How to Apply for a DBT Scholarship?

byYashi DasLast Updated: August 17, 2022
How to Apply for DBT Scholarship

Most students, especially those coming from the marginalized strata of society seek scholarships for higher education. The Government of India provides several scholarships including those under the DBT Program for underprivileged students. Despite such government facilities, many do not apply for a DBT scholarship and avail of its benefits because of a lack of knowledge about the program.

DBT Scholarship is a program designed for students under the Direct Benefit Transfer Program. The Government of India launched the DBT Program to eliminate the corrupt practices of subsidy transfer. The government offers subsidies in various sectors like agriculture, education, fuel, oil, and so on. It offers products available at affordable prices, grants, tax breaks, and such others in cash or kind.

Types of DBT Schemes

The government offers the benefits through various schemes in different sectors. For example, the DBT program exists in departments of food and public distribution, fertilizers, financial services, disaster victims, etc. Similarly, there is a DBT scholarship for higher education, school education, or in sectors of health research, biotechnology, etc. One can go to the government’s official website of DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) and go through the list of these schemes under various department subheads. You can click on the link of each scheme and check its provisions and eligibility criteria.

Herein, you can check the terms and conditions of various educational DBT schemes or those of research and scholarship. You can also see the requirements and the process to avail of the benefits offered under the DBT scheme. It usually redirects you to a new page that will show the scholarship details under the concerned department.

How to Apply for DBT Scholarship Online?

There are a couple of ways to apply for the DBT Scholarship online as below:

  • One is to go to the official DBT site and check the DBT scholarship programs under various departments. Many of the DBT scholarship programs for higher studies are listed together. Similarly, there is a list of scholarships for the disabled, school children, girls, etc. on the DBT site. Click on any link of your choice which will redirect you to a new page where you can check the scholarship application process. You can check the benefits of the program as well as you can see if you fulfill the criteria for application
  • The new page that you are redirected to from the DBT site will be of the concerned government department. For example, the National Scholarship Portal, UGC, or the Ministry of Education. So, you can also directly visit these sites to apply for the DBT scholarship. For instance, you can visit the site of the Department of School Education & Literacy for availing of the DBT scholarship of Samagra Shiksha
  • Also, state governments run many DBT scholarship programs that one can easily find on their official website. So you can check the different scholarship schemes as well as the amount of scholarship it provides. You can check the procedure for the DBT scholarship, the last dates, amount, etc.

Documents Required to Apply for DBT Scholarship

To apply for the DBT Scholarship online, you may require certain documents such as:

  • Name & identity proofs like Aadhar, voter ID, etc.
  • Bank details along with PAN
  • Address as a proof of residence
  • Name of the institution you get enrolled with and the other relevant documents to support the same
  • Other information like email id, D.O.B., etc.
  • There can be requirements for other documents or details according to the type of Scholarship. For example, minority certificate, caste certificate, domicile, etc.

Wrapping it up:

With about 20+ schemes by the central government for DBT scholarship, many students can avail of its benefits. In addition to these, there are state government-run DBT scholarship programs that one can check on the state government’s official website. DBT scholarship programs help in providing financial aid to needy students, especially from the marginalized sectors. There are many scholarships especially meant for girl students. Moreover, every candidate, from university topper to north-eastern student has scholarship provision. Check online on official sites of state/central government, DBT, and other relevant ones to apply for DBT scholarships.

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