How to Create /Change UPI PIN on Paytm?

Paytm UPI payments enable fast, secure, and real-time transactions. The transfer of funds through UPI, however, requires the provision of a UPI ID and a UPI PIN. While the UPI ID acts as a virtual payment address for the users, the UPI PIN, is a password that must be entered by the user to confirm the transaction from a particular bank account. Using a UPI PIN, you can also check your balance anytime on the Paytm mobile application.

You can also create a new UPI PIN if you are a new UPI user or change an existing one to enhance the security of your transactions.

Step by Step Guidelines to create/change UPI PIN on Paytm:

Follow these steps to create/change a UPI PIN on the Paytm mobile application-

  • Launch the Paytm application on your phone and go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture


  • Scroll down to the ‘Settings’ that contain all the Payment details of your added cards or linked bank accounts


  • Once you navigate through the ‘Settings’, go to the section of ‘Saved Cards and Bank Accounts’ under ‘Payment Settings’


  • You will find the cards and bank accounts that you have linked already as well as an option to ‘Add New’ or ‘Delete’ the existing ones


  • If you have an existing bank account, click on it and ‘Create New UPI PIN’. You can also remove any of the saved bank accounts if it is not relevant anymore
  • If you add multiple bank accounts, one of them would be your Primary Bank Account, which will be associated with the UPI PIN. All transactions will automatically take place from the same bank. Out of multiple linked banks, you can select any one of them as the primary bank account.

Slide left on the linked bank account and you get the option to make it primary if it is not. You also get the option to delete it. Alternatively, click on the bank account and you have the options to ‘Create New UPI PIN’, ‘ Make Primary’ that account, and ‘Remove Bank’ that you linked.

UPI payments let you make quick payments directly from the bank without any complicated process. All you need is to enter the 4-digit UPI PIN and the transaction will be done smoothly.

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