#2023 in Learning: Empowering Leadership With Our Culture of Innovation & Upskilling

byPriya KumariDecember 20, 2023

We at Paytm strive to make every Paytmer’s work experience not just a job but a journey of growth and fulfillment considering that the future of work is evolving. We are committed to creating avenues for their career advancement, facilitating skill development, and fostering an environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

We recognise that meaningful work goes beyond the tasks performed; it encompasses personal growth, skill enhancement, and self-development. Our approach is centered around enabling each Paytmer to chart their path towards continuous learning, skill acquisition, and career progression. We are dedicated to empowering each and every Paytmers by providing an environment that nurtures their professional and personal development. 

Here’s an inside look at how in 2023 we introduced new programmes to further boost our culture of innovation, leadership and learning.

Manager’s Edge Programme

We introduced the Paytm Manager’s Edge ‘Certified People Manager Programme’ this year. The programme gave an exciting opportunity to Paytmers to enhance their leadership abilities and to contribute even more effectively to the growth of their team and organisation. The programme equipped Managers with the skills, insights, and tools necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of management in the organisation. It helped managers leverage the full potential of their team and build a great work culture in their teams, where talent thrives. This comprehensive programme included a series of sessions delivered virtually as a people manager and a Bar Raiser for being a Paytm manager.

Associate Product Manager Programme

Our Associate Product Manager programme is focused on building Paytm’s next generation of product leaders. The APMs are spending time working under two business units, dedicating three months each towards the successful completion of key projects. Additionally, the team is collectively working with the Founder’s office to contribute their fresh and diverse perspective on building our main app. This is their chance to work with diverse product teams and gain valuable experience. Our competitive, speedy and innovative environment is the perfect incubator for them to contribute to high-impact, mainstream and output-based projects.

Step Up Programme

The Step Up programme aims at creating an internal talent pool of ready resources across levels in the sales team. These resources undergo rigorous assessments and are promoted to bigger roles for their growth. This initiative was designed to transform our managers into effective leaders equipped with the skills and insights necessary to steer both their teams and our organization towards greater success. It also ensured to prepare our internal talent ready for enhanced roles, creates a comprehensive evaluation method for role change, minimises dependency on lateral hiring, and fosters a culture of growth within the organisation. The programme is also expected to create a fair and transparent methodology for promotion and create a pipeline for future hiring requirements. 

Art of Selling Programme

Our EDC-Sales Team focuses on building and maintaining the competitive talent advantage of Paytmers. The two-month extensive Virtual Instructor-led online training program was curated for the Frontline Managers of the EDC-Sales Team. The program was designed to make Paytmers more effective and efficient to pursue their sales goals. We believed that product knowledge is essential, but connecting with customers can make a huge difference while closing a deal. The programme encouraged the EDC -Frontline Managers to take sessions and trainings on Sales Pitch including probing techniques, GIFTS, Relationship Building, Fixing Appointments and Follow-ups, Buying Signs and Closing Techniques, Objection Handling, Rate Questions, Time Management & DSR, Sourcing & Prospecting, Area mapping, Effective Hand Holding, Networking and Goal Setting, among others.

Management Orientation Programme

The Management Orientation programme was curated to make the Mid-Managers successful in their roles with leadership training, learning all about the fine art of negotiation, and how to be a lead generation pro, among others. Around 50 EDC- Mid-Managers joined the training programme from across the country. The key highlight of the program was to manage self and others on the team. The EDC – Learning & Development team at Paytm focuses on building and maintaining competitive talent advantage. 

We are working on several new upskilling programmes which will be introduced in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details.

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