What is PAN Card Fee- Know Everything About It

What is PAN Card Fee- Know Everything About It

The Income Tax Department of India issues a PAN to all liable taxpayers and foreign nationals (who intend to start financial activities in India) under some guidelines. It is valid for a lifetime and serves as identification proof.

To obtain a PAN card, an applicant must complete the PAN application form and submit it to the relevant PAN authorities along with supporting documentation and a fee. Anyone who fails to produce the required documents is ineligible for a PAN card. Furthermore, obtaining a PAN card is not an expensive process because the government charges a minimal and consistent fee.

In this blog, we will go over in detail how much an applicant must pay to obtain a PAN card.

What are PAN Card Fees?

An applicant, whether an Indian national or a foreign citizen, must pay a fee to obtain a PAN card, have it reprinted, or have it changed. This PAN card fee is determined by the applicant’s communication address and thus differs for Indian and foreign citizens. Furthermore, the government levies different fees on the following groups:

  • PAN card charges for Indian Nationals
  • PAN card fees for people living outside the country
  • Reprint/Changes in PAN card charges in India/Abroad
  • e-PAN Card charges

A PAN card is issued in approximately 15-20 days. An applicant can check the status of the PAN Card by visiting the official websites of NSDL or UTIITSL

PAN Card Fees for Indian Nationals

PAN Card Charges for Indian citizens

Indian applicants need to pay an amount of Rs 110 (Processing Fee + GST of 18%) to acquire a PAN card

PAN Card Fees for Foreigners

Foreigners or foreign entities wishing to obtain a PAN card must complete Form 49AA and submit it, along with the required supporting documents and fee, to an authorised PAN card centre. The fee structure that a foreign applicant should be aware of is as follows:

PAN Card Charges for Foreign citizens

Foreigners are required to pay Rs. 1,011.00 (Application fee + Dispatch charges + GST of 18% for new PAN card)

  • Foreigners and foreign entities with an Indian PAN card can only conduct financial transactions and business in India
  • The supporting documents required by foreigners may differ from those required by Indian citizens

PAN Card Fees to Reprint or Make Changes in PAN Card in India/Abroad

A PAN cardholder (Indian or foreigner) can apply for a new PAN card in the following situations:

  • Lost PAN card
  • Damaged PAN card
  • Requires changes in the PAN card

Communication Address Type

PAN Card Charges 

Within India

Rs. 110 (Processing Fee + GST of 18%)

Outside India

Rs. 1020 (Application Fee + Dispatch Charges + GST of 18%)

e-PAN Card Fees for Indian and Foreign Citizens

Individuals and foreign nationals can now apply for e-PAN cards rather than physical PAN cards. The fees for applying for an e-PAN card are as follows:

Type of Address

e-PAN Card Charges

Indian Communication Address

Rs. 66

Foreign Communication Address

Rs. 66

PAN Card Fees– Modes of Payment

PAN card charges can be paid in a variety of ways. However, payment methods for Indian residents and foreigners differ.

Communication Address

PAN Card Charges

Within India

Indian residents and NRIs have the following options to pay for PAN card fees- 

  • Debit cards
  • Credit card
  • Net banking
  • Demand Draft

*Debit/Credit card attracts additional charges of up to 2% against the application fee

*Net banking attracts a surcharge of Rs 4 + GST

*In case one pays through DD or Demand Draft, the DD should be made in favour of NSDL PAN

Outside India

Foreigners can pay their PAN card fees through- 

  • Debit cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • Demand Draft

*Debit/Credit card attracts additional charges of up to 2% against the application fee

*Net banking attracts a surcharge of Rs 4 + GST

*Additionally, foreign residents are made to pay exchange charges that are imposed by Financial Institution to commence such payments

What is PAN Card Refund?

A PAN Card application is denied for the following reasons:

  • If an applicant fails to provide the necessary documentation
  • If the applicant’s information is incorrect or incomplete
  • If the applicant fails to follow the instructions and guidelines

Applicants are not given a PAN card refund in any of the aforementioned cases. They can, however, reapply for the PAN card and correct the error or complete the information. After that, they can submit the same PAN card payment details to successfully obtain a PAN card.

Who can pay PAN Card Fees on behalf of others?

The Government of India allows someone other than the PAN Card applicant to pay the PAN card fee on their behalf. Here are the necessary details:

List of Applicants

Who can pay


Either the applicant or his/her immediate family member can pay the PAN card application fee


Any Partner of the firm or the Director can pay for a PAN card on behalf of the original applicant

Hindu Undivided Family

Only the Karta or the Head of HUF can make PAN card payment


Authorized signatory under the Income Tax Act can make PAN card payment

I am an Indian citizen, which PAN Card application form do I need to fill?
There are two types of PAN application forms. Form 49A is for Indian citizens and Form 49AA is for foreigners.
Can I get a PAN card in 5 days?
It takes around 15-20 working days to issue a PAN card after the submission of a PAN card application.
Is the PAN card application free?
The Government of India has imposed a minimal charge to acquire a PAN card. An Indian citizen needs to pay Rs. 93 to get the PAN card at an Indian communication address; while the amount is Rs. 864 for foreign communication address.
Where can I use my PAN card?
A PAN cardholder can use a PAN card for multiple purposes-
  • For income tax purposes
  • To buy or sell property
  • To buy jewellery above the prescribed amount
  • To open a bank account
  • To get a loan or credit card
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