Navigating UP Road Tax: A Roadmap to Rates, Calculations, and Easy Payment Solutions

bySharath ReddyLast Updated: November 16, 2023
UP Road Tax: How to Pay on Time and Avoid Penalties

When you buy a new vehicle in India, you’re not just paying for the vehicle; but are also contributing to the maintenance and development of the country’s extensive road infrastructure. This contribution is known as road tax which is a mandatory fee imposed by both the Central and State governments.

As per the Central Motor Vehicles Act, if you plan to keep your vehicle for over a year, you’ll need to pay this tax as a one-time fee. In Uttar Pradesh (UP), one of the busiest states of India, road tax, also known as UP Vahan tax, plays a crucial role in funding the upkeep of roadways.
Let’s take a closer look at the road tax rates, and how to make an online road tax payment in UP

How Is UP Road Tax Calculated?

Uttar Pradesh road tax includes the Central Government Tax (CGT), Uttar Pradesh State Transport Corporation Road Tax (UPSRTC), and various other factors that affect the total UP Vahan tax amount. 

The other factors are listed below-

  1. Vehicle type: Whether it’s a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler.
  2. Purpose of use: Personal or commercial, impacting the tax calculation.
  3. Vehicle model: The specific model of the vehicle.
  4. Seating capacity: Different seat counts entail different tax rates.
  5. Engine capacity: The vehicle’s engine size.
  6. Ex-showroom price: Higher prices usually mean higher road tax.

What are the UP Road Tax Rates? 

Uttar Pradesh has a tiered system for road tax rates that vary based on the type of vehicle, its seating capacity, weight, and other factors. To ensure you pay the right amount and avoid any penalties, it’s important to know the specific tax rates applicable to your vehicle category.

Take a look at the breakdown of the Uttar Pradesh Road tax rates for different vehicle categories.

UP Road Tax for Two-Wheelers 

The road tax for two-wheelers in Uttar Pradesh is determined by either the vehicle’s unladen weight or its value. 

Here are the details of UP road tax slabs for two-wheeled motor vehicles:

UP Road Tax for Three-Wheelers

The UP Vahan tax for three-wheelers and e-rickshaws is determined by factors like how many passengers they can carry, how heavy they are, and how often the tax is paid. 

Here are the different tax slabs for these vehicles in UP:

UP Road Tax for Four-Wheelers

The Uttar Pradesh Road tax for personal cars is calculated based on factors like the car’s weight, make, model, type, age, and value.

Here are the road tax brackets for four-wheeled motor vehicles in UP:

UP Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles

The UP transport vehicle tax for commercial purposes is based on their loading capacity:

UP Border Tax for Any Other State Vehicles

When crossing into Uttar Pradesh, commercial vehicles from other states must pay a UP vehicle tax at the toll booths along the state border.
Here is the UP border tax for vehicles from other states:

How to Pay UP Road Tax Online?

Opting to pay your UP Vahan tax online is a smooth and hassle-free process. Simply follow these steps to pay your UP road tax online: 

  1. Go to the Parivahan website
  2. Enter your vehicle registration number in the left sidebar of the home page.
  3. Select ‘Uttar Pradesh’ as your state from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the relevant RTO and click on ‘Proceed.’
  5. Find ‘Pay your tax’ under ‘RC-related services.’
  6. Enter your registration number, and the portal will display your pending UP Vahan tax amount.
  7. Complete the payment using a credit card, debit card, or internet banking.
  8. After a successful payment, you’ll receive the receipt in your email, or you can download it from the Parivahan website.

If you prefer the offline method, you can pay your UP road tax by visiting any RTO in Uttar Pradesh. To locate the nearest RTO, visit the UP Transport Department website. 

What is the Penalty for Not Paying UP Road Tax? 

Not paying your Uttar Pradesh Road tax is against the law and can result in penalties. You’ll be charged a penalty of 4% on the unpaid tax for each month, up to a maximum of double the original tax amount. If you skip paying lifetime road tax, an annual penalty of 1/10th of the tax is levied, and it must be settled along with your outstanding tax.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, paying your road tax is not just a formality; it’s about being a responsible citizen and contributing to the country’s infrastructure. To pay your UP road tax, you can either visit the Parivahan website or visit your local RTO office in UP. Avoiding road tax payments can result in substantial penalties.

Will I need to repay the UP road tax if I sell my vehicle to a person in another state?
No, the buyer will need to register the vehicle again in the new state where they intend to drive it.
Is the UP road tax rate applicable to all Indian states?
No, the road tax rate varies from state to state in India, as each state has its own specific rules and regulations.
Can I pay UP Vahan tax annually?
Yes, you can choose to pay your UP Vahan tax annually for commercial or passenger vehicles. However, you pay road tax only once for non-commercial or private cars.

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