Step by Step Guide to Activating Net Banking in Few Easy Steps

How to activate net banking?

Net banking makes it easy for banking customers to avail of a number of banking services online with just a few clicks. Customers can simply skip visiting the bank while using the banking services 24*7 irrespective of time, place or demographic.

During the bank account opening process, banks generally hand over the banking kit to the customers which contains important documents such as a passbook, debit card/ATM card, banking credentials, net banking credentials, etc. To use a net banking facility, all that a customer requires to do is enter the net banking credentials to the bank’s official website.

In this blog, we will understand how to activate net banking and its benefits in detail-

What is Net Banking?

Net banking is also called internet banking. It is an electronic system offered by banks to customers. It enables customers to access financial as well as non-financial banking services within minutes. This eliminates the need to visit the bank physically. Net banking makes it easy for customers to avail of multiple banking services like money transfer, creating FD, RD, tracking the transactions, etc.

Internet banking or net banking can be used by any customer who has an active bank account with the bank. A customer is required to register himself/herself to use net banking. Once registered, he/she can start using the banking facilities online.

How to Activate Net Banking?

The process to activate net banking varies from bank to bank. There are a number of banks that provide customer ID during the account opening process, however, other banks offer the flexibility to create user ID during the net banking account activating process. To activate a net banking account, customers need to follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Go to the official website of the respective bank

  • Click on ‘login’ or ‘register’

  • Enter the account number, registered mobile number, branch code, CIF number and other requirements and click on the ‘submit’ button

  • Next, enter the OTP from the registered mobile number to get the verification completed

  • Now create the user ID and a strong password. Re-enter the credentials to get started with net banking

  • Upon entering the net banking credentials, customers can start using the bank’s net banking facilities online

What are the Benefits of Net Banking Activation?

Net banking is in trend due to its convenience, ease, and quickness. A customer can simply log in to his/her net banking account without the need to visit the bank personally. Listed below are the benefits of net banking activation-

  • Net banking offers 100% convenience as it allows a customer to make financial and non-financial transactions anytime, anywhere

  • Access to a range of banking services online

  • Net banking offers a secure and hassle-free experience as the bank makes a customer go through multi-level security checks to ensure only the authorized bank account holder is making transactions

  • It is user friendly as one can simply follow the steps written on the net banking website to perform various financial or non-financial transactions

  • Net banking makes it easy for customers to log in to the account at any time and make fund transfers swiftly just like performing transactions through a banking mobile application

  • Net banking offers more number features, services as compared to banking mobile application

  • It is easy to change address, update information, cards and more by clicking a few buttons

  • A customer can get a detailed account transaction history through the digital passbook

  • Most importantly, net banking eliminates the need to visit the bank in person or avail of banking services by visiting the bank more often

  • One can apply for a loan online, which otherwise requires a customer to visit the bank and connect with the banking personnel

Things to keep in mind when activating a Bank’s Net Banking facilities

There are several things that should be taken care of when using any digital banking medium for banking transactions. Following are the things to keep in mind when activating a bank’s net banking facilities-

  • Ensure to keep the ATM/Debit card available with you whenever activating the net banking facility as you might need during the net banking account activation process

  • Make sure to enter the registered mobile number as the OTP will be sent to it for the account verification process

  • Keep the passbook, cheque book ready as you might require to submit for CIF, branch code, account number, etc

  • Do not share account details and net banking credentials with anyone

  • Create a strong password and make sure to include special characters in it to make it even stronger

  • In case of detecting any malicious activity, connect with the bank directly

  • It is advised never to share account details, passwords, net banking details or banking credentials over email, call

  • Resist using public WiFi, public computers, etc.

Can I change my net banking password online?
Yes, the net banking website allows the flexibility to change passwords under the profile/settings or related options.
What should I do if I forgot my bank’s user ID and password?
Connect with your respective bank to get the banking user ID and password. Make sure to change the password after receiving the credentials from the bank.
Which is best- net banking or bank’s mobile application?
Both net banking and banking mobile applications are best as per the situation. Mobile banking is a portable option to use banking services, whereas net banking allows one to avail multiple banking services at one go.
Who can use net banking?
A customer with an active bank account can use the bank’s net banking services.
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