Our Merchants share Why they Love our all-new Pocket Soundbox and Music Soundbox

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: August 4, 2023

We have impacted millions of merchants’ lives across India with our payment devices and helped them grow their businesses. Our Soundbox has gained immense popularity amongst merchants as it allows them to conduct their business smoothly. The adoption of our Soundbox among merchants in India has been nothing short of extraordinary, with a new device being purchased by a merchant every 6 seconds. It has surely become the sound of merchant transactions in India. 

We recently introduced two new innovative 4G-enabled devices – Music Soundbox and Pocket Soundbox. After revolutionising in-store payments with our Soundbox across the country, we are driving innovation further with our new devices, which have been designed to bring convenience to merchants. Our Pocket Soundbox is a game-changer for merchants on the go, while our Music Soundbox is a revolutionary device for a lifestyle experience.

In a live conversation, our Founder & CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma, President & COO Bhavesh Gupta, and CBO – Offline Payments Ripunjai Gaur engaged with a few merchants to capture their reactions to our newly-launched Music Soundbox.

Mrs. Manu Chauhan, Vikram Sports Gallery, Noida

Being a customer of Paytm since 2016, speaking on Music Soundbox, Mrs. Chauhan said that the device has helped remove boredom as she can now listen to music and get notified of the payments too. ““Pehle na bore ho jate the, sirf wahi sun ke, sari cheeze purana, ek extra se speaker rakho, ye rakho. Lekin ab iske aane se ye benefit hogaya hai ab gaane bhi sunte raho, payment bhi lete raho.(Earlier I used to get bored listening to the same old thing. I had to keep extra speakers and other things. But now, with the Music Soundbox, I can listen to songs along with receiving payments.)

Sharing her experience and the feature she liked the most, she said “Main abhi to satisfied hu bilkul aur ye jo naya laga hai isse to main aur bhi satisfied hu, ek to durability bahut badh gayi hai battery ki. Bar-bar hume isse charge pe nahi lagana pad raha hai. Cash ki handling bahut easy ho gayi hai, pehle cash handle karna padta tha, bank ke lambe line se bach gaye jab se maine soundbox lagaya hai. I am fully satisfied, meri 80% payment aapke Paytm se hi aati hai.” (I am completely satisfied with the new Music Soundbox. First, the durability of the battery has increased. I don’t need to charge it that often, handling cash has become easier, and there is no need to stand in long bank queues. Also, 80% of the payments I receive are via Paytm only.)

Thanking us for bringing this concept and informing us that her entire family uses the Paytm app, Mrs. Chauhan added, “Mere paas aapki machiney bhi hai, box bhi lage hue hai, mere do store hai, aur meri family mein hum sab Paytm App bhi use karte hai. Thank you so much ki aap ye concept lekar humare liye aaye hai, isse hamara business easy hogaya hai aur especially ek baat batana chahungi, demonetisation ke time tab log banko ki line mein lage the, main aram se apna business kar ri thi baith ke, aur us samaye business bahut tezi se grow hua tha. Thank you so much, all of you.” 

(I have Paytm’s machine and Soundbox at my stores. Also, my entire family uses the Paytm app. Thank you for bringing this concept to us. This has made doing business easier. I want to tell you, especially during demonetisation, people were standing in long queues at banks, but I was sitting comfortably doing my business. My business also grew rapidly at that time. Thank you so much all of you.)

Mr. Jitendra, Pooja Novelties store, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Talking about his experience of using Paytm Music Soundbox, Jitendra said, “It is going very softly, very swiftly, no problem at all, instant payment.” 

He added, “Abhi sirf 6 mahine hi hua h humara shop ban ke, humne music system kuch dalwaya hi nahi hai,…. humara bhi aarti wagera bhagwan ka sbkuch chal ra hai subah se.” (It has only been 6 months since my shop, and we haven’t kept any Music system. I listen to aarti, bhajans, and everything on the Music Soundbox.)

Informing that around 80% of his payments are received online via Paytm and giving his feedback, he asked to keep coming up with such innovative ideas. “Aise hi naya-naya product laate rahiye humare liye.”

Mr. Harsh, Vaishali Nagar, Chitrakut, Jaipur

Sharing his experience of using Paytm’s Music Soundbox, Harsh said his workload has decreased because of our product, and 70% of his payments are received on Paytm. He also informed me that this product has helped him to decrease the loan and fraud rate.

“Maza aagaya, hum to puja path wale aadmi hai to subah-subah bhajan chala lete hai to uska jo aanand aata hai na keh nai sakte….. 70% payment to mera issi se aata hai, chai ka aur snacks ka kam hai, bachche aate hai, students aate hai, college ke log aate hai, corporates se aate hai, mera bada kam aaram ho jata hai, main yaha aram se bat kar raha hu, payment hori hai, awaj aagai ji badhiya. Udhar kam hua, fraud kam hua hai, nai to meri dukan pe 2-4 aadmi to yu nikal jate the pata nahi chalta tha. Ab payment pe nazar rehti hai.”

(I play bhajans on the Music Soundbox and enjoy it a lot. 70% of my payments also come via this only. I run a tea and snacks business. Children, students, and people from corporations, all come here. My work has eased because of the Soundbox as it announces the payments. Loan and fraud rate has also decreased.)

Similarly, our Pocket Soundbox which is an easy-to-carry device, will be helpful for merchants on the go, including cab and auto drivers, electricians, delivery agents, parking fee collectors, and cart vendors. Informing about the device, our President & COO Bhavesh Gupta said, “Paytm observed several merchants in the market like auto-rickshaw drivers, cab drivers, delivery agents, and more, and they were facing portability and security issues. Catering to their concern we introduced the multi-purpose Pocket Soundbox. It is a small card-sized device which easily fits in the pocket and can be carried anywhere.”

Mr. Nilesh, Chemist Shop, Pune

Nilesh stated that he uses the Paytm Music Soundbox to listen to music, news, and commentary. He is able to receive payments and get entertained together with the help of the product. “Gaana bhi chalata hu, news aur commentary bhi sun sakta hu isme, vyapar bhi hoga aur entertainment dono sath mein hota hai.” 

(I play music and listen to news and commentary too on the Music Soundbox. Now, both business and entertainment go hand-in-hand.)

While speaking on the Music Soundbox volume, he added that it is loud and clear. “Volume kafi acha hai, clear hai, audible hai.”

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