What Is AC Power Consumption and How to Calculate It?

byPriyanka JuyalLast Updated: May 2, 2024
What is AC Power Consumption and How to Calculate it?

Although it is hot outside, an air conditioner can keep you cool inside! If you intend to buy an air conditioner, you should be familiar with how it works. Before you make the final decision to purchase an air conditioner, ask yourself a few questions such as how much electricity an AC consumes, what the AC power consumption is, how to calculate an AC’s power consumption, and so on.

This blog will cover everything you need to know about AC power consumption, such as how much electricity an AC uses, how to calculate AC power consumption and much more!

What Are the Types of AC?

The table below shows the types of AC and what makes them different from each other-

What Are the Factors That Affect AC Power Consumption?

Numerous factors affect AC power consumption, a few among them are written below:

  • People in a room: The number of people in a room influences AC power consumption. For example- a room of 20-25 people requires multiple ACs, whereas a room with 3-5 people requires a single AC to cool the room
  • Room size: When it comes to AC power consumption, the size of the room is very important. The larger the room, the greater the AC power consumption. Similarly, smaller rooms do not consume more AC electricity.
  • Temperature: The temperature outside and inside the room has an impact on the amount of electricity consumed by the air conditioner. When the temperature outside exceeds 35 degrees, the air conditioner uses more electricity to cool the room
  • Electric appliances: The total number of electrical appliances in the room generates more heat, increasing the AC power consumption to cool the room
  • Star rating: A 5 star rated air conditioner saves energy, whereas a 1 or 2 star rated air conditioner consumes more power
  • Type of AC: The type of AC, such as window AC, inverter AC, split AC, or central AC, influences the power consumption

How to Calculate AC Power Consumption?

The following are some important factors to consider when calculating AC power consumption:

  • The AC’s KW rating ( it is available on the AC nameplate)
  • Total daily running hours of the air conditioner
  • The total cost of 1 unit of the electricity board (let’s consider Rs. 6 as the per unit cost of the electricity)

The formula to calculate AC power consumption is:

Units per month = kW of AC * Daily running hours * 30 or 31 (month)

Let us now calculate the AC power consumption using an example. For example, there is a branded 1.5 kW AC that runs 8 hours per day.

As a result, the total power consumption of that air conditioner will be 1.5 * 8 * 30 =360 units per month.

Next, let us assume Rs. 6 as the per-unit cost of electricity to calculate the electricity bill consumed by AC in a month. As a result, the monthly electricity bill will be

The electricity bill for AC in a month= Units per month * Cost of one unit

= 360 units * Rs 6

= Rs. 2160

How to Reduce AC Power Consumption?

If you are concerned about high monthly AC bills, consider the following tips or tricks for lowering AC power consumption:

  • When not in use, turn off the AC
  • Maintain the ideal temperature of the air conditioner
  • Ensure to keep its maintenance up to date
  • Replace your air conditioner as soon as you notice it is consuming more energy
  • If your air conditioner is old, you can sell it, buy it, or exchange it
  • Run the ceiling run if you want to cool the room a little faster
  • Opt for an IoT device as the device helps in switching off/on the appliances when in use or not in use
  • Close the door and windows to quickly cool the room
  • Clean the AC filters regularly
  • Make certain that your air conditioner does not receive direct sunlight. Keep the air conditioner compressor in the shade

What Are the Things to Be Taken Care of Before Buying an AC?

Users should consider a few number of things before buying an AC-

  • AC ratings
  • Type of AC
  • Maintenance cost
  • AC with their weight
  • ACs cooling capacity
  • Power consumption of AC

*Make sure to compare the number of brands, the services they offer, etc before buying an AC

How to Make Electricity Bill Payment Online?

Given below are the steps to pay electricity bills online through Paytm-

  1. Pay electricity bill on the Paytm website
  • Login to the Paytm website
  • Navigate to ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’
  • Click on ‘Pay Electricity Bill’
  • Select the electricity bill payment option
  • Next, enter the state, board and consumer number
  • Enter the amount
  • Proceed with your mode of payment to complete electricity bill
  1. Pay electricity bill on the Paytm application
  • Login to the Paytm application
  • Navigate to ‘Bill Payments’ 
  • Click on ‘Electricity’ and choose the desired ‘Electricity Bill Payment’
  • Next, enter the state and choose the board
  • Write down the consumer number and proceed to enter the electricity bill amount
  • Proceed with any mode of payment to complete the electricity bill

Read – How to find consumer number on electricity bill

Conclusion: It is advised to compare a number of AC brands before finalizing one. The comparison should be based upon AC maintenance cost, services offered by the brand, the price, the AC rating, AC’s cooling capacity and more. Apart from that, it is good to analyze the cost a user needs to incur to use an AC.


Can I pay my electricity bill through Paytm?

Yes, users can pay their electricity bills through Paytm.

Do AC ratings impact the performance of the AC?

The ratings labelled on an AC indicate how much energy it requires to cool the room. A 5-star rating AC tends to consume less energy as compared to the AC with 2 or 3-star ratings.

Should I sell my old AC or keep maintaining it?

In general, older air conditioners require more maintenance; therefore, it is recommended to purchase a new air conditioner with better features and higher ratings.

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