Health is Wealth – How We Empower Paytmers to Prioritize their Well-Being

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: March 1, 2023
Health is Wealth — How We Empower Paytmers to Prioritize their Well-Being

We, at Paytm, believe regular preventive health checkups are important. Taking preventive measures can help us to identify any early signs of potential health issues. 

Keeping this as a priority, our HRs are making sure to promote timely, constructive and positive communication on wellness across the team, including on-site and remote employees. Along with organising health awareness sessions, they are making sure to proactively connect with each team member on a regular basis to get a sense of their workload and job satisfaction. Mindfulness, meditation and constant interaction with health experts can help Paytmers better manage wellness.

Encouraging Timely Health Checkups 

We have always stepped up to help Paytmers. We have partnered with major hospital chains like  Fortis, Max Hospital, Apollo, Medanta and Motherhood pan India to provide general health check-ups, along with offering our employees  region specific discounts and offers on the same. These checkups are conducted at our office campuses across India.

Balancing Work and Life 

Believing in work-life balance, we also organise monthly health awareness sessions, where we have been inviting counselors, conducting yoga sessions for the mental and physical well being  of our Paytmers. These doctors and experts are from top hospitals. 

With focus on the mental well-being of our employees, we undertake several initiatives to help them understand the importance of the same. Last month, we arranged a webinar session on ‘National Grief Awareness Week – Grief & Mental Health’, where we invited Dr. Saurabh Mehrotra, Consultant at the Division of Mental Health and Quality of life at Medanta – the Medicity hospital at Gurugram as our speaker. 

Considering ‘health is the first wealth’ for every Paytmers, we also organised webinar sessions on Air Pollution & Seasonal Respiratory Problems, All About Gastric Disorders, Stress Management, Hypertension & Heart Health, Rising Covid Cases, prevention, cure and care, among others.   

To relax and recharge, Paytmers are encouraged to take leave as far as possible at a mutually convenient time, for both self and the company. They are encouraged to plan their long leave in advance to fulfill personal priorities, without adversely affecting organizational objectives. 

Flexibility to Work from Anywhere 

Being an agile company, we have also given the flexibility to Paytmers to work from anywhere. We support remote working as well as hybrid working models. This initiative is boosting the productivity of Paytmers, growing our business and helping all to spend more time with their families. 

To make this workable, we have provided laptops and other devices, along with 24X7 IT support assistance to Paytmers. It has also built-in remote sessions and real-time monitoring to troubleshoot devices, and provides communication options.  

We believe staying healthy is not an option but a necessity to lead a happy life. So, stay healthy, stay happy!

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