Know all About our Acqui-hiring Process that has Brought us many Long-term Employees

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: September 19, 2022
acqui-hiring process that has brought us many long-term employees

Our employees are at the centre of our fast-paced growth. And as we have grown as a company, we have also brought onboard employees through our acquisitions. Today, we take you through our acqui-hiring process.

Simply put, acqui-hire is a talent acquisition process, where an acquired company’s employees are retained by the parent company. Our structured hiring process has helped us onboard the right talent for the right role, who are aligned with our mission of driving financial inclusion in India.

Over the years, we have had hundreds of employees join us through acqui-hiring and they continue to be associated with the company.

Knowledge sharing to create a futuristic vision together

We are bringing in people who can motivate, empower and create a futuristic vision for our company. The acqui-hired team undergoes the usual induction process and are given extensive support to assimilate inside our company, it’s our way of working as well as culture.

Our induction programme is a benchmark in the industry, and for this, we encourage feedback from our new joiners. We start the induction programme with the knowledge sharing sessions, which give an overview of our company’s businesses, culture and benefits.

After completion of the joining formalities, new joiners are introduced to their respective teams and managers, who support them with in-team introductions and work allocation. Our HR team follows up with over 15 sessions from different vertical and business leaders inside our company, which helps new joiners to build a strong network internally and gives an understanding of our businesses.

We also assist the new joiners with the in-team training process and provide a buddy, who hand-holds them for a month or more to smoothen their initial journey in Paytm. Through our robust feedback mechanism, we capture any dissatisfactions among Paytmers and address them directly. Similarly, our annual appraisal process also engages with Paytmers, have dialogues about their work process and need for further improvement.

We believe that a great team can accelerate our company’s mission of driving financial inclusion in India faster.

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