Guide to Make Asianet Broadband Bill Payment Online 

byMrinal MandalLast Updated: May 3, 2024
Asianet Broadband Bill Payment

Everything has moved to the internet, from entertainment to work to education. As a result, we require a reliable internet connection, and Asianet Broadband is one of the first names that come to mind.

One of the most important things for all Asianet broadband users to do is pay their broadband bills on time. Paying the broadband bill, like everything else, is also possible online. If you want to learn how to pay your Asianet broadband bills online, you’ve come to the right place. In the section below, we’ll go over how to pay an Asianet broadband bill online.

Steps to Pay Asianet Broadband Bills Online

When compared to traditional methods, paying Asianet broadband bills online is far more convenient. You can go to any of the payment platforms that offer online broadband bill payment. Paytm, on the other hand, is the platform most trusted by broadband users in India for paying broadband bills online. Here’s how to pay Asianet broadband bills via Paytm:

On Paytm Mobile Application

  • Open the Paytm app on your phone
  • Navigate to ‘Bill Payments’ section and click on ‘View All’ 
  • Scroll the screen and then click on ‘Landline / Broadband’
  • Click on ‘Asianet Broadband’
  • Enter your ‘Sub Code’
  • Click on ‘Get Bill’ to check the bill amount 
  • Make the payment using your preferred method. You can pay with a debit card, a credit card or UPI

On Paytm’s Website

  • Go to on your browser
  • Click on ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’
  • Click on ‘Broadband / Landline’
  • Click on ‘Asianet Broadband’
  • Enter your ‘Sub Code’
  • Click on ‘Get Bill’ to check the bill amount 
  • Make your payment using your preferred method. You can pay using a debit card, a credit card, UPI (UPI is only available with Paytm App)

Paytm is the most trusted payment platform among Indian users due to its excellent user experience. Apart from that, there are numerous other advantages to using Paytm to pay Asianet bills. In the following section, we’ll go over those benefits.

Benefits of Paying Asianet Broadband Bills on Paytm

Paytm is the leading payment platform in India because of the wide range of perks it provides to its users. Some of those benefits are mentioned below:

Broadband Bill Payment

  • Paytm provides a simple and user-friendly experience for paying Asianet broadband bills.
  • It offers fast and secure payment options for Asianet broadband bill payment.
  • You can avail cashback and other exciting offers to save money on your Asianet broadband bills.
  • Paytm saves your sub code for your Asianet broadband account, eliminating the need to enter details every time.
  • It sends reminders for your next bill payment to ensure you never miss paying your Asianet broadband bills on time.

Conclusion: You can easily make Asianet broadband bill payment online on platforms like Paytm. More than that you can get many other benefits such as cashback offers for Asianet broadband bill payment. Check the steps to pay Asianet broadband bills online easily here in this blog.


How to check Asianet Broadband bill amount online?

You can check the bill amount of your Asianet broadband connection on Paytm. Visit Asianet Broadband Payment page on Paytm and enter your Sub Code in the form followed by clicking on Get Bill.

How can I get cashback for Asianet broadband bills?

You can get cashback for paying Asianet broadband bills online on Paytm. Check the offers section on Paytm and copy the relevant promo code. Use this promo code while making a payment to get cashback on Asianet broadband bills.

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