How to Activate Net Banking easily?

How to activate net banking?
How to activate net banking?

Net banking enables banking customers to access a variety of banking services online with just a few clicks. Customers can avoid visiting the bank while using the banking services 24*7 regardless of time, location, or demographic. To use a net banking facility, all that a customer requires to do is enter the net banking credentials to the bank’s official website.

In this blog, we will understand how to activate net banking and its benefits in detail-

How to Activate Net Banking?

Several banks provide customer ID during the account opening process; however, other banks allow you to create user ID during the net banking account activation process. To activate a net banking account, customers must complete the following steps:

  • Navigate to the bank’s official website
  • Click on the ‘login’ or ‘register button
  • Enter the account number, registered mobile number, branch code, CIF number, and any other information required, then click the ‘submit button
  • Then, enter the OTP from the registered mobile number to complete the verification.
  • Create a user ID and a strong password now. To begin using net banking, re-enter your credentials
  • Customers can begin using the bank’s net banking services online after entering their net banking credentials

Things to keep in mind when activating Net Banking facilities

When using a bank’s net banking services, keep the following points in mind. –

  • Keep the ATM/Debit card handy when activating the net banking facility, as you may require it during the net banking account activation process
  • Make sure to enter the registered mobile number because the OTP for the account verification process will be sent to it
  • Keep your passbook and chequebook handy in case you need to submit a CIF, branch code, account number, or other information
  • Do not share account details and net banking credentials with anyone
  • Create a strong password and include special characters to make it even stronger
  • In case of detecting any malicious activity, connect with the bank directly
  • It is advised never to share account details, passwords, net banking details or banking credentials over email, call
  • Resist using public wi-fi, public computers, etc
Can I change my net banking password online?
Yes, you can change your password on the net banking website under the profile/settings or related options.
What should I do if I can’t remember my bank’s user ID or password?
Contact your bank to obtain your banking user ID and password. After receiving the credentials from the bank, make sure to change the password.
Which is best- net banking or the bank’s mobile application?
In this case, both net banking and banking mobile applications are the best options. Mobile banking is a convenient way to access banking services on the go, whereas net banking allows you to access multiple banking services at once.
Who can use net banking?
Net banking services are available to customers who have an active bank account.
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