How to Select the Best AC With Low Power Consumption?

byPriyanka JuyalLast Updated: March 9, 2023
How to Select the Best AC With Low Power Consumption?
How to Select the Best AC With Low Power Consumption?

If you think that an AC can only cool the room, you are wrong!

Air conditioners today are now manufactured in a way that they can even purify the air. Besides, controlling the humidity inside the room during monsoon can also be done by AC. Also, there are ACs available in the market that can heat up with room during the cold chilly winter season.

Now, if you are looking for the best AC with low power consumption clad with all the above features, it is good to do some analysis. The analysis is important because the competition in the market is high. There are online e-commerce sites that offer the best deals & discounts to woo a user, whereas, physical shops offer the ease to try & test the product before buying. Apart from that, the reviews available online are quite confusing and make the decision of buying the best AC with low power consumption even dicier!

Hence, instead of randomly choosing an AC with low power consumption, going through reviews given online or choosing a branded 3/5-stars rating AC, it is wise to go through some quick tips written below highlighting how to select the best AC.

How to Select the Best AC with Low Power Consumption?

Before swaying away with only deals, discounts, or whooping offers, it is best to consider a few things. Go through the listed tips to select the best AC with low power consumption or the best AC that meets your needs!

  • Compare your favourite brands. Check what kind of services they offer during or post AC purchase
  • Pick an AC according to the total number of members in your family
  • Choose the type of AC that suits your requirement
  • Compare the specifications, features, advantages, cooling capacity and more of a split AC, window AC or investor AC
  • Always prefer AC with 5 stars rating over AC with low ratings
  • Analyze which AC consume more power/electricity
  • Check the number of air filters available in the AC. These days, brands tend to add air filters that help in disinfecting the air with germs & bacteria
  • ACs today are manufactured in a way that allows users to control the airflow either manually or through remote
  • Check the noise level of the AC, especially, when you are planning to install the AC in the bedroom
  • Know the refrigerants used in the AC. Refrigerants are fluids that go through phase conversion cycles from liquid to gas to provide cool air to the room
  • Look if the AC has some advanced features also. As mentioned above, there are ACs available that offer hot and cool air and are called all-weather ACs
  • See if your AC has built-in sensors available. These sensors help in judging the room environment and temperature and then automatically adjust the temperature of the AC to cool/heat the room
  • Dust filters, dehumidifiers, auto-cleaning are some of the advanced features of the AC, see, if these features in an AC come under your budget
  • Get to know the AC cooling capacity
  • Ensure if the AC is energy efficient or not as you might not want to incur additional costs to use AC
  • Do not skip to know the warranty that comes with the AC
  • Look at the type of post-maintenance services offered by the brand after AC installation
  • If you do not want to buy a separate stabilizer, look for ACs with in-built stabilizers
  • Figure out the type of coil used in the AC, although, be informed that the type of coil used in the AC impacts the cost of the AC. Copper coils are a little more expensive than aluminium coils

How to Calculate AC Power Consumption?

Listed below are a few important things to consider when calculating AC power consumption-

  • KW rating of the AC (it is available on the AC nameplate)
  • The AC’s daily total running hours
  • The total cost of 1 unit of the electricity board (let’s consider Rs. 6 as the 1 unit cost of the electricity)

The formula to calculate AC power consumption is-

Units per month = kW of AC * Daily running hours * 30 or 31 (month)

Now, let us calculate the AC power consumption by taking an example. For example- There is a branded AC with 1.5 kW that runs for 8 hours a day.

So, the total power consumption of that AC will be, 1.5 * 8* 30 =360 units per month

Next, to calculate the electricity bill consumed by AC in a month, let us assume Rs. 6 as the per-unit cost of the electricity. Hence, the electricity bill in a month will be,

The electricity bill for AC in a month= Units per month * Cost of one unit

= 360 units * Rs. 6

= Rs. 2160

How to Reduce AC Power Consumption?

If you are worried about high AC bills every month, following are some of the tips or tricks to reduce AC power consumption-

  • Switch off the AC when it is not in use
  • Clean the AC filters timely
  • Change your AC as soon as you realize it is consuming more energy
  • Sell, buy or exchange your AC if it is old
  • Run the ceiling run if you want to cool the room a little faster
  • Opt for IoT device as the device helps in switching off/on the appliances when in use or not in use
  • Keep the AC temperature ideal
  • Ensure to have timely AC maintenance
  • Close door and windows to cool the room fast
  • Make sure that your AC does not receive direct sunlight. Keep the AC compressor in shade

How to Make Electricity Bill Payment Online?

Given below are the steps to pay electricity bills online through Paytm

  1. Pay electricity bill from Paytm wallet using Paytm website
  • Login to the Paytm website
  • Navigate to ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’
  • Click on ‘Pay Electricity Bill’
  • Select the electricity bill payment option
  • Next, enter the state, board and consumer number
  • Enter the amount
  • Proceed with Paytm wallet as a mode of payment to complete electricity bill
  1. Pay electricity bill from Paytm wallet using Paytm application
  • Login to the Paytm application
  • Locate ‘Recharge & Bill Payments’
  • Click on ‘Electricity’ and choose the desired ‘Electricity Bill Payment’
  • Next, enter the state and choose the board
  • Write down the consumer number and proceed to enter the electricity bill amount
  • Choose Paytm wallet as a mode of payment to complete electricity bill

“Read- How to find consumer number on electricity bill 

What are the advanced features of ACs?
Humidifiers, dust filters, in-built sensors, anti-bacteria filters, auto cleaning, etc, are a few of the advanced features of ACs.
Why should I compare different AC brands?
Comparing different AC brands are important to figure out their installation and post-installation services, the cost on which they are selling the AC along what additional advantages they offer.
How can I pay my electricity bill online?
Make electricity bill payments online by logging into the Paytm application or website.
Does the Paytm app offer cashback?
Paytm application offers cashback, cashback points, coupons and other exclusive deals & offers to the user after they transact from the app or web (t & c applies).

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