Prioritising Well-Being: Empowering Paytmers with Health Awareness Sessions

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: March 4, 2024

A positive and healthy mind is the key to an effective and successful life – both personally and professionally. The well-being of Paytmers is of utmost importance to us. For this, we organise monthly health awareness sessions, with experts from top hospitals, and conduct yoga sessions from established Yoga institutes for Paytmers’ physical and mental well-being.

We have organised health awareness sessions, where we invited experts from Fortis Hospital for General Health, Dental, Eye, and electrocardiogram (ECG) checkups, including Doctor consultations. These checkups are conducted at our office campuses across India. Through Paytm Swasthya, we focus on the mental, social, and financial wellness of Paytmers. We regularly organise webinars with healthcare professionals under Paytm Swasthya and encourage participation in marathons and other sporting events.

By Prioritising Paytmers’ health, we aim to raise awareness and inspire participation in wellness activities, both as a group and on an individual basis. We create social communities at the workplace, to encourage community spirit and collaboration. Simultaneously, we also focus on fitness and health. 

We proactively connect with each team member regularly to understand their workload and job satisfaction aspects. Mindfulness, meditation, and constant interaction with health experts can help Paytmers better manage wellness. As a testament to our unwavering commitment to the well-being of Paytmers, we also provide additional support with Paytm Xtras. 

Paytm Xtras is an ultimate destination for exclusive corporate discounts that cater to various aspects of Paytmers’ lives. It can be used to get discounts on healthcare services and pharmacies at various renowned hospitals across the country. From local gyms and wellness centers to routine check-ups, specialised treatments, room rent, and home care services, we have got health coverage for Paytmers with discounts on a range of hospital services with just a simple step of carrying and displaying their company ID card.

We are on a mission to create a workplace of healthy body and mind. By inviting experts, we make sure that true knowledge is being imparted to Paytmers about the concerned health issues. By fostering a culture of rest and rejuvenation, we emphasise the significance of work-life balance.

We believe staying healthy is not an option but a necessity to lead a happy life. So, stay healthy, stay happy!

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