#LifeAtPaytm: Introducing the Paytm AI Design Challenge for Paytmers to unleash their creativity

byPreeti VermaNovember 10, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing, which will be a game changer for each and every Paytmer. As we are all about innovation, we understand the significance of AI and innovation in our growth trajectory. With a belief in keeping the creative mind of our talented Paytmers active, we gave them an exciting opportunity to explore their imagination and showcase their design skills, by introducing them to the ‘Paytm AI Design Challenge’.

The contest started on October 14 and lasted till October 22, 2023, giving a golden opportunity to our Design, Marketing, User Growth, and Business teams to further drive the revolution in the mobile payments space. 

Paytmers were asked to identify current business requirements that called for a creative solution and create the design banner, tent card, poster, mailers, hoardings, social media posts, etc. on their own. The entire creative was then put on a presentation with a brief description.

Participants used AI-led image generation tools like Midjourney, DallE, or Canva to create the designs, and the best design was rewarded with an amazing reward.

To encourage Paytmers to be in sync with the latest technologies, we keep bringing exciting contests for them, where they can participate, share their innovative ideas, and win exciting prizes. We also recently launched the Nimble Neurons Contest for our product and technology teams giving them the opportunity to utilise AI and tools like Co-Pilot to make our products and services more efficient. 

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and design is resolute and we are firmly dedicated to leveraging AI to enhance our products and services. We are not only leading the way in the mobile payments space but also fostering a culture of creativity and ingenuity among our teams.

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