UAN Registration Online & UAN Activation Process

byMehak BaglaLast Updated: February 16, 2024
UAN Registration Online & UAN Activation Process

UAN or Universal Account Number is a unique identification number that gets allotted to all EPFO members. The UAN is issued by the Ministry of Labour & Employment. It must be noted that since UAN is a unique number, every EPFO member can have only one UAN throughout his/her service period. Along with the EPF account, the UAN also gets carried from one employer to another and does not change throughout the entire service duration for any employee.

Continue reading this blog to find out more about how you can do your UAN registration online and what is the UAN activation process!

Steps to Do UAN Registration & Activation Online

It is mandatory for all employees to activate their UAN to avail of all the available service on the EPFO portal. For this, the employee must know his/her UAN, Member ID, Aadhaar Number, and/or PAN.

To activate the UAN, the employee must follow these steps-

  • Visit the EPFO online portal
  • Under the ‘Sign in’ section, click on ‘Activate UAN’
  • The next page that opens will ask you to enter your UAN, Member ID, Aadhaar Number and PAN card details
  • After this, you will have to submit your personal details such as name, date of birth, email address, mobile number and captcha code
  • After carefully filling in all these details, click on ‘Get Authorization PIN’
  • An authorization PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number, which you must enter on the next screen that opens up
  • Before clicking on ‘Activate UAN’, make sure to tick mark the terms and conditions (click on ‘I Agree’, and then click on ‘Validate OTP and Activate UAN’
  • You will now receive your password details on the registered mobile number

Note that to log in to the UAN portal, you need to use your UAN and newly generated password. After logging in, you can also change your password according to your choice. Moreover, if you forget your password, you can also click on ‘Forgot Password’ and set up a new one for your EPF account.

You can link your Aadhaar with your UAN and PF using the following three ways-

  • Using the UMANG app
    • Download the UMANG app on your mobile device
    • Select ‘e-KYC services’ option
    • Next, click on the option to ‘Seed Aadhaar’
    • Enter your UAN
    • Select the option to ‘Get OTP’, which will be sent to your registered mobile device
    • Enter the OTP and your Aadhaar number
    • You will again receive an OTP on your mobile device to verify your Aadhaar number
    • After successful verification, your Aadhaar will be linked to your UAN
  • Using the OTP Verification on EPFO e-KYC Portal
    • Log in to the EPFO online portal
    • Select the ‘For Employees’ option
    • Click on ‘Link UAN Aadhaar’
    • Enter your UAN and mobile number
    • Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number
    • Next, submit your Aadhaar details
    • Now, select your preferred method for Aadhaar verification
    • You will now receive an OTP on your mobile device to verify your Aadhaar number
    • After successful verification, your Aadhaar will be linked to your UAN
  • Using the EPFO Online Portal
    • Log in to the EPFO online portal
    • Click on the ‘Manage’ tab
    • Select the ‘KYC’ option
    • Select your Aadhaar and enter your name and Aadhaar number
    • Click on ‘Save’
    • The status will show as ‘Pending KYC’ which will automatically be approved upon successful verification of your details

Documents Required to Complete UAN Activation Process

The following documents are required to complete your UAN activation process-

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Bank Account Details
  • Address Proof
  • ESIC Card

How to Find your UAN?

To find out your UAN, you need to follow the steps as listed below-

  • Visit the EPFO online member portal
  • Click on ‘Know your UAN’ option on the main screen
  • Enter your registered mobile number, captcha code and click on ‘Request OTP’
  • Now, enter the OTP for verification purpose
  • Lastly, you need to enter your name, date of birth, Aadhaar/PAN/Member ID and Captcha code
  • After successfully submitting your details, click on ‘Show my UAN’ to find out your Universal Account number

Why is UAN Important?

UAN is an important and significant number for the following reasons-

  • Members can easily transfer their PF balance from one account to another using the same UAN
  • EPFO members can access all online services simply by activating their UAN
  • Employees can claim for a partial withdrawal online using their UAN
  • EPF Passbook, claim status, withdrawals, etc. can easily be tracked on the EPFO portal simply by entering the UAN

Wrapping it Up:

UAN is a very significant number for both an employer and an employee. It acts as a roof under which all PF accounts are covered. With the introduction of UAN, using the available EPFO services has become quite easy and convenient. Members can simply log in to their EPF accounts and perform any action at the comfort of their home only by entering their UAN and password. Given the benefits that it offers, it is important to register for UAN and activate it online.

Can I register/activate my UAN offline?
No, you cannot register/activate your UAN offline. This process can only be done using the EPFO online portal.
Is it possible to transfer funds online even if I haven’t linked my Aadhaar with UAN?
No, you cannot transfer your funds online or claim for a withdrawal if your Aadhaar is not linked with your UAN.
Is it possible to activate my UAN using SMS or mobile app?
No, you cannot activate your UAN using SMS. However, you can activate your UAN on the EPFO online portal or UMANG mobile app.
Are there any charges involved in the UAN registration & activation process?
There are absolutely no charges involved in the UAN registration & activation process.
Which documents are required to activate UAN?
To activate your UAN, you need the following documents-
  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Bank Account Details
  • Address Proof
  • ESIC Card

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