How to Do Online Net Banking Registration?

How to Do Online Net Banking Registration?

Net banking is the online service offered by banks to their customers to let them perform various banking-related activities. To use net banking, a customer’s needs to have an active bank account along with a user ID, password, and desktop/laptop to perform banking activities.

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  1. What is net banking?
  2. How to do online net banking registration?
  3. Benefits of net banking registration
  4. Top things to know about net banking registration

Banks’ way of offering their digitized banking services through net banking is a hit in the market. Customers with the need to perform advanced banking activities opt for net banking instead of the traditional way of getting things done by visiting the banks physically.

The process to begin with net banking requires a customer to mandatorily have a user ID and password. A user ID is generally offered by the bank during the bank account opening process along with the banking welcome kit.

In this blog, we will get to know the complete net banking registration process and other things to take care of during the process.

What is Net Banking?

Net banking is also called internet banking. It is an electronic system offered by banks to their customers. It enables customers to access financial as well as non-financial banking services within minutes.

  • Net banking eliminates the need to visit the bank physically
  • It makes it easy for customers to avail of multiple banking services like money transfer, creating Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, tracking the transactions, etc.
  • Internet banking or net banking can be used by any customer who has an active bank account with the bank
  • To use a net banking facility, a customer is required to register himself/herself for the same
  • A user ID and password is all a customer requires to start using net banking online

How to do Online Net Banking Registration?

To use net banking effectively, a customer is required to enter his/her user ID, password to the bank’s net banking website. The user ID is often given by the bank to the customer during the account opening process, however, in case of no user ID and password, a customer can follow the given instructions. It is to be noted that the following steps might vary from bank to bank and they are just the generic steps that can be taken into consideration-

  • Log in to the respective net banking website
  • Click on the ‘Login’/’Sign-in’ /’New User, Register Here’ button
  • In case of having a user ID, simply enter the same and get started with the net banking services. However, in case of no user ID, proceed with a new user registration journey
  • Next, enter all the details like account number, CIF number, registered mobile number, branch code, etc. (all these information can be found in the passbook)
  • Recheck all the entered details and click on submit
  • Enter OTP which is sent to the registered mobile number for the authentication process and click on confirm
  • Next, a customer will be prompted to create a strong user password which should be a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabet along with the addition of some special characters
  • Re-enter the password to confirm and tick the terms & conditions
  • The net banking resignation process will get done after which a customer can again log in to the bank’s net banking website to perform advanced banking activities
  • Customers can further add more information from the profile section along with changing the password

What are the Benefits of Net Banking Registration?

Net banking is a digital service offered by banks to ease the financial journey of their customers. Not just helping in letting them perform even the advanced banking functions, net banking also eliminates the need to visit the bank. Other than there, below are a few more benefits of net banking registration activation-

  • Net banking offers ease to customers to make financial and non-financial transactions anytime, anywhere
  • Access to a range of banking services online
  • Net banking offers a secure and hassle-free experience
  • Banks ensure to make a customer go through multi-level security checks so that only an authorized bank account holder is making transactions
  • Net banking is user friendly as one can simply follow the steps written on the net banking website to perform various financial or non-financial transactions
  • Net banking offers more number features, services as compared to banking mobile application
  • It is easy to change address, update information, cards and more by following a few easy steps
  • Net banking makes it easy for customers to log in to the account at any time and make fund transfers
  • A customer can get a detailed account transaction history through the digital passbook
  • One can apply for a loan online, which otherwise requires a customer to visit the bank and connect with the banking personnel

Top Things to Know about Net Banking Registration

Following are the things to keep in mind when activating a bank’s net banking facilities-

  • Keep the ATM/Debit card available with you whenever activating the net banking facility as you might need during the net banking account activation process
  • Ensure to keep the passbook, chequebook ready as you might need them to submit CIF, branch code, account number, etc
  • In case of detecting any malicious activity, connect with the bank directly
  • It is advised never to share account details, net banking details, passwords or banking credentials over email, call
  • Make sure to enter only the registered mobile number as the OTP will be sent to it for the account verification process
  • Do not share account details and net banking credentials with anyone
  • Create a strong password and make sure to include special characters in it to make it even stronger
  • Resist using public wi-fi, public computers, etc


Net banking is a digitalized service offered by banks to their customers. However, it is mandatory to understand that online mediums are prone to fraudulent activities; hence, a customer should keep the net banking credentials always a secret. Apart from that, it is advised never to share any financial activity performed through net banking. All in all, net banking when used judiciously and carefully is a platform that can let a customer perform a major number of banking tasks with all ease.

Who can use net banking?
Customers with an active bank account, net banking user ID and a password can use their bank’s net banking services.
Is it safe to use net banking?
Yes, net banking is safe to use as banks generally use the best of technology to safeguard their customer’s data. Apart from that, net banking services can only be availed by entering a net banking user ID and password.
Where can I get a net banking user ID?
Banks provide net banking user ID during the account opening process. In case of no customer ID, one can connect with the bank to raise a request for the same.
Is it possible to change my net banking account password online?
Yes, customers can change their net banking account password online under profile/account/ or related options.
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