Top Two Ways to get a Bank Passbook Statement easily

Bank passbook statement

Banks are the source to lend help to users in the form of loans or credits along with a way to let them save/spend money by involving money, either physically or digitally. The facilities offered by the banks depend upon the type of bank account and the services chosen by the user. 

A user can open a bank account by visiting the bank’s branch, filling the desired account opening form, submitting the documents for KYC verification and minimum balance to manage the account. After the completion of KYC verification and other formalities, the user is provided with the banking kit and credentials which contain a cheque book, bank passbook, debit card, etc.

Cheques are used to make transactions, while debit cards are used to make payments online/offline or to withdraw money at ATMs. A bank passbook, on the other hand, records all the transactions made through cheques or debit cards.

A bank passbook is available to the user digitally and in a printed form. A traditional bank passbook is given to the user with a banking kit; however, a digital bank passbook is available on a mobile banking application. Both kinds of bank passbooks record the transactions initiated and completed by the user, the only difference is the mode of recording the transactions. Traditional bank passbooks can be updated by visiting the bank’s branch, whereas a digital bank passbook gets updated after every transaction made.

In this blog, we will show you the process to get a bank passbook statement both ways- online and offline. 

How to get a Bank Passbook Statement Offline?

A bank passbook statement can be submitted as proof of having an active bank account. To get a bank passbook statement offline, a user is required to follow the given instructions-

  • Visit the respective bank
  • Get the bank passbook updated 
  • The updated bank passbook is made out of a number of transactions statement
  • The user can choose the bank passbook statement accordingly for further purposes

How to get a Bank Passbook Statement Online?

Paytm is a platform, which is widely chosen across the country when it comes to performing financial activities online. Paytm Payments Bank savings account allows users to perform & manage various financial activities like sending or receiving amounts, making payments, scanning QR and more.

All the transactions made through the Paytm Payments Bank savings account are recorded digitally. The passbook is a summarized version of all the transactions made by the user in a week/month/year. The bank passbook statement can be used or tracked by following the given instructions-

  • Open the Paytm application
  • Navigate to ‘Paytm Bank’ and click on ‘Passbook’
  • Upon clicking on the passbook, the user can get the detailed transaction history to use it for future purposes
Can I open a Paytm’s Payments Bank account?
Any Paytm user can open a bank account with Paytm’s Payments bank. The process to open an account is easy and digital.
Is it possible to create an FD on Paytm?
Yes, a user can create an Fixed Deposit on Paytm by following a few easy steps and an amount to invest.
How can I update my Paytm Payments Bank passbook?
You don’t need to update the Paytm Payments Bank passbook as it gets updated after every transaction.
How can I make payments through Paytm wallet?
Yes, you can make payments through Paytm wallet by adding an amount to it.
Why should I choose the Paytm application over other applications?
Paytm is one of the leading brands and is trusted by more than 350 million active users. The platform allows its users to do financial activities through its application. The process to create a savings account with the Paytm application is easy, effortless and paperless whereas to create an FD, only a few easy steps are required. Apart from that, the Paytm application offers cashback, rewards, bonus points and more to the users. The integration of robust payment gateways makes the money transfer secure and safe from online data theft. Download the Paytm app to witness more about it.
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