Easy Steps To Recharge Metro Card Online 2024

byPriyanka JuyalLast Updated: May 1, 2024
How to Recharge Metro Card Online

Every second counts, especially when it comes to our daily commutes. Metro cards have become our trusty companions, making city travel more convenient than ever. But what happens when your metro card balance runs low, and the thought of queuing up at a station recharge counter feels like a time-consuming nightmare? Don’t fret – there’s a solution at your fingertips!

“The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation makes 2,700 trips per day carrying 1.5 million passengers, who on an average travel a distance of 17 kilometres each”

– Source: Delhimetrorail

In this blog post, we’re going to show you just how effortless it can be to recharge your metro card from the comfort of your home or office, using the Paytm platform. Whether you’re a daily metro traveller or new to the city, online recharging is about to simplify your daily commute like never before.

How to Recharge a Metro Card Online?

Paytm offers two ways through which a passenger can recharge his/her metro card online. The first way is the Paytm application and the second option is the Paytm website. Following are the steps a passenger should follow to recharge a metro card online and easily- 

Recharge Metro Card Through Paytm Application

    Step 1: Open the Paytm application on your mobile device.

    Step 2: Navigate to ‘Bill Payments’ section and click on ‘View All’.

    Step 3: Scroll down and locate ‘Transit’ and select ‘Metro Recharge’ from the list.

    Step 4: Pick your city’s metro system, such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, or Mumbai Metro Line 1.

    Step 5: Select ‘Smart Card Recharge.’

    Step 6: Enter your card number and the amount you wish to recharge.

    Step 7: Once that’s done, simply tap ‘Proceed.’

    Step 8: To finish, select your preferred payment method for completing the metro card recharge.

    Recharge Metro Card Through Paytm Website

    Step 1: Open the Paytm app on your mobile device.

    Step 2: Use the Paytm app’s scanner to scan the QR code displayed on the screen.

    Step 3: After scanning the QR code, you’ll be redirected to the official Paytm website.

    Step 4: Look for the ‘Recharge & Pay Bills on Paytm’ option and click on it.

    Step 5: Under the ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’ section, click on ‘All Payment Services.’

    Step 6: Under ‘All Payment Services,’ select ‘Metro.’

    Step 7: Choose your specific metro system.

    Step 8: Enter the ticket type (e.g., smart card recharge), your card number, and the recharge amount.

    Step 9: Click on ‘Proceed.’

    Step 10: Now, select your preferred payment method to complete the online metro card recharge.

    NOTE: After successful recharge, tap your Metro Smaselect Top up to add the balance to your credit card on Add Value Machine (AVM) at any Delhi Metro Station & 

    Simplify Your Metro Card Recharge with a QR Code

    Simplify your metro card recharge process using a unique QR code. With just a few simple steps, you can skip the hassle and head straight to the metro card recharge page. Here’s how:

    Step 1: Open the Paytm application on your device.

    Step 2: Look for the ‘Scan any QR’ option at the bottom of your screen and tap on it.

    Step 3: Now, scan the QR code provided here. This will take you to the metro card recharge page, where you can complete your transaction hassle-free.

    Benefits of Recharging Metro Card on Paytm

    You can get a lot of benefits from Paytm when you recharge your metro card there. The following are some of the primary advantages:

    • Convenience: Paytm provides a user-friendly platform, allowing you to recharge your Metro Card anytime and anywhere using your smartphone. You can avoid long queues at metro stations.
    • Time-saving: Recharging through Paytm is a quick process, saving you valuable time during your commute.
    • Cashback and offers: Paytm often offers cashback and discounts on Metro Card recharges, helping you save money on your transportation expenses.
    • Payment options: Paytm supports various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, net banking, and UPI, giving you flexibility in choosing how to pay.
    • Transaction History: You can easily track your metro card recharge history on the Paytm app, helping you keep tabs on your spending.
    • Safety and security: Paytm employs robust security measures to protect your payment information, making it a secure option for online transactions.

    Conclusion: Instead of standing in a queue to recharge a metro card online, use the Paytm application or Paytm website to recharge a metro card online. It takes less than a minute to recharge the metro card on Paytm. Install the application today and use the safest, digital and quickest way to recharge a metro card.


    How can I recharge my Metro card online using Paytm?

    You can recharge your Metro card online with Paytm by downloading the Paytm app, creating an account or logging in, and then selecting the "Metro" option. Enter your card details and the desired recharge amount to complete the transaction.

    Is it secure to use Paytm for Metro card recharge online?

    Yes, Paytm is a reputable UPI payment platform and it provides secure options for metro card recharge. They use encryption and secure payment gateways to protect your financial information.

    Are there any special offers or cashback incentives for Metro card recharges on Paytm?

    Paytm often provides special offers and cashback incentives for Metro card recharges, which can help you save money on your fare purchases. Be sure to check the app or website for current promotions.

    Can I recharge my Metro card from Paytm without a Paytm account?

    Generally, you'll need a Paytm account to recharge your metro card using the platform. Creating an account is an easy process that requires minimal personal information.

    Can I recharge any Metro card in India using Paytm, or is it limited to specific cities?

    Paytm's metro card recharge service is typically available for various metro systems in India. However, it's advisable to check the app or website for a list of supported cities and Metro networks.

    What payment methods can I use on Paytm to recharge my Metro card online?

    Paytm accepts multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking and UPI, making it convenient for users to recharge their metro cards.

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