Paytm wins the Best Digital Transformation Award in Travel

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: June 5, 2023

We are elated to share that Paytm has won the Best Digital Transformation award at the CX Innovation and Technology Summit 2023. 

The Second Edition of the CX Innovation and Technology Summit & Awards 2023 organised by EBM honoured businesses that have shown commitment towards superior customer experience with their data-driven decision-making. The Summit also acknowledged the experiences and actionable insights that have helped in strategising to strive for superior experiences for their customers. 

The award recognises our outstanding contributions to the field of travel. The work that we have done in the past years is a prime example of innovation, excellence, and convenience of all kinds. It also reflects our constant efforts in making a difference by successfully creating a new benchmark with our technology disruption. Our technology platform is also focused on delivering newer ways for payment solutions, including GPS-based payment, etc. 

With a goal to provide great product innovation to drive more engagement and higher lifetime value, we encourage each and every Paytmers to ‘Think BIG’. We have built products and provide services that no one ever thought could be done. We are the original disruptors and some of our pathbreaking products such as the QR code, the Soundbox, and All-in-one POS devices are a testament to our ‘Think BIG’ nature.

The awards and recognitions have always been a motivation and show that we are on the right path in achieving our goals in leadership, innovation, development, and growth, among several other things.

We have ensured that our employees ingrain the business value proposition and its linkage to organization’s broader business goals from the day of their joining. Backed by a strong entrepreneurial culture, we are always in the process of creating values and disrupting things to stand out in the crowd.

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