ESIC Portal and ESIC Login – A Complete Guide

bySharath ReddyLast Updated: February 26, 2024
ESIC Portal and ESIC Login

The Employee State Insurance (ESI) scheme provides beneficiaries with an ESI card, also known as the Pehchan card, which serves as a health card. This card, which contains comprehensive employee details is applicable for use across all ESI network dispensaries and hospitals.

What is ESIC?

An ESI card functions as a health card allotted to beneficiaries who are part of the Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) scheme. This initiative was introduced by the Ministry of Labour and Employment to safeguard the well-being of workers from medical contingencies. Organizations or establishments employing over 10 workers are mandated to enroll their employees under the ESI scheme. The administration of this scheme is overseen by the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, an autonomous entity operating within the purview of the Indian government and functioning under the directives of the ESI Act of 1948.

Features of ESI Card

  • Even if the insured person changes employment/job, he/she can continue using the same ESI card to avail the facilities under the ESI scheme.
  • If the insured person has changed jobs, he/she needs to inform the new employer and provide them with his/her insurance number.
  • To change the contribution/benefits, the employee can register in the ESIC portal using his/her insurance number.
  • If any information like mobile number, email, address, etc. of the insured person needs updating, he/she can intimate the employer to update it.
  • If the insured person has enrolled for an ESI card in his/her previous employment but has not received one, he/she can contact the previous employer or obtain one from the nearest ESIC office.
  • To ensure that medical facilities at the ESI network hospitals are availed easily and quickly, carrying the ESI card or Smart card is always advised. The card can also be used to track your medical treatment history.

Benefits of ESI Scheme

  • The employee contributes 0.75% of their wages, while the employer contributes 3.25% of the wages paid or payable for employees during each wage period.
  • Individuals registered under the scheme have the opportunity to access medical treatments for themselves and their families.
  • Female beneficiaries have the privilege of receiving maternity benefits as part of the ESI scheme.
  • Dependents are eligible for disablement benefits and pensions in the event of employment-related disabilities or fatalities.
  • For outpatient medical needs, beneficiaries have access to a network of 1,418 ESI dispensaries.
  • Inpatient care is available at 145 ESI hospitals, which collectively provide 19,387 beds.

Eligibility Criteria for ESI Scheme

  • A non-seasonal establishment or factory with a minimum of 10 employees (in certain states, the threshold is 20).
  • Employees’ maximum monthly salary should not exceed Rs. 21,000.
  • According to the ESIC scheme, employees contribute 0.75% of their monthly salary, while employers contribute the remaining 3.25% of the total monthly salary. Hence, only employees earning less than Rs. 176 per day are exempt from making contributions.

Documents Required for ESIC Scheme

  • Registration Certificate procured under the Factories Act or Establishment and Shops Act.
  • Registration Certificate for companies and partnership deed for firms.
  • Proof of establishment’s address.
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for companies.
  • Comprehensive list of employees along with their compensation particulars.
  • Cancelled cheque of the company’s bank account.
  • Roster of shareholders.
  • Business’s PAN card.
  • Attendance roster for all employees.

ESIC Employee Login

  • Go to the ESIC Login Portal by clicking
  • Input your username and password. Make sure you have selected ‘Insured Person’ for ESIC login.
  • Complete the ‘Captcha’ verification.
  • Click on ‘Login’

How to Register for the ESIC Scheme?

  • Access the ESIC portal.
  • Provide the requisite information in the form and submit it.
  • A confirmation email containing your username and password will be dispatched to your registered email ID.
  • Visit the ‘Employer Login’ section on the homepage and enter the received username and password.
  • Select ‘New Employer Registration.’
  • Choose the appropriate ‘Type of unit’ from the dropdown menu and press ‘Submit.’
  • Furnish the necessary details within the ‘Employer Registration Form 1.’
  • Upon completing the registration, the subsequent step will ask you to settle your payment

How to Obtain an ESI Card or Pehchan Card?

Follow the steps mentioned below to obtain an ESI card:

  • Visit the ESIC e-pehchan Portal here.
  • Click on the ‘e-Pehchan card’ under the ‘Employee’ tab
  • Fill the ‘Employee Insurance number’ and click on ‘View’ button
  • Click on ‘View counter foil’ option present under ‘Registration Employee Details’
  • The e-Pehchan card counterfoil of the insured person will open. The employer needs to take printout of the same.
  • The employer needs to give the counterfoil to his employee.
  • The employee needs to submit their photograph and the photos of their dependents to the employer for attestation
  • After attestation, the employer needs to submit the e-Pehchan counterfoil to the nearest ESIC office and obtain an ESI card

The employer needs to download a Pehchan application form from the ESIC portal and fill in the details of the employee. The employee has to submit a family photograph containing the photos of the dependents and the employer has to attest the photograph. After signing the Pehchan application form, the employee has to take the form, and his dependents to the nearest ESIC office where the photos and fingerprints of the employee and his/her dependents will be captured. Within 30 days, a set of 2 cards will be sent to the insured person either through a courier, or sometimes he/she might need to visit the nearest ESIC branch to collect the cards.

Who can Avail of the Benefits of the ESI Scheme?

  • Shops
  • Road transport establishments
  • Restaurants and hotels who are involved in sales
  • Private Educational institutions
  • Newspaper establishments
  • Theatres and cinemas

The ESI card or Pehchan card is an ideal health insurance companion that will let the insured person enjoy the benefits of the ESI scheme at network hospitals in a quick and easy manner.


Who Qualifies for an ESI Card?

An individual is eligible for an ESI card if their monthly salary as an employee or worker does not exceed Rs. 21,000, and for individuals with disabilities, the threshold is Rs. 25,000.

How to Apply for an ESIC Card?

To secure an ESIC card, the process can be completed online through the official website, accessible at

Is ESIC Mandatory for All Employees?

Yes, ESIC is compulsory for all employees, encompassing a universal mandate.

What Constitutes the Primary Purpose of the ESIC Card?

The ESIC card serves as a means to access benefits like Unemployment allowance, Dependents Benefits, Disablement Benefits, Maternity, Sickness, and Medical Benefits.

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