Here’s how Paytm is Empowering its Employees Towards Financial Wellness

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: August 17, 2022
how Paytm is Empowering its Employees Towards Financial Wellness
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Paytm is driving financial inclusion in India. And our journey starts right at home with our Paytm family. Encouraging employees to become financially aware and independent, and take active steps towards managing their money is one of our goals. We run several initiatives around financial guidance among our employees through finance coaching, regular webinars, timely IPO alerts, free Demat accounts and more.

Let’s take a look at how we are enabling financial success and inclusion among Paytmers.

IPO Alerts

Timely email notifications on upcoming IPO alerts from Indian companies are shared with Paytmers. The alerts include information on the issue period, pricing bands, lot sizes, and value of slots in the particular IPO. Those interested can then apply through the Paytm Money app. We also facilitate a free Demat account opening for all group employees to get them started on an informed, seamless investment journey.

Employee Financial Inclusion Training Programme

Paytm Wealth Academy, the AI powered education wing of Paytm Money, conducts regular expert-led live sessions – a How to Manage your Money – series. This is to encourage Paytmers to make informed decisions related to investments and their financial wellness. Sessions on mutual funds, wealth creation opportunities, how to invest for beginners and how to grow your money are regularly conducted by financial coaches. The Academy has delivered over 200 hours of content, with 2342+ unique attendees at live webinars and more than 13,114 learners have completed self paced learning courses till date.

Special webinars have also been conducted for women employees on how to make independent financial decisions for themselves and get started on investments if they haven’t already. Paytm wants all its employees to be financially equal, irrespective of gender or orientation. Watch our social experiment The Divide on gender and finance here.

Regular New Joiner Sessions on Financial Literacy

We have made it our mission to help new joiners start on the path to financial literacy by organising weekly programmes on the basics of finance, what kind of financial instruments to choose from and how to start investing, among other topics.

We want each and every one of our employees to succeed in their professional, personal and financial journeys. And towards that, we want to get them started on the path to their financial freedom.

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