RTO Offices in Haryana: Complete List, Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Timings

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: November 16, 2023
RTO Offices in Haryana: Complete List, Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Timings

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) plays a crucial role in managing and regulating transportation services in India. For residents of Haryana, it is essential to be aware of the RTO offices in their region to carry out various vehicle-related tasks. In this blog post, we present a comprehensive list of RTO offices in Haryana, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and timings. This information will help individuals navigate vehicle registration, licensing, and other related processes efficiently.

List of RTO Offices in Haryana

There are as many as 98 RTO offices in Haryana. Here is a list of some of the major RTO offices in Haryana with the details of their address, contact numbers, and timings-

Services Offered by RTO Offices in Haryana

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) offices in Haryana offer a wide range of services related to vehicle registration, driving licenses, permits, and other transport-related matters. Here are some of the key services provided by RTO offices in Haryana:

  • Vehicle registration: RTO offices facilitate the registration of new vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other types of vehicles. They issue registration certificates and assign unique registration numbers to ensure compliance with the law.
  • Driving licenses: RTO offices handle the issuance and renewal of driving licenses. They conduct driving tests, both written and practical, to assess the competence of applicants and grant driving licenses accordingly.
  • Transfer of ownership: RTO offices facilitate the transfer of ownership for vehicles when they are sold or transferred between individuals. They process the necessary documents and update the registration records.
  • Vehicle fitness certificates: RTO offices conduct inspections and issue fitness certificates to ensure that vehicles meet the required safety and emission standards. These certificates are necessary for commercial vehicles and are periodically renewed.
  • Permits: RTO offices issue various permits for commercial vehicles, such as goods carriage permits, passenger permits, and national permits, allowing them to operate legally within and outside the state.
  • NOC and hypothecation removal: RTO offices issue No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for vehicles that need to be transferred to a different state or registered in another RTO jurisdiction. They also process requests for the removal of hypothecation (removal of the bank’s ownership claim) on vehicles after loan repayment.
  • Tax payment: RTO offices collect road tax and other applicable taxes for vehicles. They ensure compliance with tax regulations and issue tax receipts.
  • International driving permits: RTO offices facilitate the issuance of International Driving Permits (IDPs), allowing individuals to drive in foreign countries temporarily.
  • Enforcement of motor vehicle rules: RTO offices enforce motor vehicle rules and regulations to ensure road safety and adherence to traffic laws. They may conduct inspections, impose penalties for violations, and take appropriate action against offenders.

Check List of RTO Offices in Top Cities


Having knowledge about the locations of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) branches across Haryana is of utmost importance for local residents. This awareness empowers individuals to efficiently manage a wide array of vehicle-related activities, ensuring hassle-free processes and streamlined interactions.


What is an RTO office?

An RTO office, also known as the Regional Transport Office, is a government agency responsible for vehicle registration, issuing driving licenses, collecting road taxes, and enforcing motor vehicle rules in a specific region or district.

How many RTO offices are there in Haryana?

Haryana has several RTO offices distributed across different districts to cater to the vehicle-related needs of its residents.

What services are provided by RTO offices in Haryana?

RTO offices in Haryana offer services such as vehicle registration, issuance and renewal of driving licenses, vehicle fitness certificates, permits for commercial vehicles, transfer of vehicle ownership, and collection of road taxes.

What are the working hours of RTO offices in Haryana?

RTO offices in Haryana generally operate from Monday to Friday, with timings usually from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What documents are necessary for vehicle registration at an RTO office in Haryana?

The required documents for vehicle registration in Haryana typically include proof of identity, address proof, sales invoice, insurance documents, pollution under control (PUC) certificate, and customs clearance certificate (for imported vehicles). Additional documents may be required depending on the vehicle type and purpose.

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