Paytm is Truly the Pioneer of QR Payments – How We Are Enabling India’s Small Vendors

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: March 1, 2023

As India’s digital payment and QR pioneer, we have transformed the way small vendors do business in India. Our comprehensive range of offline and online payment offerings has empowered small businesses to expand and flourish.

One Twitter user, Priya Deshingkar, started a conversation about the adoption of digital payments in India by posting a photo of a Delhi tea seller accepting payment through our app. Deshingkar commented, “Even chaiwalas take digital payments and the earthenware kulhads appear to be factory made – India is modernizing.” Another user agreed, noting that digital payments have become the norm for nearly every transaction, large or small.

“Yes agreed it is a great thing as neither vendor nor customer has to worry about carrying cash,” Deshingkar responded. The picture shows the tea seller displaying a Paytm QR code sticker on his roadside stall.

According to our 2022 Recap, Rs 20 is the most common amount paid through our QR codes, highlighting the widespread use of the system by small vendors such as tea shops, fruit and vegetable sellers, and fast food sellers across India. Our All-In-One QR has become the ultimate mobile payment solution for merchants, as it is the only QR that allows payments from all UPI apps, Paytm Wallet, Paytm Postpaid, cards, and net banking.

We have helped small vendors embrace digital technologies, and is supporting the country’s grassroots by providing strong digital payment solutions, such as Soundbox.

Our innovative device has significantly contributed to the perception of digital transactions as safe and secure, which has helped build trust among merchants and consumers to adopt digital payment methods.

The image of the tea seller embodies the core values of Paytm: to promote financial inclusion and empower small merchants to participate in the mainstream economy.

Our effort is to digitize payments and support small merchants have had a significant impact on the Indian economy. As our founder, Vijay Sekhar Sharma, stated in a recent letter to shareholders, Paytm has “embedded our solutions to the last mile – digitising money and enabling small aspirational merchants, artisans, and solution providers to tap into the world of infinite possibilities.”

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