How to Link Aadhaar Card with EPF Account Online or Offline?

Link Aadhaar Card with EPF Account
Link Aadhaar Card with EPF Account

There are many advantages to linking your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account to your Aadhaar number, particularly if you intend to withdraw money from your EPF account. A retirement plan known as a PF scheme, or provident fund, is one in which both the employee and the employer make contributions to a corpus fund from which the employee will get a pension upon retirement. A Universal Account Number (UAN) identifies the EPF account (UAN). The PF needs to be seeded with an Aadhaar card before it can be linked to the UAN.

To continue receiving benefits and accessing EPF, employees must link their UAN with Aadhaar, as mandated by the EPFO. All Indian employees can now access and manage their PF accounts online. They can use the UMANG app, the EPFO website, or their nearby EPFO office to link their Aadhaar to their EPF account.

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) offers an online service through its website, the Unified Portal of Employees’ Provident Fund, to link Aadhaar with the PF.

  • Visit the official website of Employees’ Provident Fund’s Unified Portal
  • Under the ‘For Employees’ tab, click the ‘UAN Member e-Sewa’ link.
  • Sign in using your UAN id and password.
  • Select the ‘KYC’ option under the ‘Manage’ tab.
  • You’ll be directed to tabs for adding different documents to link with your EPF account.
  • Choose the ‘Aadhaar’ tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Correctly enter your name and Aadhaar card number before clicking the “Save” button.
  • Following this, your Aadhaar number will be validated against the UIDAI database.
  • The EPF account is linked to the Aadhaar card after the employer and UIDAI successfully approve the KYC document.
  • You can check the status by looking for the word ‘Verified’ next to your card number.

The following are the steps to linking your EPF account using the UMANG APP:

  • Log in to the UMANG App with your “MPIN” or the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  • After logging in, navigate to the “All Services Tab” and select “EPFO.”
  • In the EPFO section, select “e-KYC services.”
  • Select the Aadhaar Seeding option under “e-KYC services.”
  • Now enter your UAN and press the “Get OTP” button.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number with your EPF Account.
  • Enter your Aadhaar information.
  • Your registered mobile number and email address will once more be used to send you an OTP.
  • Your Aadhaar and UAN will be linked after the OTP is verified.

You must be physically present at any of the EPFO’s branches or Common Service Centres if you choose to link your Aadhaar with your EPF account offline. Your application must be submitted in person, along with a photocopy of your Aadhaar card that has been self-attested. It is simple to do by following these simple steps:

  • Fill out the ‘Aadhaar Seeding Application Form’ at any EPFO branch.
  • Carefully enter the requested Aadhaar card number and UAN information.
  • Self-attested copies of your UAN, PAN, and Aadhaar card should be included with your application form.
  • Your Aadhaar card will be linked to your EPF account after verification.
  • A notification will be sent to your registered mobile number.

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What are the Advantages of Linking Aadhaar Card with EPF Account?

The following are the primary advantages of linking your Aadhaar number to your EPF account:

  • You reduce the possibility of duplicate accounts by linking Aadhaar to your EPF account.
  • The likelihood of data mistakes and conflicts is decreased when your Aadhaar is linked to your EPF and UAN since your information is consistent with your Aadhaar card information.
  • You will be able to withdraw your PF online without requiring the signature of your employer. The entire procedure can be completed online with ease.
  • Since your Aadhaar card contains all of your biometric and demographic data, linking it to your EPF account makes it simpler to validate your information.

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How do I know if my UAN is linked to Aadhaar?

The EPFO portal allows you to check whether your UAN is linked to your Aadhaar. Simply enter your UAN and password. If your Aadhaar is linked to your UAN, you will see “Verified (DEMOGRAPHIC)” next to your Aadhaar on the member’s homepage.
Seeding your UAN with Aadhaar is required for filing an online EPF claim.

Is it possible to seed an Aadhaar Card with an EPF account if my mobile number is not registered?

No, you cannot link your Aadhaar number to your EPF account if your mobile number is not registered with both Aadhaar and the EPFO.

Can more than one mobile number be linked to a single EPF account?

No, an EPF account can only have one mobile number associated with it.

What are the different methods for linking Aadhaar and EPF accounts?

You can link EPF to Aadhaar in one of three ways: The UMANG App, by going to EPFO Portal, or by going to the EPFO’s local office.

What happens if Aadhaar isn’t linked to PF?

EPFO has informed employers that if there is no PF-Aadhaar link or the UAN is not Aadhaar verified, the ECR-Electronic Challan cum Return will not be filled. This means that, while employees can view their own PF account contributions, they will not receive the employer’s share.
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