for merchants to sell their products to individuals for their personal use. Bulk purchases are not promoted unless explicitly mentioned. People involved in bulk ordering, might find their access to Paytm platform revoked.
  • Also, individuals are expected to create a single account to avail Paytm services. Creating multiple accounts to avail numerous cash-backs is considered a system abuse and results in appropriate action.
  • Bogus Claims: Abusing our customer friendly principles & processes results in inconvenience for our genuine customers. People with history of fraudulent claims of having received sub-standard products or empty boxes will be pursued through all available remedies as per the law.

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The order life cycle of your placed products at Paytm marketplace

Ever wondered what’s the cycle of an order that you place on our Paytm marketplace? Well, to help you better understand, we’d like to share how a product reaches you once you placed it online. Every order has to pass through several stages before it reaches you. The below flowchart explains the complete ‘Order Life Cycle’ with all the stages that it goes through:

You can always refer to the above explicit flowchart as it clearly shows the step-by-step flow of your order.


Paytm to lead mobile bank revolution with RBI payments bank license

Paytm got the approval by the Reserve Bank of India for setting up a payments bank. We’re now about to launch our payments business which will be separated from our e-commerce wing. This opens up new opportunities for our users as we will be able to offer new services including debit cards, savings accounts, online banking, and transfers.

Get all the details from an interview with our CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma below on Bloomberg India, TechCrunch, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Economic Times and ET Now.

Paytm & InMobi partner to create the largest discovery & mobile shopping platform in India

We’re excited to tie up with InMobi, the world’s most powerful mobile advertising platform, in a multi level partnership with an aspiration to turbo charge the mobile commerce ecosystem. 

Seeing Paytm grow to 100 million users blows our mind and yet, it’s only the beginning. Our aspirations are much bigger. Joining hands with InMobi combines the power of m-commerce with d-commerce (discovery commerce) in a big way.

So what’s (in it) new for you, you ask?

Unmatched user reach for Paytm sellers

As sellers on our Paytm marketplace you will now have reach to an extended universe of 120 million mobile internet users on InMobi’s Miip d-commerce platform. While earlier you were able to sell only to our Paytm universe, you can now increase your business manifold by reaching out to the entire mobile internet community in India. Our partnership will power billions of d-commerce sessions, thus exponentially increasing the reach of the combined platform. We know that access to a wide market and a user-friendly payment solution are the two most critical elements for you to increase your business. Our association with InMobi will provide exactly this solution to you.

Buy buttons powered by Paytm Wallet on Miip platform 

Our Paytm Wallet will enable seamless checkouts on the Miip zone in more than thousands of apps. It ensures that sellers have higher sales conversions as the Paytm Wallet (with over 100 million users) is optimized to ensure minimum payment failures and provide higher convenience for mobile payments.

Digital store powered on Paym App

Our app users get access to latest apps & games on their smartphones through the Paytm App powered by InMobi’s Miip platform. All the apps and games you’ll see on the store are free to install and can be easily downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. This digital store will also offer you in the future music and video content directly from the Paytm App.

How cool is that?!

Get more details of the news on Economic Times.

Paytm & The/Nudge Foundation join hands this Independence Day

As a socially conscious business, Paytm is proud to partner with The/Nudge Foundation in its cause of sustainable and scalable poverty alleviation.

On this 69th Independence Day of India, we support the ‘Freedom from Poverty’ and will donate all our recharge & bill payments earnings on this day towards The/Nudge Foundation and its efforts to help millions of skill-deficit workforce to overcome poverty. Be a part of this great cause and give your gentle nudge for a poverty free India!

How can you contribute?

Simply recharge or make a bill payment on this 15th Aug 2015 on Paytm. Our earnings from it will be then donated to The/Nudge Foundation

Help the underprivileged Indian youth by giving them a gentle nudge and give the Freedom from Poverty!

Cashfree Nation. Our commitment. Our vow.

At the stroke of midnight, 100 million Paytm users will commit to a cash-free nation.

Paytm’s mission is to help India become the most cashless society on the planet! Making the change to a completely cashless society will mean overturning tradition, which may be a bigger hurdle than technology as cash in India is still king. Cash is fundamentally unsafe, it doesn’t leave a trail for tax compliance. Plus it makes economic sense, and it’s cheaper for everyone to move to an all electronic model. Pushing coins and paper through the system is very expensive. Money wears out, you carry it back and forth, redistribute it, count it. It’s a big cost on the system and it fuels corruption.

Our aim at Paytm is to build a cash-free nation. We want to make digital payments accessible for everyone in this country. Where digital payments are accepted, Paytm offers a faster & more convenient alternative & where digital payments are not accepted, Paytm is a much safer choice.

Wherever there are payments to be made, Paytm will be there for its users!

Join the cash-free revolution! Try Paytm now.