How to Send Money Using Paytm?

Paytm makes it possible for its users to send money instantly to anyone anywhere through the mode of digital payment. You can send money from Paytm either through a wallet transfer or through the UPI payment method. Both Paytm Wallet and Paytm UPI payment, let you avoid the hassle of adding bank accounts and IFSC codes.

Wallet payments send money from the payor’s Paytm wallet to the receiver’s Paytm wallet. Whereas the UPI payments happen directly between the bank accounts of the sender and the recipient.

Step by Step Guidelines to send Money using Paytm

Follow the instructions below to send money using the Paytm –

Step 1: Open the Paytm app and log in to your account. Multiple payment modes open up

Step 2: Click on the options of ‘Pay/Scan’ or ‘Send Money to Bank A/C’ on the home screen. The ‘Pay/Scan’ option is to pay through a QR code as well as you can add the recipient’s mobile number. If you choose ‘Send Money to Bank A/C’ on the home screen, the page for bank-to-bank transfer opens up


Step 3: How to send money through both above-mentioned options –

Send Money through ‘Scan & Pay’ Option

You can pay either by scanning the QR code or by adding the recipient’s phone number (as in Image 1 below). You can also select the recipient’s contact from your phone’s contact list (as in Image 2 below)


Now, you need to follow the below steps using the Paytm wallet and/or Paytm’s UPI feature-

For Wallet PaymentFor UPI Payment
Go to the ‘Pay’ option and either enter the recipient’s phone number or scan the QR codeGo to the ‘Pay’ option and either enter the recipient’s phone number or scan the QR code
Select the option to send money from your wallet and the money will be sent to the receiver’s wallet linked with the phone number or the codeSelect the option to send money from your bank account and money will be sent to the receiver’s bank account linked with the phone number or the code
If the phone number or QR code is not linked with the Paytm wallet account, then it will pop up on the screenIf the phone number or QR code is not linked with any UPI ID, then it will pop up on the screen
How to Send Money using Paytm
‘Send Money to Bank A/c’ Option

When you opt to ‘Send Money to Bank Account’ on the homepage, you can send directly to your own or another person’s bank account. Here are a few important points:

  • You cannot make payments from Paytm wallet but you can do direct bank money transfers
  • For UPI Payments, you get multiple options like sending money to ‘Own Account’, ‘Mobile Number’, and ‘UPI ID’. You can go to ‘UPI ID’, enter the UPI address of the receiver, and click on Send Money. Likewise, you can click on ‘Mobile Number’, add the number (linked to the recipient’s UPI account) and send the money
  • Alternatively, you can add bank details of the recipient to send money like a/c number, IFSC, etc.


NOTE: You can send money by adding a mobile number only if it is associated with a bank account. Also, the receiver must generate a UPI ID with the same number.

Understanding the Difference between the Paytm Wallet & the Paytm UPI Payments

Paytm wallet is a virtual wallet to which you can add and/or send money. Therefore, you can add money to your Paytm wallet from your bank account through debit/credit cards, UPI, or net banking. You can also send money from your wallet to the recipient’s wallet if s/he is a registered Paytm user.

Paytm UPI transfer allows the user to send money directly from his/her bank to the receiver’s bank account. However, both parties must have a UPI ID. Thus, the registration of a UPI ID must be with the same phone number that one links to his/her respective bank accounts.

Money transfers through Wallet Payments or UPI Payments using Paytm guarantee safety. In fact, they are not only safe but also quick, convenient, and free of cost. All you need is to download the app and register yourself on Paytm for using the wallet. Similarly, create a UPI ID with the phone number linked to your bank account and make online payments without any complications.

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