Here’s how merchants can verify payment receipts with Paytm SoundBox and Paytm For Business App

byMehak BaglaLast Updated: March 14, 2024
How User Can Verify Payment Receipt

At Paytm, one of things we are proudest of is our 23 million merchant partners, who have chosen us for the trusted and secure payments experience. We have built our leadership in the peer-to-merchants space, with our constant endeavor to bring innovations that promote the fastest and seamless digital payments.

It has come to our notice that a video on social media is doing the rounds regarding a Paytm Spoof/look-alike app, which gives a false payment confirmation page.

Our merchant partners, who have been with us, are a testimony to the fact that with Paytm they have several ways to ensure payment receipt whenever a customer does a transaction. This can be through :

  • SMS notifications
  • In app notifications through Paytm for Business App
  • Paytm SoundBox
 Paytm Soundbox
Paytm Soundbox

 Paytm for Business App
Paytm for Business App

Using the ‘Paytm for Business’ App, our merchant partners can check the details of every transaction, download daily or weekly reports and also gain access to vital business information like estimated time of bank settlement, among other things.

One of the loved innovations from the Paytm family of products is the Paytm Soundbox, which gives instant audio confirmations for payments. The SoundBox supports vernacular languages, which means that merchants across the country can just use the audio device to get payment confirmations. Paytm Soundbox supports payments on Paytm QR codes through multiple payment methods – Paytm Wallet, Debit & Credit Cards, Net Banking and BHIM UPI.

This is an excellent device which also promotes social distancing during these tough COVID times, as it helps the shopkeepers avoid any actual hand-to-hand transaction of money and also, small merchants with feature phones do not need to depend upon SMS confirmations.

So, merchant partners don’t have to rely on just customer screenshots and can instead get their own confirmations. Our merchant partners should also watch out for the confirmation ticker on the Paytm App.

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