Changing the game for merchants, our iconic QR code and Soundbox have redefined in-store payments

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: August 30, 2023

Through our technology and innovation-led products and services, we have been able to build immense trust among merchants. Our brand’s popularity has become synonymous with digital payments and this is all because of the millions of merchants and consumers who are using our products and services.

Our Paytm QR and Paytm Soundbox are successfully solving the requirements of the merchants and are catering to their payment-related concerns too, thus winning their confidence and love. These iconic products are being used by merchants in every nook and corner and offer a wide range of use cases. They are also easy to operate and make payments within seconds.

Showing great trust and confidence in our QR code, flower sellers in Mysore are using it to accept money in return for the flowers. The interesting part is, that the sellers are not even physically present at the store. All that the customers need to do is scan the code, pay the amount, and take a flower mala. Informing about the same, a Twitter user shared a post saying, “Brand trust is spreading to service trust too. In Mysore, flower sellers are not even present at the shop. You pay and take a flower mala. We are becoming something like Swiss.”

With the help of our QR Code and Soundbox, we have helped millions of merchants grow their business. From street vendors, and shop owners to fruit and flower sellers, our products have simplified the lives of many users by fostering financial inclusion and bringing digital empowerment to every nook and corner of the country.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user shared over the social media platform about a tea vendor who is accepting payments via QR Code. Sharing a picture of the vendor, he wrote, “Digital India.. Tea vendor with QR code”.

Similar to this, one more Twitter user informed that a local tea seller who comes to his office twice a day to sell tea carries a Paytm Soundbox with him for the payments. “Local Tea seller who comes to our office twice a day with Paytm machine,” the tweet read.

We have been able to increase our consumer and merchant base with the help of our technology-led products. As of July 2023, consumer engagement is at its highest on our app with an average MTU of 9.3 crore, up 19% YoY. While 82 lakh merchants are now paying subscriptions for our payment devices, we also continue to strengthen our leadership in offline payments.

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