Our donations for Nepal

Your contributions to our call for donations for Nepal are a reminder that we all can and should be giving to those in need. You joined hands with us to support those affected by the earthquake that struck Nepal and impacted millions of people. We are happy to share that with your generous support we were able to donate today Rs. 1.04 Crore to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

Many thanks again for your overwhelming support! Your generosity brings hope and help to millions of individuals.


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Why your Trust matters above all else

Over 7.5 crore customers have placed their trust in us.

They expect us to deliver the highest standards of service. And rightly so.

It’s a responsibility, we take very seriously. And is something that is clearly ingrained in our company DNA.

At Paytm, we have a simple guiding philosophy towards our users: if our customers ever face any customer service issue, we will resolve it immediately keeping your interest in mind.

We will err on the side of the customer.

This is because we understand that when the customer mistakenly recharges a wrong number, or has money debited from his/her account for a delayed delivery, or when an item is bought & the price is later seen to be reduced– these are unpleasant forgettable experiences; for which we refund you. Plain & simple. No harassing questions are asked. You will almost always get the benefit of the doubt.

And to make this resolution happen seamlessly, we are always happy to help you out around the clock. Our 24×7 social customer service is a testimony to this.

But, we too, are humans & may inadvertently end up making some mistakes. We believe this does happen at times. But we also believe that we are exceptionally good at correcting them in quick time.

We begin this by owning up to the mistake & quickly resolving it in your best interests.

At our end, there is no time wasted on this. No stone left unturned.

But sometimes, inspite of our best efforts we too, are left disappointed. And not because we fell short in our efforts to service you better. But because of ulterior motives that certain individuals may have towards us.

For example:

  • Instances where certain individuals spam social networks with unreasonable posts for a mistake that we already owned up to or corrected much earlier,
  • Instances where users create fake hate accounts and circulate them online
  • Or in some cases, where users even threaten us or demand money from us.

When any of the above happens, we are forced to act.

We are forced to shut down such accounts & at times to take legal action.

Not because we like to, but because we are forced to.

To us, this is very clear: Our customers are our top priority. Without our customers & their trust, we would not be in business.

We strive to give you only our best & to improve we value your feedback. Which we expect will keep coming in as you build a stronger relationship with us over the next many many years.

As we want you & your hard earned money to be always safe, we request you to keep the following in mind:

  • In case of a misuse inform your bank immediately to block the card and void the transaction

  • Do not share your credit card / debit card / Paytm account OTP with anyone

  • Do not share your customer details, transaction IDS or order IDs over unsolicited calls

  • Be aware of websites & social media pages that are propagating offers like person to person transfers to specific accounts

  • Never enter your Paytm account password on unreliable websites and apps

We care for you 24x7x365!

You can reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook or write to us at care@paytm.com

Your Team Paytm


#PaytmKaro – every day!

Adding an awesome word to your vocabulary: #PaytmKaro to recharge, shop, pay bills, transfer & receive money online!


#PaytmKaro and tweet directly about it from the Paytm App!

Twitter for your Paytm App is here! Packed with an all new feature which is boosting your love for us and your favourite activity on social media, the latest addition to our Paytm App is right made for you. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get it now…okay let’s introduce you to this brand new feature.

You can now connect our Paytm App to Twitter and share your Paytm experience directly with your followers. Simply enable the touch badge inside your app profile to use the new feature.

Every time you do a transaction the ‘Like the experience, Tweet about us’ button will give you the opportunity to directly tweet from the Paytm App to your followers about your experience, how cool is that?!

 Click on it and it opens in the Paytm App a tweet with which you can share in real-time your Paytm experience.

You’ll also be able to see all your tweets to Paytm’s brand handle directly inside the Paytm App.

Oh, and if that’s not enough we’ll bring you really soon more features like the Twitter Login for our app and we’ll make it possible in the future that you can use your Twitter handle to send money to their Paytm Wallet via Twitter itself.

What are you waiting for? So if you haven’t updated yet, be sure to grab it now to #PaytmKaro and tweet!

#TwitterFlock world tour featuring Paytm

Twitter is currently touring the world with Flock 2015 and Paytm is proud to be part of it!

Mobile is conquering the world and Paytm is at the forefront of the developments. We wouldn’t left any stone unturned in telling the world about it. Mayank DhingraPaytm‘s Head of Growth, presented at Flock 2015 Bangalore our latest developments. On stage with Arvinder Gujral, Director Business Development Asia-Pacific at Twitter, he answered all questions mobile, talked about our close collaboration with Twitter and our learnings.

We want you safe

Your security. Our priority.

One thing is for sure, at Paytm we take your privacy and security as our priority and your money is as safe as in a bank! Paytm as of now has over 66 million digital wallets, and we ensure complete protection of our user’s privacy and there’s a lot of effort which goes behind in giving our users a smooth experience. As an organization specializing in digital payments space, we will continue to do all that is required to make your experience as secure and convenient as possible.

We wanted to take this opportunity to bring up the three most important things that every one of you must be aware of while transacting online.

Rule Of Thumb #1

Paytm will never ever ask via phone or email for your Net-Banking/Credit/Debit card details. So, we would request all our customers to not fall prey to any such offer/scheme where you’re asked to give any of your confidential details!

And, even if somebody approaches you saying “s/he is calling from Paytm” asking you directly for the details of your bank account on any pretext such as refunding money to your account, validating a transaction and so on, then we request you to please report it to us or simply disconnect the call.

Rule Of Thumb #2 

Never fall prey to unofficial links you find all over the internet and on social media platforms like Facebook asking you to submit their Paytm Wallet details promising false benefits. You might find a website that looks very similar to the one you know about. The best way to avoid such a problem is to look at the URL bar for the lock sign.

While using Paytm App or Paytm Website, always make sure that the domain name starts from

Please don’t trust or transact on offers listed on unofficial web-pages/apps. If you come across such spoof links especially on social media platforms like Facebook, please report it to us and we will take necessary action.

Example of a fraud offer:

Rule Of Thumb #3

Always remember that the details of your NetBanking, debit or credit card account (especially passwords) andyour Paytm account details such as login password, OTP for transactions are nobody else’s business and they should never be shared with any one. For our part, we will never ask you for that ever.

Be it any channel, on social media/ via telephone/email/written correspondence, Paytm will never ask you to disclose your confidential details.

We hope that this helps all Paytm users to conduct transactions safely all across the web. In case of any concerns or queries to just get more information, we are always listening at care@paytm.com. Feel free to write in anytime.


Paytm Wallet live on Google Now Cards

We’re thrilled to be the official launch partner for Google Now, wherein our Paytm Wallet is available for you as a Now Card within your Google App.

Whenever your Paytm Wallet balance changes, Paytm pushes a Google Now Card to your Google App so that you see the change in your balance immediately.

When it comes to staying organized and connected across devices, the Google App becomes your best friend with its Now Cards. Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant that helps you find answers to questions, make recommendations, and stay on top of what’s happening in your day by performing actions for you through a set of services that are available as Now Cards. We’ve added Paytm Wallet as a  brand new integration with your Google app’s Now!

We are excited to think about the combination of Google’s global footprint and the Paytm Wallet’s reach – 60 million trusted wallet users across India – and the opportunity for you to enjoy this brand new integration!
If that’s not enough we have more Google love for you with our Google-based apps Paytm Android App & Wear. We’ll think you love it. Go and check out your Paytm Wallet Card on Google App’s Now!

Introducing the new Paytm Wallet for Android

Get your Android mobiles ready for a major Paytm Wallet App boost! With a bold redesign on top of great functionality we did go beyond common gestures to give you the best experience.

Armed with new features, the Paytm Wallet App for Android lets you do lightening-fast money transfer, request money, securely store your money online and do your shopping & payments on the go. Arriving today, it’s one of the biggest updates ever! We’re super excited to share what we’ve got in it for you.

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