RTO Office in Gandhinagar: Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Timings

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RTO Office in Gandhinagar
RTO Office in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat, is home to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) which caters to the various transportation needs of its residents. Whether you’re looking to obtain a driving license, register a vehicle, or avail of other RTO-related services, it’s essential to know the address, phone number, and timings of the RTO office in Gandhinagar. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with the details of the RTO office in Gandhinagar, along with the necessary contact information and its operational hours.

Details of RTO Office in Gandhinagar

Here are the details of the RTO office in Gandhinagar:

RTO Gandhinagar (GJ-18)

Address: Gandhinagar ARTO Office, Sector 3A, Near G0 Circle, Gandhinagar, Gujarat – 382006

Phone: 079-23240954/23240951

Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Services Offered by the RTO office in Gandhinagar

The RTO office in Gandhinagar offers a range of services related to transportation and vehicle-related matters. Here are some of the services provided by the RTO office in Gandhinagar:

  • Driving License Services
    • Issuance of Learner’s License and Driving License
    • Renewal of Driving License
    • Duplicate Driving License issuance in case of loss or damage
    • Addition of new vehicle categories to the existing Driving License
    • Change of address in the Driving License
  • Vehicle Registration Services
    • New vehicle registration
    • Transfer of ownership of vehicles
    • Issuance of duplicate registration certificates
    • Change of address in the registration certificate
    • Re-registration of vehicles from other states
  • Fitness Certificate and Permits
    • Fitness certificate issuance for transport vehicles
    • Renewal of fitness certificates
    • National and interstate permits for commercial vehicles
    • Temporary permits for vehicles
  • Vehicle-related Services
    • Issuance of duplicate vehicle documents (RC book, insurance papers, etc.)
    • Hypothecation removal or endorsement
    • Change of vehicle color
    • Alteration of vehicle details (engine number, chassis number, etc.)
  • Taxation Services
    • Collection of road tax and vehicle-related taxes
    • Issuance of tax clearance certificates
  • International Driving Permit (IDP)
    • Issuance of International Driving Permit for driving in foreign countries
  • Emission Testing
    • Conducting emission tests and issuing Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates
  • Miscellaneous Services
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) for vehicles
    • Trade certificate issuance for vehicle dealers
    • Issuance of special permits for oversize or abnormal-load vehicles

It’s important to note that specific services may vary depending on the RTO office and the nature of the vehicle (private, commercial, transport, etc.). It is recommended to contact the respective RTO office or visit their official website for detailed information about the services offered and the required documents for each service.

Registration Charges at Gandhinagar RTO Office

The registration charges at the Gandhinagar RTO office depend on the type and category of the vehicle being registered. The registration charges are determined based on the Gujarat Motor Vehicles Taxation Act and may be subject to change. Here are some general guidelines regarding registration charges at the RTO office in Gandhinagar:

  1. Two-Wheelers and Three-Wheelers
    • Registration charges for two-wheelers and three-wheelers vary based on the vehicle’s engine capacity and age.
    • The charges may include the cost of the registration certificate, number plate, and other administrative fees.
  1. Four-Wheelers (Private Cars)
    • The registration charges for private cars are calculated based on the ex-showroom price or the assessed value of the vehicle, whichever is higher.
    • Additionally, road tax and other applicable fees are added to the registration charges.
  1. Commercial Vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles, such as buses, trucks, and taxis, have different registration charges based on their seating capacity, weight, and usage.
  1. Transport Vehicles
    • Transport vehicles, including goods carriers and public transport vehicles, have specific registration charges based on their capacity and usage.
  1. Temporary Registration
    • Temporary registration charges are applicable for vehicles that require a temporary registration period before permanent registration.

It’s important to note that the registration charges mentioned here are general guidelines, and the actual charges may vary based on the specific vehicle and other factors. To obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding registration charges for a particular vehicle, it is recommended to contact the Gandhinagar RTO office directly or visit their official website.

Wrapping it Up

Knowing the locations, contact numbers, and operational hours of the RTO office in Gandhinagar is crucial for anyone requiring transportation-related services. Whether you need to apply for a learner’s license, obtain a driving license, register a vehicle, transfer ownership, or any other RTO-related service, visit the nearest RTO office in Gandhinagar as per your requirements. The dedicated staff at these RTO offices will assist you throughout the process and ensure a hassle-free experience.


How many RTO offices are there in Gandhinagar?

Currently, there is only 1 RTO office in Gandhinagar.

What are the addresses of the RTO office in Gandhinagar?

The RTO office in Gandhinagar is located at ARTO Office, Sector 3A, Near G0 Circle, Gandhinagar, Gujarat – 382006.

What are the working hours of the RTO office in Gandhinagar?

The RTO office in Gandhinagar is operational from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What services can I avail at the RTO office in Gandhinagar?

The RTO office in Gandhinagar provides various services related to driving licenses, vehicle registrations, transfers, permits, fitness certificates, and more.

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