How to Do Online Net Banking Registration?

How to Do Online Net Banking Registration?
How to Do Online Net Banking Registration?

Net banking is a service provided by banks to their customers that allows them to perform various banking-related activities online. To use net banking, a customer must have an active bank account, as well as a user ID, a password, and a desktop/laptop computer.

In this blog, we will learn about the entire net banking registration process to start using advanced banking services.

How to do Online Net Banking Registration?

It should be noted that the following steps may differ from bank to bank and are only general guidelines that can be followed:

  • Log in to the respective net banking website
  • Click the ‘Login’/’Sign-in’/’New User, Register Here’ button
  • If you have a user ID, simply enter it to begin using the net banking services. Proceed with a new user registration journey if there is no user ID
  • Next, enter all of your information, such as your account number, CIF number, registered mobile number, branch code, etc. (All of this information is contained in the passbook)
  • Recheck all of the information you’ve entered and then click the submit button
  • Enter the OTP that was sent to the registered mobile number for authentication and click the confirm button.
  • Following that, a customer will be prompted to create a strong user password, which should include a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabets as well as some special characters
  • Enter the password again to confirm, and check the terms and conditions
  • The net banking registration process will be completed, and the customer will be able to log back into the bank’s net banking website to perform advanced banking activities
  • Customers can add more information to their profiles and change their passwords in the profile section


Net banking is a digitalized service provided by banks to their customers. However, it is critical to understand that online mediums are prone to fraudulent activities; thus, a customer should keep their net banking credentials private at all times. Apart from that, it is never a good idea to share any financial activity conducted through net banking. Overall, when used wisely and carefully, net banking is a platform that allows a customer to perform a wide range of banking tasks with ease.

Who can use net banking?
Customers with an active bank account, net banking user ID and a password can use their bank’s net banking services.
Is it safe to use net banking?
Yes, net banking is safe to use because banks generally use cutting-edge technology to protect their customers’ data. Net banking services, on the other hand, can only be accessed by entering a net banking user ID and password.
Where can I get a net banking user ID?
During the account opening process, banks provide a net banking user ID. If you don’t have a customer ID, you can contact the bank and request one.
Is it possible to change my net banking account password online?
Customers can change their net banking account password online by going to their profile/account/ or related options.
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