Our Users give Paytm-pioneered Soundbox, QR Code Credit for ‘Cashless Lives’ in India; Here’s Why

byPreeti VermaJuly 17, 2023

Mobile payments are being effortlessly accepted in every nook and corner of the country. We believe our superfast and revolutionary innovations and technology like Soundbox and QR code are not only empowering merchants but have also simplified mobile payments making people go cashless. In fact, there are several small merchants and youngsters who are the proud ambassadors of Paytm’s pioneership in mobile payments. 

Recently, a Twitter user- Kapil Rattan Bamnia, posted a small clipping where two young boys can be seen holding Paytm Soundbox and repeating the sentence the box is saying. “Paytm karo,” Bamnia tweeted.

Our pioneered Soundbox is a user-friendly device that announces payment confirmations through a voice alert. This feature helps merchants easily verify transactions without having to check their smartphones, making the payment process seamless and efficient​.

The widespread adoption of the Paytm Soundbox and QR code shows the ease of using these products and convenience for both merchants and consumers.

Another Twitter user Ranaditya Singh credited Paytm for revolutionising the street food experience, as he was easily able to pay a street vendor selling sugarcane juice via Paytm QR Code. “Embracing Digital Payments” Effortlessly adopts UPI, revolutionising the street food experience,” he tweeted. 

Similarly, another Twitter user Manish Malhotra informed how Paytm’s reach is almost everywhere in India. He tweeted how he was able to make payment using the Paytm QR code to a vendor selling kulfi in a small town in Punjab. “Made a payment to a Kulfi Wala in a Small Town of Punjab,” the tweet read.

Being India’s leading mobile payments and financial services company, we are transforming businesses with the convenience and security of mobile payments, serving as a catalyst for financial inclusion.

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