Introducing Paytm Swasthya Programme to Foster Wellness & Financial Wellbeing

byPreeti VermaAugust 17, 2023

A positive and healthy mind is the key to an effective and successful life – both personally and professionally. In this regard, we have introduced many measures to ensure Paytmers’ physical and financial well-being through monthly health awareness sessions by experts from top hospitals, yoga sessions by experts from established Yoga institutes and investments, and taxation and financial awareness sessions by our Paytm Money experts.

Taking this further, we recently rolled out a new programme – Paytm Swasthya. This programme will focus on mental and social wellness. Through Paytm Swasthya, we hope to create awareness as well as motivate Paytmers to participate in wellness activities in groups and individually. We hope to create communities at the workplace, to encourage community spirit and collaboration, we will be focusing on fitness and health simultaneously. 

As part of Paytm Swasthya, we have registered about 700 of our employees for an inter-corporate marathon in August in Greater Noida. These Paytmers are now being trained by expert coaches towards the marathon. In a spurt of activity over the community created for our marathon runners, Paytmers are motivating each other by posting their daily progress. Mental health in addition to physical health is a key focus and we have ongoing webinars on this topic in addition to our generous leave policies that enable Paytmers to take necessary time off to rest and recharge. We will deepen our focus in this space in the coming months.

Our journey for financial wellness starts right at home with Paytmers. We encourage them to become financially aware and independent. For this, we run several initiatives to provide financial guidance to Paytmers through regular webinars, timely IPO alerts, free Demat accounts, and more. Managed by experts from Paytm Money, we hope to bring our young Paytmers up to speed with the best financial advice. We have had sessions especially focussed on financial awareness for women. These special webinars focus on how to make independent financial decisions and get started on investments if they haven’t done so already. We aim at financial equality, irrespective of gender or orientation. 

We believe staying healthy is not an option but a necessity to lead a happy life. So, stay healthy, stay happy!

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