From Himalayan mountain ranges to coastal regions of Chennai – Our Iconic QR is Everywhere

byPriya KumariLast Updated: November 28, 2023

From the Himalayan mountain ranges to the coastal regions of Chennai, we are present everywhere with our pioneering products like Paytm QR Code. Delivering a seamless and successful transaction experience, we ensure that our users can enjoy the ease of payments, even in areas with limited network connectivity.

Creating a financial ecosystem that empowers every user, our Paytm QR, with its adaptability and reliability, has become a companion on the path to financial empowerment. Here is how our iconic product is driving convenience for merchants in the Kedarnath Temple to the ticket counter of a zoo in Chennai.

Arpit Chaudhary, a user of X (Former Twitter) recently shared his joyous encounter with a Paytm merchant at an astounding 12,000 feet in the Kedarnath Temple. “I have met a happy paytm merchant at the height of 12000 ft in kedarnath temple Our paytm is running on such height All hail to entire Paytm family,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, venturing down south to Chennai, another user of X shared a delightful experience at the Arignar Anna Zoo. The Paytm QR Code-based ticketing brought efficiency to the ticketing counter, making payments swift and hassle-free through UPI.

“Followed a bunch of boys at the ticketing counter to review the QR Code based ticketing introduced recently at the Arignar Anna Zoo at Vandalur in chennai.The payment was smooth and quick through UPI. Online ticketing option is also available.This Zoo is rated as the best Zoo in India & welcomes more than a lakh visitors every month.Such a cool experience,” Supriya Sahu tweeted. 

Being at the forefront of the payment revolution in India with our amazing devices like Paytm QR, we are seamlessly connecting every nook and corner of the country.

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