Benefits of Investing in Digital Gold

byMehak BaglaLast Updated: August 17, 2022
Benefits of Investing in Digital Gold

In today’s ‘online first’ ecosystem, ‘digital gold’ has gained a lot of traction owing to the multiple benefits of investing in digital gold. However, if you are yet to buy or sell ‘digital gold’ on a platform like Paytm, you don’t need to worry; we’ll take a look at how it is done.

First things first, it is important to learn the fact that purchasing digital gold is as genuine a process as buying gold in-person. It is simply an innovative, highly convenient and safe way to invest in gold through the digital mediums. As you might already know, gold is integral to the Indian social and cultural system; whether it is a marriage, a family event or a celebration like Diwali, gold proves to be a sought-after gift option.

Unlike typical online purchase of gold, where you have to spend a specific sum of money, ‘digital gold’ investments can be made for as low as INR 100 with absolute surety of gold’s quality.

Problems with Typical Gold Purchase

There are several challenges with the outdated gold purchase process. These include:

  1. The buyers need to shell out sums large enough to buy a gold ornament, coin or bar
  2. The other challenge is to ensure safety of the gold item purchased
  3. The quality of gold varies from authorised hallmarked gold jewellery to the non-hallmarked gold. Thus, your jeweller might charge you the market rate of gold, while actually selling you a lower value of the yellow metal

How Digital Gold Solves these Problems?

The innovative digital gold option offered by platforms like Paytm has resolved these problems and brought gold within everyone’s reach. You can invest in digital gold easily by taking the following steps:

  • Check the latest gold prices on a platform like Paytm that allows you to buy digital gold
  • Buy gold for any amount starting from INR 100 and multiples thereof
  • The gold equal to the value of money spent by you on digital gold is purchased in your name and stored safely in service provider’s vaults on your behalf (just like you put your gold in a bank locker, but, without any locker fees)
  • Whenever you want, the gold can be delivered safely to your address
  • Alternatively, you have the complete freedom to sell your digital gold at the real-time market prices whenever desired

Benefits of digital gold purchase

Using your Paytm app or purchasing digital gold online on a registered platform makes it simple, safe and fast to buy gold for anyone. You can buy and sell digital gold from anywhere, within minutes and get complete value for it.

Some other benefits of digital gold are highlighted below:

  • No cost of storing digital gold
  • Get real-time market price whenever you buy or sell digital gold
  • Purchase or sell gold from the comfort of your home in a matter of minutes
  • No need to spend large sums as digital gold investments start at INR 100
  • Premium safety for the gold you bought
  • It works as one of the best options to choose as a wedding gift for your loved ones!

To Conclude:

The digital gold innovation has brought gold within the reach of everyone. Wherever you are, no matter what amount you wish to invest, digital gold will always offer real-time access to market prices, quality assurance, and safety. Not only that, unlike the hassles of selling gold conventionally, digital gold can be sold for full value within minutes. Go ahead, and experience the joy of making the most of the benefits of Investing in digital gold on Paytm today!

Where can I buy digital gold?
You can buy digital gold on your Paytm app by following these steps:
  • Click on ‘Paytm gold’
  • Choose whether you want to buy in rupees or grams
  • Enter the amount you wish to spend
  • Complete the purchase and congratulations, you own digital gold!
How to know the real-time price of gold?
You can simply check the live price of gold on Paytm app by visiting the Paytm Gold page and the real-time price will be displayed on the top of the page.
How is digital gold stored?
Once the purchase is completed, your digital gold is kept safely in a vault on your behalf at the merchant’s end. There are no charges for it and later, you can order the gold to be delivered to you or sold as per your preference.

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