6 Easy Steps To Recharge a Metro Card Online!

How to Recharge Metro Card Online
How to Recharge Metro Card Online

Metro is one of the most preferred modes of transportation over others. The reason behind it is that it takes shorter or straighter routes to the desired destination unlike buses, autos, cabs, etc. Due to ease of travel, shorter routes and standard ticket prices, people prefer metros over other modes of transportation (whenever possible).

“The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation makes 2,700 trips per day carrying 1.5 million passengers, who on an average travel a distance of 17 kilometres each”


As millions of passengers travel through the metro, the rush over the metro stations is quite common. Besides, attending passengers on an everyday basis makes the task of a metro attendee challenging. Analyzing situations like the rush at the stations, the time taken by the attendee to provide the ticket and more, having a metrocard with a good amount of money in it eases the task.

To use a metrocard, all a passenger requires is to recharge the metro card and use it to commute to the desired location. Passengers can either recharge their metro card at the metro station or through the Paytm application.

In this blog, we will share the steps to recharge the metro card through the Paytm application in a few easy steps.

How to Recharge a Metro Card Online?

Paytm offers two ways through which a passenger can recharge his/her metro card online. The first way is the Paytm application and the second option is the Paytm website. Following are the steps a passenger should follow to recharge a metro card online and easily-

  1. Recharge metro card through Paytm application
  • Open the Paytm application
  • Click on ‘Recharges & Bill Payments’
  • Next, click on ‘View More’ and select ‘Metro recharge’
  • Choose the desired metro and click on ‘Smart Card Recharge’
  • Now, enter the card number and the amount
  • Once done, click on ‘Proceed’ to recharge the metro card
Click here to recharge your Metro Card on Paytm App
  1. Recharge metro card through Paytm website
  • Open the Paytm website
  • Locate ‘Recharge & Pay Bills on Paytm’
  • Click on ‘Metro’
  • Select the metro board
  • Enter the ticket type, card number and the amount
  • Next, click on ‘Proceed’ to recharge the metrocard online

Recharging Metro Card Online- Top Tips to Follow

Paytm is a digitally safe medium to recharge metro cards online; however, there are a few things, a passenger should consider while recharging the metro card-

  1. Never share the Paytm credentials with anyone
  2. Keep the passcode a secret, opt for a fingerprint for more protection
  3. Do not let anyone have access to the Paytm bank account
  4. Do not share the metro ticket number with anyone
  5. Ensure to double-check the amount before proceeding to recharge the metro card
  6. Resist using public Wi-Fis
  7. Use a stable internet connection while recharging the metro card online
  8. Add the sufficient amount to the metro card to avoid inconvenience during travel


Instead of standing in a queue to recharge a metro card online, use the Paytm application or Paytm website to recharge a metro card online. It takes less than a minute to recharge the metro card online through the Paytm application and website. Install the application today and use the safest, digital and quickest way to recharge a metro card.

How much amount can I add to my metrocard?
Add the desired amount to the metro card to avoid inconvenience while travelling from one place to another.
Is it safe to use the Paytm application to recharge a metro card?
Yes, the Paytm application and website both are safe to use to recharge a metro card. Paytm has integrated the best technology into the application and website to safeguard any kind of transaction.
Where can I download the Paytm application?
Download the Paytm application from the authorized app store like Google Play Store, Apple App Store.
Can I purchase a metro ticket through the Paytm application?
Yes, purchase the metro QR ticket through the Paytm application by following the given steps- Open Paytm application, click on Recharges & Bill Payments, next, click on ‘Metro’, select metro QR ticket, choose the destination (from-to), choose the number of tickets, and proceed to complete the payment process.
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