How to Check Transaction History on Paytm?

byMehak BaglaLast Updated: August 17, 2022
How to check Transaction History on Paytm?

To eliminate the effect of demonetisation from the country, multiple digital wallets have been introduced in the country in order to facilitate online transactions. While there are numerous digital wallets, Paytm wallet is one that manages to meet the demands and expectations of their users. Paytm digital wallet has become much popular owing to their multiple benefits, including a comfortable user experience and facilities in almost every area of their lives. Whether it is to make simple money transfers, to make a payment to a merchant, to shop, or to request money from someone- Paytm allows its users to do it all.

Benefits of Using Paytm

Take a look at the innumerable benefits that Paytm offers to its users-

  • Money transfer made through Paytm are free of cost, can be accessed 24*7, easy, and convenient
  • You can make travel/hotel bookings using the Paytm app
  • Using the Paytm Mall, you can buy anything that you want to, ranging from electronics to clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.
  • Paytm offers various cashbacks, gift vouchers, etc. to its users for making transactions on the app
  • Users can use the Paytm FASTag to make payments at toll plazas
  • Daily travelers can recharge their metro cards on the Paytm app
  • Bills like that of mobile, electricity, water, DTH, etc. can be paid using the Paytm app
  • Users can also pay their credit card bills on Paytm and also set reminders for timely payments in the future
  • Paytm’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ feature allows its users to borrow a credit of Rs. 60,000 without having to pay any additional interest on the borrowed amount
  • Merchants can use the Paytm QR code and Paytm soundbox for easy transactions and confirmation of payments
  • Paytm’s UPI is quite fast and convenient to use

The list of the facilities offered by Paytm is endless!

Check Transaction History on Paytm- Here’s How!

While you can make so many transactions on the Paytm application, it is quite important to keep a track of all this. Certain transactions can be made using the Paytm wallet while others can be made using the linked bank accounts. Making various types of transactions, it is important to keep a record of how much money is spent and where. To help you do so, Paytm allows its users to check their transaction history/passbook/bank statement as and when required. Let’s understand how you can do so!

  • Login to the Paytm application on your mobile device
  • On the home screen, under the section, ‘My Paytm’, click on ‘Balance & History’
  • The next screen that appears will show all the bank accounts linked with your Paytm app
  • Scroll down further on this screen to find your entire transaction history
  • You can click on any particular transaction to check its related details such as the status of the transaction (whether successful or not), transaction time, amount, transaction ID, etc.
  • If required, you can also share the details of any particular transaction by clicking on the ‘Share’ option on the top right corner of this screen
  • You can keep scrolling down on the screen to look at the previous transactions

To Conclude:

Paytm is currently one of the leading digital wallets in the country with over 33Mn registered users. Undoubtedly, the increasing number of its users speak for themselves. The benefits and the user experience that Paytm offers is uncountable. Any monetary transaction, whether it involves the transfer of money from one account to another, requesting money from somebody, making payments at various stores, whether online or offline- everything is possible on just one platform- Paytm. Not only performing transactions, it is also equally easy to check the transaction history of everything you’ve done on the Paytm app, and that too, in a few simple steps.

What does the Paytm app do?
Paytm is a payment application that allows its users to perform multiple monetary transactions and to track their history. It is an app specialized in digital payments, e-commerce and financial services. Using the Paytm app, users can perform multiple monetary transactions and track their history in a fast, convenient, secure and easy manner!
Can I book movie tickets on Paytm?
Yes, you can easily book movie tickets on Paytm. All you need to do is login to the app and click on the ‘Movie Tickets’ under the ‘Ticket Booking’ section on the home screen.
How to check transaction history on Paytm?
To check transaction history on Paytm, you need to login to the Paytm app, click on ‘Balance & History’ under the ‘My Paytm’ section on the home screen.
What additional features does Paytm offer?
Paytm offers various features such as movie/travel/hotel reservations, payment of electricity/water/DTH/mobile bills, etc.

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