UPI Registration: How to Set Up Your UPI Account?

byMehak BaglaLast Updated: August 17, 2022
UPI Registration

Unified Payment Interface, the simplest way to transfer funds from one bank to another requires individuals to complete the process of UPI registration. To do so, one needs to set up a UPI account on the Paytm mobile payment application. It is only after the process of UPI registration is duly completed that one can begin to transfer funds from one bank account to the other.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can do UPI registration and why it is important.

Understanding UPI

In simple words, UPI is a payment platform accessed through a mobile application, which allows you to transfer funds from one bank account to another. UPI is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and the mobile applications that facilitate UPI transactions are bound to follow the guidelines laid down by RBI.

UPI, basically, allows an individual to transfer money directly from his/her bank account to the recipient’s bank account in a matter of seconds. UPI was launched as a replacement for the traditional ways of IMPS/NEFT for transferring money between banks. Using IMPS/NEFT was a lengthy process as it required the sender to provide details like the receiver’s name, Bank account number, IFSC, etc. Additionally, the sender has to first add the receiver as a payee to his bank account, which takes around 12 hours. It is only after this, that one can transfer money to the other account. The facilitation of UPI, however, has completely eliminated all this hassle. Once the sender has completed his/her UPI registration process, he/she can transfer the money with only a few clicks on the Paytm UPI payment application.

Let’s understand how you can complete the process of UPI registration.

UPI Registration- How to Complete the Process?

To complete your UPI registration process, follow these steps-

  • Download the Paytm mobile payment application
  • Just enter your mobile number. If you have a dual SIM phone, you may be prompted to select the SIM slot in which your mobile number is present 
  • An SMS will be sent from your number to verify your mobile number
  • Once this is done, you will have to select your bank name from the list that will be presented to you. Please make sure that the mobile number registered with your bank is the same as the one you entered earlier. Your bank account details will now be fetched from the bank using your mobile number
  • If you are linking your bank for the first time, you will be asked to set up a UPI PIN. You will need your debit card details for setting this up
  • Your bank account is now linked via UPI and you are ready to make your first payment!

Why UPI?

Unified Payment Interface or UPI has more benefits than you can imagine. Here’s a list of a few of them-

  • Simplified, hassle-free online payments
  • Safe and secure mode of money transfer
  • Allows you to make payments towards your bills, shop on e-commerce websites, etc.
  • Lets you make payments by scanning QR codes at your nearby departmental stores, chemist shops, etc.
  • Regularly paying through UPI also helps you earn discount vouchers, cash back, and other rewards

Read more about how you can perform UPI transaction and what it is the UPI transaction limit here.

What do you mean by UPI registration?
UPI registration is basically the process of setting up the UPI ID in order to be able to instantly and securely send or receive money in a bank account through UPI. Once UPI registration is done you would be able to check the balance of any bank account of yours on the Paytm UPI app, provided you have set up UPI PIN for that bank account.
Is UPI registration necessary?
Yes, UPI registration is absolutely necessary to process transactions through UPI. Without UPI registration, it is not possible to send or receive money through UPI.
How can I create my UPI ID?
To create your UPI ID, you simply need to download the Paytm UPI payment application, and create your profile on the same. You will be asked to provide your details like the bank account number, etc. After verification of these details, your UPI ID, which stands unique for every user will automatically be created. Note that to transfer money on the Paytm, you don’t need to enter the receiver’s UPI ID. You can simply select the receiver’s contact from your phone book or enter the receiver’s contact number to send money via UPI.
Is it safe to make payments through UPI?
Yes! UPI payments are strictly regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. Paytm follows the guidelines laid down by the RBI to enable UPI transactions, making them absolutely safe and secure to use. Also, UPI transactions work on two-factor authentication to ensure the security of transactions.
Can I use Paytm to make money transfers?
Yes, you can use Paytm to make money transfers through UPI. Paytm has an easy-to-use money transfer process. All you need to do is download the application on your mobile phone, create your profile and start using the available features of money transfer through UPI on the application.

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