Paytm Soundbox- Stories that are REAL!

byPriyanka JuyalLast Updated: August 19, 2022
Paytm Soundbox
Paytm Soundbox

In this blog, we are going to share real stories about people who had and are still using Paytm soundbox to run their business.

Story 1- Never miss the chance

I own a mid-level grocery store in Delhi. Every day, around hundreds of people shop from my store. Roughly, out of 100 people, around 85 make their payment through Paytm scanner. As the QR scanner is linked to my bank account, I receive a lot of transactional messages on a daily basis. It is difficult and exhausting to confirm those transactions by opening the mobile to and fro!

A few days later, one of my customers suggested that I should buy the Paytm soundbox. Considering the multiple benefits that it offeres, I ordered a Paytm soundbox for my aid. What a relief it is for me! Now, users can scan the QR code from the scanner and I can easily get the confirmation notification within seconds. Now, I open my mobile phone to listen to music, send money, recharge whenever I want to and never to confirm the payments again and again.

Story 2- A day for him

I know anyone can fool him and misguide him for the amount of money they pay him. My father is partially blind and when it’s dark, it makes the vision even more blurry. I remember a family paying him Rs. 100 for the goods that were worth around 500. That was not the first time he bore the loss, this has happened with him a lot of times.

To see him bearing the loss, taking care of the family, managing everything on its own, I wanted to offer him something that could be of help to him. That’s when my friend suggested that I should buy him the Paytm soundbox. I ordered the same for my father and to all our beliefs, it makes his everyday tasks a lot easier. Now, he doesn’t have to look closely at the phone’s mobile screen to see if they have made the payment or not. Paytm soundbox confirms the payment within seconds. The sound of the Paytm soundbox is absolutely amazing, it’s clearly audible, clean and it can be heard in Hindi too.

I am so thankful for the Paytm soundbox. Now, my father knows who is making payment of what amount.

Story 3- I don’t understand mobile language

I have been running a stationery shop for the last 35 years. If I turn back, I can see the whole world with different monetary exchange practices and if I look at the front, it’s a whole different world. Everything has changed, not suddenly, but slowly. But, I refused to follow the trend of going digital with mobile phones. Not because I don’t want to, but because I am not confident.

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic made normal lives slow and digital lives fast. Everything and everyone is moving online and here I am, refusing the change. That was the moment when my grandchild made me realize the importance of the digital world. He said, “start with something small, easy and accessible”. At that moment, we decided to get digital with our first Paytm soundbox. I received the same the very next day, installed it in my stationery shop and gathered all the courage to go digital.

Soon, kids, their parents and others started making the transactions through Paytm. It had a QR scanner and a sound to confirm the payments. I am so glad that payments that are done through the Paytm soundbox can be heard clearly, and in Hindi too. I have accepted the change and realized that it is the essence of nature, which never lets you down.

Story 4- It was a busy day!

It’s been 15 years since I started running a successful cafe. Running a business is not a task but a challenge to keep everything aligned & updated. You need to take care of the people coming to your cafe, the cash flow and everything else. Instead of confirming the payments manually or making the transactions in cash, I decided to go digital. Earlier, it was the Paytm scanner but soon, I got my hands on the Paytm soundbox.

Now, those who come into my cafe, simply scan the QR code from the Paytm scanner and I, on the other hand, hear the confirmation smilingly. The reason for the smile is not the transactions, but the ease of confirming the payments without looking at the mobile phone.

Thank you Paytm for such amazing help!

Story 5- We deserve more!

I can clearly say that the last few years have transformed the world digitally. The cash flow in the economy is all digital. I can say this because I am experiencing the same. For the last 2 years, people have been completing their transactions through the Paytm QR code in my shop. Because of that, I don’t have to keep checking the currency notes or look for loose money to return. But, the only task was to keep confirming the transactions for myself and for the customers who made the transactions. This was hectic!

To ease my day-to-day life, I bought the Paytm soundbox knowing that would confirm all the payments. To my belief, it did wonders. The completion of transactions can be heard with all clarity. Moreover, it is also a relief for customers as they also get to know that the payment they have made is successful.

I must say, a Paytm soundbox is a multipurpose tool for the business and for the people. Thank you Paytm for such a wonderful innovation.

Story 6- 1 rupee toffee

It makes me nostalgic about how 1 rupee was bargained for 2 toffees. Often, instead of giving loose 1 or 2 rupee coins, we used to give our customers a toffee. Slowly, things started to change and we reached the era where the monetary ecosystem is absolutely digital.

To match the digital era and earn better for my livelihood, I initially installed a Paytm QR code into my shop. Gradually, I took the next step and installed the Paytm soundbox. Both the QR code and Paytm soundbox are such a relief for me. I don’t have to look into my phone to check the transaction every now & then. I am very happy with the new digital world, but the memories of giving toffee to kids nearby etches the heart sometimes!

Story 7- Kaka in Karnataka and his Rs. 1000

It was 9:00 PM with heavy rains. We were on the streets of Karnataka. Richa wanted to explore the beauty of Karnataka in the rainy seasons, so we all accompanied her. We were divided into 5 groups with 4 people in each. We were 20 people from different colleges and universities who altogether decided to explore Karnataka.

We went to a few cities in Karnataka and when we were on the way to our hotel in Bangalore, it started raining so heavily that we decided to stop for a while. As said, it was already 9:00 PM and we wanted to eat something. There was no ray of hope as the street lights were down. All we could see was rain, the rustling of trees and a light at the corner of the street. The bulb was enough to light a small ‘khokha’. So, we went there. The ‘khokha’ belonged to a Kaka and luckily, he served maggi & bread pakoras.

We ordered 25 plates of Maggi (just in case, somebody wanted to eat more!) and a lot of bread pakoras. Our order came around 10 and our eyes were shining like a beam of the morning sun, same like the first spell of rain. Now, it was 11:00 PM, the rain had stopped a bit and it was the right time to continue our journey to the hotel.

We made the entire payment through Paytm QR and Kaka, on the other hand, clearly heard the payment confirmation through the Paytm soundbox. The Paytm QR code, Paytm soundbox in a city like Bangalore was not strange, but the owner of a small ‘khokha’ at a corner in the street was an amazing thing to see. It made us realize how technology, slowly and gradually, is reaching everybody in the country; irrespective of their financial status or the kind of work they were doing.

Truely, digital technology does not differentiate between anyone or any level of business. All it requires is a person or a society to understand it. Kaka was one such example. He had spent 60 years of his life in traditional style and now living the rest of his best years digitally.

Story 8- 2 minute horror story

A secluded cottage, at 2:00 in the night with a few sounds heard from the outside. Because it was night, we didn’t even dare to look outside the room.

Moments later, we took a sigh of relief, because it was Paytm soundbox confirming people’s transactions who might have ordered their meal. (Archana was the bravest to stand at the aisle and interrogate what’s happening)

Now, we are going next to have our late night meal!

We are open to hear from you. Let us know how Paytm soundbox helped you in your business and we will share your story in our blog! 

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