Why Postpaid is Costlier Than Prepaid?

byMrinal MandalLast Updated: March 20, 2023

Prepaid or postpaid- which one of these is a better choice for you? You may have thought about this while buying yourself a new connection. Well, before you made the choice, you would have considered multiple reasons. One of those being, which one of them is cheaper.

If you are using a postpaid connection, you may have thought about whether your postpaid connection is costlier than the prepaid connection? There are certain reasons why postpaid may seem costlier than prepaid, which may be true in some cases. So what are those reasons? Let’s find out in the segment below!

Reasons Why Postpaid Seems Costlier Than Prepaid?

Postpaid connections are typically more expensive than prepaid connections because prepaid connections offer the same services at a lower cost than postpaid. Another reason is the inclusion of GST in the Postpaid bill, which increases the overall cost of the postpaid Here are a few more reasons why postpaid connections are more expensive than prepaid connections.

1. Overspending on Your Postpaid Connection

Postpaid connections do not have a spending limit. This means there will be no reminders and your service will continue to function normally even after you have exceeded your plan limits. If this occurs, you are likely to receive a higher-than-expected bill, and if it occurs frequently, you may develop the impression that a postpaid connection is more expensive than a prepaid connection.

2. You Get a Bill Shock

Bill Shock is common among postpaid users and may occur to almost all postpaid users at some point. A bill shock occurs when a user receives a bill that is significantly higher than the postpaid plan they are using. This could be due to a variety of factors, including roaming charges while you were away from home or using more internet data than your postpaid plan’s data limit.

3. Changing Postpaid Plan

Sometimes changing a postpaid can also provide you with a high bill amount. his is due to pro-rata billing, which may be applied if you change your postpaid plan during the billing cycle.

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It is entirely up to the users to decide whether postpaid connections are more expensive than prepaid connections. Some prepaid customers may be using a more expensive plan to meet their needs. Prepaid users must also make frequent top-ups if their data, call minutes, or SMS are exhausted, which results in a higher total spend than postpaid plans.

All telecom companies offer low-cost postpaid plans in the same price range as their prepaid plans. However, when using a postpaid connection, one must exercise caution to avoid bill shock.

Are postpaid connections more expensive than prepaid?
No, postpaid connections are not necessarily more expensive than prepaid connections. It completely depends on the users’ monthly usage or the plan that they have opted for.
What are some of the reasons that make postpaid connections costlier than prepaid?
Some of the reasons why postpaid gets costlier than prepaid are:
  • Bill shock
  • Overspending
  • Changing the postpaid plan
How can I reduce my postpaid bills?
You can switch to a plan lower than the one you are currently using. Monitor your usage and try not to spend more than the plan limits. Be careful of your usage when you are using your sim in roaming.

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