How to Calculate Geyser Power Consumption?

byPriyanka JuyalLast Updated: March 13, 2023
How to Calculate Geyser Power Consumption
How to Calculate Geyser Power Consumption

A hot shower bath after a tiring office day is a treat!

But if the thought of geyser electricity consumption scares you, it is time to do some analysis. Let’s understand how you can calculate geyser electricity consumption and figure out which type of geyser you should buy and how to use it judiciously.

The given blog will explain a lot about how to calculate geyser power consumption and will highlight some of the common yet important ways to reduce geyser electricity consumption.

How to Calculate Geyser Power Consumption?

The geyser power rating is generally available from 500 Watts to 5000 Watts. For example- if the geyser related power is 2000 Watts, the geyser tends to consume 2kWs per hour. Hence, it is ideal for a user to choose the geyser that suits the best of his/her daily consumption requirement.

The formula to calculate geyser power consumption is-

“Total consumption E(kWh) = Rated Capacity of the geyser * Total Operating hours”

Furthermore, examples about 25-litre geyser and 10-litre geyser given below can help to understand and calculate geyser power consumption easily-

  1. Suppose Mr. A has an XYZ 25 litre geyser. As per the technical specifications, the geyser consumes 2000W per hour and it is generally used for 3 hours per day. So, as per the formula,

Total consumption will be 2000*3= 6000Wh

Next, the formula to convert Wh to kWh is-

25-litre geyser power consumption = 6kWh per day

Below is the detailed analysis of a 25-litre geyser power consumption-

Geyser Power ConsumptionTotal (Wh)kWh
  1. Mrs. P bought a 10-litre geyser from ABC brand. The 10-litre geyser consumes 2kW per hour, 48kW per day, 1440 kW per month and approx 17520kW per year. If we consider Rs. 3 as per unit rate, the total cost per day will be around Rs. 144.

Below is the power consumption of the geyser per day, per month and per day.

ConsumptionTotal (Wh)kWhTotal Cost

The table above shows the geyser power consumption costing across the year. Now that you know how you can calculate your geyser power consumption, you must also know how to reduce geyser power consumption. The next section of the blog will take you through the top things to take care of to reduce geyser power consumption.

How to Reduce Geyser Power Consumption?

  • Manage to reduce the quantity of hot water for everyday needs like doing dishes, washing clothes
  • Take shower instead of taking showers in a day as multiple showers in a day demand more use of geyser, which directly impacts the geyser power consumption
  • Choose the geyser size that works best for your hot water needs. An oversized geyser has the potential of heating more litres of water, which will eventually increase geyser power consumption
  • It is advised to choose 5-star rated geysers as appliances with a 5-star rating consume less electricity
  • Check the ideal temperature of your geyser
  • Opt for a geyser timer as it helps in switching on and off the appliance after the set time

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Can I reduce my geyser power consumption?
By managing the use of water for everyday activities, buying only a 5-star rating geyser, etc., you can easily reduce the geyser power consumption.
Can I pay the electricity bill online?
Yes, you can pay your electricity bill online through Paytm easily.
From where can I download the Paytm application?
Paytm application can be downloaded either from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
How many times can I use Paytm wallet?
A Paytm wallet can be used any number of times in a day to make transactions. There is no restriction on the amount of its usage.

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