How To Check My Electricity Bill History?

Wonder why you get your electricity bill in 5 figures in a month, and in 4 figures in the next? You would now think that it’s because of the difference in your consumption of electricity. Well, apart from the difference in consumption of electricity, there may be other reasons behind this. Such reasons may include incorrect calculations in your electricity bill; which should be corrected and complained about, by you at the earliest.

Considering the fact that electricity is one of the most important utilities of our lives, its usage is vital. Hence, having to pay high amounts of bills unnecessarily is completely unacceptable. Hence, it is important to keep a thorough check on the electricity bill amount. If you ever notice that there is a huge difference in your current electricity bill amount as compared to your previous bills, you must check your electricity bill payment history and clear your queries.

Some Other Reasons To Check Electricity Bill History

Apart from the errors in your electricity bill amount, there may be other reasons due to which, you might have to look at your electricity bill payment history. One such reason is that you now have to mandatorily file an Income Tax Return if your annual electricity bill is equal to or more than Rs. 1 lakh. To check your total annual bill amount, you will have to see all your previous electricity bills.

The above reasons are enough for you to learn how to check the electricity bill history online.

How to Check Electricity Bill History Online?

The process to check or view the electricity bill history online is very easy and you can do it by following a few basic steps. We are taking the example of the UPPCL bill. So in order to check UPPCL bill history, follow these steps-

  • Visit the UPPCL’s official website
  • Click on ‘History’ under the ‘My Connection’ tab
  • Log in to the website using your Account Number and password
  • Enter the captcha and click on ‘Login’
  • In case you haven’t registered on UPPCL’s portal, then click on ‘Register Here’ on the same page you are at
  • Register and then log in to the portal using your credentials to check the electricity bill payment history online.

To register yourself on the UPPCL portal, follow these simple steps-

  • Click on ‘Register Here’ right below the form on the History page
  • Enter your Account Number and Bill Number. You can also use SBM (Spot Billing Number). (Generate SBM by the link given on the page)
  • Click on ‘continue’ to register. You will have to create a password to complete the process

Once you have registered to the portal you can simply follow the above-mentioned steps to check your electricity bill history.


Electricity bill history can give you insight into your regular electricity consumption, usage trend and reasons behind the fluctuations in bill amount, if there is any. If you can’t put a finger on why there is a sudden hike in your electricity bill, you can call for an inspection. It may be due to any reason such as a fault in the electricity meter. In such cases, the electricity bill history can be very helpful.

It is now a mandate to fill in the income tax return on your electricity bill if your bill amount exceeds ₹1,00,000 in a year. Therefore, to keep that in check, you may also need to view your electricity bill history. It may be very difficult to store the previous bills or find the previous bills to compare them. Therefore, you can simply check the electricity bill history online on the official website of your electricity board by following a few simple steps.

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What are some of the common reasons to check electricity bills history?
Here are some of the common reasons to check for the electricity bills history:
  • To check for any unusual fluctuations in the electricity bills
  • To file an ITR for electricity bills higher than Rs. 1 Lakh annually
  • To get an insight into your power consumption
Where can I check my electricity bill history?
You can check your electricity bill history on the official website of your electricity board. To know how to check the electricity bill history, read this blog for a step-by-step procedure.
What if I find a fluctuation in my electricity bill after checking the electricity bill history?
If the fluctuation you find is valid and is due to utilising more power than usual, then it’s alright otherwise you can call for an inspection on the helpline number of your electricity board or visit their office for filing a complaint and call an official for inspection.
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