Benefits of Using FASTag: Why Should you have a FASTag on your Four-Wheeler?

byMehak BaglaLast Updated: August 17, 2022
Benefits of using FASTag

With the intention of eliminating long queues and jams across the country, the Government of India (GOI) had decided to make it mandatory for all four-wheeler vehicles to install a FASTag on them. This tag would help them cross all toll plazas that are on the National Highways Authority of India without having to stop for cash payments.

Eliminating the manual collection of tax in cash at toll plazas, the FASTag uses a Radio Frequency Technology Device (RFID) to detect the tag on a vehicle and deduct the amount from the linked digital wallet as the toll tax amount. You can learn more about how the FASTag works here.

Benefits of Using FASTag

There are multiple reasons owing to which FASTag has been made mandatory by the government. These reasons lie in the favor of both, the government and the travelers. Let’s take a look at them-

  • Saves time– Using the FASTag technology, you will not have to lower the speed of your vehicle at the toll plazas. Since you can keep moving at the toll gates, without having to stop, your fuel and your time will be saved
  • Avoids traffic jams– Since the traffic does not have to stop or slow down, there is almost no congestion or traffic jam at the toll plazas
  • Eliminates the hassle of cash payments– Traveling from one city/state to another by road comes across a lot of toll plazas. With the use of FASTag, you can enjoy the benefit of electronic payment, and a completely hassle-free driving experience throughout your journey; leaving the FASTag to take care of all your toll payments
  • Tracks your toll expenses– FASTag also makes it easier for you to keep a track of all your toll expenses. If you use Paytm to make your FASTag payments, you will receive regular in-app notifications and SMSs every time you make a payment through FASTag. Moreover, you can also track your expenses in your Paytm passbook
  • Saves the environment– The FASTag facility benefits the environment in the long run, as it reduces the use of paper and fuel
  • Offers monthly travel pass– Regular travelers can apply to convert their monthly, regular passes into FASTag passes. There is an online application procedure for corporates and fleet owners to do the same
  • Easy online recharge– While various other digital wallets let you recharge your FASTag on your mobile phone in a matter of minutes; Paytm does not require you to do that either. All you need is some balance in your Paytm wallet and the toll tax amount will automatically be deducted from your wallet as and when you cross a toll plaza
  • Regular notifications– Upon linking your FASTag account with the Paytm mobile application, you will be automatically notified of all the transactions and toll deductions. This will help you keep a track of the money that you have spent at toll plazas during your travel
  • Long-term validity– A FASTag has a validity of 5 years. This means that for a time period of 5 years, you can continue to use your FASTag for 5 continuous years, without having to re-register it.
  • Simple registration process– Registering for a FASTag involves a simple, and quick process. You can register for a FASTag either by using the Paytm digital application, by visiting a toll booth, banks or select shops to get your FASTag.

The above benefits give out all the reasons as to why you should not wait/delay anymore in getting a FASTag installed on your vehicle. Using a FASTag is beneficial for both the parties- the government and the travelers. It saves on your time, money, and efforts- all at once.

Benefits of Paytm FASTag

Following are some of the additional benefits of using the Paytm FASTag-

  1. No Separate Recharge- Simply, maintain sufficient balance in your Paytm Wallet & Add Money to top-up, whenever needed.
  2. One Tag. Multiple Uses- Pay for toll, parking & fuel using your Paytm FASTag.
  3. Charge Protection & Customer Support- Paytm ensures correct amount deduction at tolls & immediately raises claims on your behalf against any extra charges levied.
  4. Single Wallet Balance for All Payments- Use your Paytm Wallet balance for Tolls, Shopping, Recharges & other payments.
  5. Exciting Offers- Get amazing Cashback offers on FASTag top-ups & toll payments.

What is a FASTag?
The FASTag facility is a cashless model wherein the entire toll tax amount is collected through the FASTag without having to stop the vehicle. The FASTag is linked to the user’s prepaid account, such as a Paytm wallet, and is then fixed to the windscreen of his/her vehicle. As the user passes through the toll gate, the toll amount is automatically debited from the user’s prepaid account or a Paytm wallet linked to the FASTag. The user will be informed of the charges and provides an automated grievance redressal mechanism on the Paytm app itself.
What are the benefits of using FASTag?
The government of India has made it mandatory for all four-wheelers to install a FASTag on their vehicle. You should use FASTag as it offers multiple benefits to travelers in terms of saving time and efforts by eliminating the need to stand in long queues for hours. Users can use a single wallet for traveling through tolls across the country, for meeting fuel expenses, vehicle parking expenses, or shopping, etc. while also making the benefit of various offers and discounts by recharging their FASTag on Paytm.
How does FASTag work?
The FASTag is linked to the user’s prepaid account, such as Paytm, and is then fixed to the windscreen of his/her vehicle. With the use of RFID technology, the toll amount is deducted from the linked prepaid account, such as a Paytm wallet as and when the traveler passes through the toll gate.
How can I recharge my FASTag?
You don’t need to recharge your FASTag if you have linked it to your Paytm mobile application. For Paytm FASTag recharge, you simply need to add money to your Paytm wallet and as you pass through a FASTag-enable toll gate, the toll amount will directly be deducted from your wallet.
Is it mandatory to have the FASTag?
Yes. Since 16 February 2021, the Government of India has made it mandatory for users to have FASTag installed on their four-wheeler vehicles. Without having the FASTag, the user will have to pay double the toll amount.
What if I don’t have the FASTag for my vehicle?
If you don’t have the FASTag, you will have to pay double the toll amount at every toll plaza that you cross.

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