Faster & Better Way to Pay Landline Bills 

byMrinal MandalLast Updated: April 29, 2024
How to Pay Landline Bill Online

According to data from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, over 100 crore (1 billion) people in India use landline services. Landlines are still popular in many homes and offices due to their clear call quality, ease of use, and other benefits. In recent years, the experience of using landline services has been improved with the option to pay bills online through various payment portals.

This allows users to pay their landline bills quickly and easily without the need to go out and pay in person. In addition, these payment portals often offer additional benefits such as cashback offers and secure payment options.

How to Pay Landline Bills Online?

Paying your landline bills online through Paytm is quite simple as you don’t spend much time and effort on it. Here are the steps that you need to follow to make a landline bill payment on Paytm-

On Paytm application

    • Sign in to the Paytm app
    • Navigate to ‘Bill Payments’ and then ‘Broadband/Landline’
    • Next, select your broadband/landline provider
    • Enter your phone number along with the STD code
    • Click on ‘Get Bill’ to check the bill amount
    • Now, choose your preferred mode of payment to complete landline bill payment

    On Paytm website

      • Go to the Paytm website and sign in
      • Navigate to ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’
      • Select ‘Broadband/Landline’
      • Now, select your operator, enter your phone number with the STD code, and click the ‘Get Bill’ button
      • Choose your preferred mode of payment to complete landline bill payment

      Benefits of Paying Landline Bills Online on Paytm

      • Paying your landline bills on Paytm is incredibly convenient. You can do it from the comfort of your own home or while on the go, eliminating the need to visit a payment centre.
      • Paytm makes the process of paying landline bills quick and efficient. You can complete your payment in just a few clicks, saving you valuable time.
      • Paytm often provides cashback offers for landline bill payments.
      • It also sends timely reminders and notifications about upcoming due dates for your landline bills. This ensures that you never miss a payment and helps you avoid any late fees or service disruptions.

      Save Money on Landline Bill Payment With Cashback & Offers

      Paying landline bills through Paytm can be a cost-effective option as well as convenient. By paying through Paytm, users may be able to take advantage of cashback offers and other promotions, leading to potential savings. It is also possible to find and use promo codes for additional cashback and discount coupons on landline bill payments made through Paytm.

      Get Payment Reminders for Your Landline Bill Payment

      It is possible to forget to pay landline bills on time due to a busy schedule and competing priorities. This can lead to late fees being applied to the bill amount. To help users avoid this, Paytm sends reminders for landline bill payments after payment is made through their platform. This can assist in making sure payments are made on time and late fees are avoided.


      How long does it take to pay my landline bill online?

      Landline bill payment is typically a quick process, taking only a few minutes to complete. However, there may be instances where it takes longer due to issues on the operator's end.

      What if the money is deducted from my account and the landline bill payment fails?

      If a landline bill payment fails after money has been deducted from your account, the amount will be refunded to your account within 24 hours.

      What happens if I don’t pay my landline bill?

      If you don't pay your landline bill on time, there are a few consequences to be aware of. Firstly, your telecom partner will likely send you reminders through messages to remind you to make the payment. Additionally, you may incur a late fee for not paying the bill on time. If you still fail to pay the bill, your landline connection can be suspended, meaning you won't have access to landline services until the payment is made.

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